Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Just won after 2 and half years - Foreclosure Dismissed. (for now!)
I have tons of research on fraudulent WAMU and forgeries by fraud mills. I also have attorneys getting into the fight who are "getting it." We are also auditing and assisting research for attorneys. Looking for like-minded ticked off homeowners who want to fight and win while exposing the massive corruption surrounding this disaster. YOU WERE MOST LIKELY DEFRAUDED BEFORE YOU CLOSED YOUR LOAN!!

Rob Harrington
850 259-6422
Niceville, Florida
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Thanks for posting that.  We needed some good news.  Please keep sharing what you learn.  I know personally that 90% of all mortgage loans are fraudulent.

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We are starting to see serious consumer rights progress in the foreclosure wars. The same day, another homeowner activist also had a dismissal in Florida the same day. The case after his, was also dismissed. The dismissals were all technically based because the "pretender lender" and their "foreclosure mill" attorneys acknowledge that leveling FRAUD charges and pushing for very thorough DISCOVERY could  (potentially) put lender (servicer) reps and attorneys in a bad position regarding bringing "FRAUD ON THE COURT," "ABUSE OF PROCESS", and "PERJURY" CHARGES AGAINST THEM PERSONALLY. So they failed to show or produce. This is "hypothetical" this morning, but well worth exploring this afternoon....

Here is where the rubber meets the road. As Garfield emphatically states, throw everything at them. Til/Respa attacks (according to many foreclosure defense attorneys and seasoned Loan Auditors) are not sufficient enough of an attack - in and of themselves. They are only part of the attack.


According to the attorneys who get it, with REQUEST FOR DISCOVERY, INTERROGATORIES, REQUESTS FOR ADMISSIONS, QUALIFIED WRITTEN REQUESTS, etc.,  they have to put up, or shut up. If they don't show up to court, miss filing deadlines, or don't follow Judge's orders,  you win... for now!! The bad guys don't want to get caught in the scam and go to jail, be sanction disbarred or personally sued!!! In other words, they would prefer to lose but NOT be exposed.
Hire an ATTORNEY WHO GETS IT!!! Contact me if you need help finding a QUALIFIED attorney.

Fight hard, you may be surprised.... If you have evidence of fraud in your loan, please contact me. National organization has begun! GOOD NEWS!!!

You are not alone! And never let them shame you....

Also, Google up 4closurefraud and get a free guide for possibly finding fraud and forgeries in your new assignment of mortgage....  then, get the law enforcement involved if you find the forgeries and fraud in your foreclosure...

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Thank you for this site!! Knowledge is power. You have done a great job here!! I have added this site in my personal inventory as one of the best foreclosure defense sites in America.

Again, thank you so much.

Due process must be upheld or our country and CONSTITUTION are finished.

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new website info (old one got hijacked...)


free securitization look-ups, networking, all the gory evidence you need.


Welcome home - again!



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I really think you have an excellent group.  I used to call into your conference calls even though I was not involved with WAMU.  

I do think that someday you should consider expanding to include ALL lenders, but I think you guys do a great job helping homeowners and getting the word out.  

If we could get a group like yours with EVERY lender (at least the major ones) I think foreclosures could grind to a slow trickle.  
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