Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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...tell people who get their jollies off of seeing their posts on a free forum site with lots of Google hits to get a life.

It seems to come in waves. Posts about anything and everything that aren't even connected to predatory servicing.

We again,  really need to ask a question - why?

Well, since so many businesses, law firms, regulators, etc., seem to visit, why do you suppose PREDATORY SERVICERS like to make this site look like a mob of fringe-element urban mythology promoters?

Could it be because they know if they make victims look like kooks that the REAL MESSAGE about their schemes will be buried in the nonsense posts?

Do you think there isn't a deliberate campaign to make the equivalent of the checkout stand tabloids?

Doesn't anyone see how easy it is to come to a forum and put preposterous nonsense up to discredit anyone who would point to this forum as a source of rational, legitimate information?

Enough of the tabloid-style urban myth, conspiracy nut BS.

We're being laughed at by the people who shape public opinion about servicers.

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Your right some of the posts have been off topic. And a lot of extra advertising has been done lately. Not all of it is mythology though.  Or conspiracy BS.

Your right the posts should be informational. But even though this is Ms Fraud were talking about a lot of the resolve ends up having to be perceived and understood on a level most NEVER have a clue about. Or thought they'd have to think about. Or else everyone would of grown up to be an attorney right?

I've found while a lot will knock some of the legal things taught on various sites some of the tactics TAUGHT on learning to  STAND UP for oneself can possibly prevent someone from losing their home. Maybe not indefinitely but if one doesn't try one won't beat them at their game of deceit.

The best way I've found to beat them at their own game is like everyone says DOCUMENTATION.....Keep every DEBT VALIDATION LETTER. Keep the statements they send not only monthly but periodically.

Possibly key things to look at on the closing statements is if you got charged a front end origination fee. Then a YSP-Yield Spread Premimum. Chances are if you did the loan originator received this as the extra bonus for giving you a prepayment penalty, an Adjustable rate mortgage, that you'll probably find out in your paperwork you qualified for a floor rate less than was given as a rate because of the extras they hit you with. These fee's make one have to pay more money than they should have....Over the life of their loan it could be several thousand $$$....

I've learned the only way to get your point across is by advising them of the havoc you'll enhance them with  if they don't realize YOUR AN UPSTANDING INDIVIDUAL. By showing your HONOR instead of DISHONOR.  This is done thru the only language they seem to  REALLY UNDERSTAND...A  LEGAL COMPLAINT.... Once typed one should send to the major Chief Exec Officer, Chief Financial Officer or Chief Operating Officer, Pres, Vice Pres. Forget all the other lackeys... Then if necessary in court if they don't negotiate..

I've found that the best at trying to help stop foreclosure is I know some haven't had success with them but they did get Citi to offer me a 60 day extension. But I turned them down as I did their modification offer. Modification offers are great to some and maybe I should have accepted it. However, there's some points that aren't covered in the modification.

1.) It doesn't acknowledge the FRAUD perpetrated  against me done in an attempt to be an HONEST BUSINESS PERSON. It let's the originator go free to COMMIT MORE CRIMES AGAINST OTHER PEOPLE. IT let's the lenders off for not complying with the FDCPA, TILA OR RESPA LAWS.

2.) It still wouldn't resolve that the originator of my debt in their RUSH to  CASH IN  on  OUR SIGNATURES  ASSIGNED my 2nd mortgage  to an UNKNOWN OWNER. Just like the OHIO cases with NO STANDING...I have NOTHING TO DO WITH their fraud and deceit perpetrated against me. Rather I found out about the fraud perpetrated against me 1yr, 5yrs or 10 yrs within the note FRAUD is a RIGHTFUL DEFENSE AT ANY TIME IT SHOULDN'T BE ACCEPTED.

MY life has been turned upside down by the whole banking industry. But in 14 yrs it has taught me a lot. HOPEFULLY enough now to close a transaction that will have my FINANCIAL FUTURE SOUND with or without any lawsuit fee's. I ANTICIPATE showing all WHO LISTEN just How bad they are. That PROPER BUSINESS ETIQUETTE CLOSES DEALS, MAKES MONEY, and can KEEP PEOPLE IN THEIR HOMES.

While some may not remember what proper business etiquette is I do. I won't ever forget MORALS, VALUES, being an HONEST individual, really caring about someone's misfortune. Trying to give them a break for attempting to do what one feels is RIGHT. Most PEOPLE wouldn't question being done WRONG if SOMEONE gave a dam about treating them with the RESPECT and HONOR they DESERVE. THE MOST MAJOR THING TO COME FROM THIS BANKING DOWN FALL IS THIS!

