Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Wow, we have been way to somber lately.  Let's have some fun...

So tell us your favorite lie that your banker/servicer said on the phone.  Oh yeah, the one that made you want to shove your phone right down their throat!

For me it was a good one.  Ok, I would run late occasionally.  I was having problems with my daughter and running up astronomical mental health care bills.  It's a long story but it ended up ok.  She has no mental health issues and it only cost me $12,779. to find this out!  So anyway, I got behind on all my bills and I once called my lovely mortgage company, Popular Mortgage.  They told me they had already turned me into the attorney for foreclosure and gave me the phone number.  I call the attorney and he knows nothing about it.  Needless to say, it was bullshit and I gave them the "smackdown" for lying to me!

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Mine would have to be when they kept telling me "don't worry the original note is safe, locked in a mountain"

Now I know that not to be true but not sure if the person I spoke to also knew or they were just ignorant of the facts. Either way not good.

Second one would be when I was attemtping to find out some info on a loan modification and the lady from my local Chase help center told me "the house is up for sale at the courthouse". When I called and found out that was not true I called her supervisor and was told that she might have seen a projected sale date for the courthouse and misunderstood. Either way, again not good.
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This is a little off subject. It is how I screwed the banks!  My Business was looking to turn a nice profit until mid-September when the economy crashed. I had 4 major contracts cancelled and was loosing 80,000 a month. Three months later I was looking at chapter 11 for my business and my house was going into foreclosure. I have always played by the rules, taken great pride in being ethical, but sometimes there is ethics and sometimes a need for Justice. The Banks had ruined my credit, my retirement, my business, and put my home in foreclosure. I felt it only fair that I take my remaining credit lines to hire a BKruptcy lawyer, and Foreclosure defense lawyer and have the debt written off in BKruptcy Court.

My BKruptcy Attorney has some great stories. Here are the two I enjoyed most. One client, the week before he filled, bought a 70,000 dollar car. The Judge caught the transaction in court and he had to pay it off at 0% interest over 5 years. Another client wrote a 90,000 check off of a credit line, and the bank never showed up at court to contest it. He got it free and clear. Both of these guys had thriving business before the crash and were now ruined and although it sounds unethical, I contend it is Justice.
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tired and tattered

Your check was "duplicated". It did not go through. Funny thing was, my bank said there was no such thing. They could have cashed it anyway. Then the story changed when I sent my QWR letter. They said it had to do with my "routing number". Yet on the copies of my electronic check, all the numbers were correct. Oh, yes, and the letter they sent me said my check was "dishonored". Let's see. Duplicated, wrong routing number, and dishonored. They could not even tell the same story twice. I even called to see what they had for my routing number, and the lady refused to give it to me. She kept trying me to give it to her. I did not. Then she got scared and started chanting her lines....This is an attempt to collect a dept.....

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The Equitable One
"...chanting her lines..."

I like that language.

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That is too funny!  Oh how I wished I was that clever...I'm just a smartass...Can You really blame people for doing that though?  I can't!  Banks and credit card companies have been playing their games for years on us.  Just when you think you have figured it all out, woooopsie...a new gotcha comes into play.

The more I read the posts here, the more educated I become!

Thank you all!!!


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