Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Texas Mortgage Victim

I completed a modification, things were going well. I called my servicer to make the payment for the next month and they told me the loan had a zero balance. I expressed to them that there must be a mistake. So I called again to speak with management I needed to see how this could happen and no one could assist. I contacted the department of veteran’s affairs to see what they were showing and they told me the same thing. Looked at my credit report and it stated the same thing.  I then contacted the lender and they said the same thing and referred me back to the servicer. I called about 15 times just to verify what I was being told, then I requested a letter to be sent stating that fact and they sent it. I received a 1099-c from IRS stating that the debt had been forgiven and that I had to file it as income. So now the Department Of Veterans Affairs, Credit Report, Letter from the servicer, and the IRS have the same information that the debt has been forgiven. Ocwen finally returns the call and says they will investigate the matter, I told them after all of this I will take it as it is forgiven when should I expect a release of lean? They said they would call back. I received a letter a few months later stating that they made a mistake and I owed all this money in mortgage payments. I contacted an attorney. I am livid. Please tell me that this has happen to someone else. I almost feel like I shouldn’t have said anything but my morals won’t let me do it. I do have  strong values and integrity is one of them.


I bet they wrote it off and received a tax break, now they want to re-recoup. How fair is that to the homeowner. I am so tired of billion dollar companies robbing us (the Soldiers, the Veteran, the poor and middle class). They should know better. This is ridiculous. They finally sent a letter acknowledging the mistake, yet they plan to do nothing about it.

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I believe it.  Mortgage lenders pull this kind of crap all the time.  They stole my house and I hadn't missed a payment.  Fought 'em for a year, got to court, my lawyers sat there mum, judge never looked at my payments and slapped ME with a judgement for the bank's legal fees!!  I believe it.
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yes, I am wondering the same for myself.  I have filed fraud, quiet title, etc in court and I now get a 1099a in the mail from Seneca mortgage.  I have not been foreclosed upon nor have I abandoned my property.

The "investor" Goshen Mortgage rep told me that either way they would make money off my property by insurance coverage.  So, yes, I do believe that they are robbing tax payers yet again.  SO, when are they going to remove the lien from my property??

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