Their finally starting to realize it to with several going out of business. Losing money daily...No one just chooses to one month not pay their mortgage usually. Most know the repercussions for financial matters not being fulfilled.  But maybe some will realize us debtors should be treated like clients. We help pay them their FAT PAYCHECKS. No ONE IS DIFFERENT...Man, woman, or ethnicity.

One shouldn't be prejudged or misjudged. Not all circumstances are a Client or  DEBTORS FAULT. I have key cases to point out in court that ought to make Citi run. I can only understand they just don't know who their messing with. That I'm not every other debtor they talk to when they try to connive me into trying to make arrangements with them.

 I offered to do a modification if: They lower my balance, IF THEY GAVE ME THE FLOOR RATE I QUALIFIED FOR INITIALLY WHEN I TOOK OUT MY MORTGAGE, if they help me resolve the issue caused by the 2nd UNKNOWN MORTGAGEE.  All I want is some honesty. This is a responsibility I intended to have for the next 30 yrs. By that time I'll be old and gray. I have right to know whose collecting my debt is the LAWFUL OWNER. I have a right to know that someone else won't be coming forward to be paid. its bad enough having two mortgages forget about me double paying them.

Or Maybe just wipe out my debt for the fraud perpetrated against me but they don't want to do this. But it would cost them less if they did.  Than the can of WHOOP ASS FIRE I'M READY TO UNLEASH ON THEM.

Something like this in my life makes it even tougher....As some jobs in the banking industry that I may of once been able to obtain I now can't because of the ordeal I've been faced with. GOOD THING is now with my experience, business connections, understanding of the law,  the PICTURE my  COMPLAINT PAINTS  I ought to  win in any court of law.  And if I don't I'll still let everyone know. As I'm not just fighting for me or my rights. I'm fighting for all that have been thru foreclosure or are facing it. For those that may not of even known they were wronged. Continual  LAWBREAKING has been a thorn in my side by these so called business professionals....I hope they lose business licenses, collection businesses, more money, EVEN BANKRUPTCY like they force everyone into filing just for trying to stand up for their rights. Not everyone is INDEPENDENTLY WEALTHY. One shouldn't be judged as less of a person because of their financial status.

If you ask me every bank should have to be audited to make sure their not still lying about people. What the banks are getting away with is absurd. Some of the banks don't even work accounts properly prior to a foreclosure or chargeoff...Some accounts wouldn't be foreclosed or  charged off if the banks loss mitigation people really knew HOW TO COLLECT!!

The ATTORNEYS and BANKS being sued for not HAVING STANDING DESERVE TO BE SUED....They have an OBLIGATION to PRESENT TRUTH in court and business dealings. STANDING should be determined before they even file any documents for a foreclosure in any public record. The BANKS don't CARE! Attorneys don't care it's probably LAW 101-DID CLIENT PROVIDE PROPER DOCUMENTATION FOR ME TO SUCCESSFULLY FORECLOSE? Do I really NEED to FORECLOSE? IS MY RIGHT TO PRACTICE LAW IMPORTANT ENOUGH TO ME TO MAKE SURE THESE PARAMETERS ARE MET BEFORE I GET ACCUSED OF PRESENTING FRAUD?

Another important aspect  in court besides STANDING is  SMJ-SUBJECT MATTER JURISDICTION. A lot of bankruptcy courts are giving this to holder in due course...While usually this should or could be accepted in a case of fraud it shouldn't be. As it should be the ORIGINATING LENDER WHO committed the fraud SMJ should be given to. I've read if SMJ- is given to incorrect party by a judge that the orders he gives are void. As the REAL PARTY IN INTEREST wasn't brought in to be accused of the fraud they perpetrated. AS they say THEY SOLD THE FRAUD DOWN THE LINE.

Even if originating bank is out of business they have to be mentioned. Cause some attorneys will say well their out of business it's not the holder in due courses fault. That there's no money to recoup. You created the debt, you owe the debt you have to pay your debt. Well it definitely can be. Especially if they are aware of the fraud.  Then if the holder in due course breaks FDCPA LAWS that they become a SERVICER. When they end up just becoming a servicer it lowers the banks/servicers protection of sorts. And opens them for more fines for the mishandling of cases.



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O -

Best of luck to you.

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Nye Lavalle
I have been called a conspiracy theorist for so many years that I am sick of those who are so narrowed minded, they cannot see what is going on and draw the connections.

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