Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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I'd like to see people being sued for foreclosure, that have these BS MERS Ass. of Mortgages in their Chain of Title (if you can call it that)....

I'd like to see these homeowners file countersuits, suing specifically the Assistant Secretaries, VP's, and other "authorized" signers on behalf of MERS.

These people have "ok" jobs.  They aren't wealthy.  My prediction is that when these stupid trolls begin paying out of pocket for attorneys to represent them in situations where they didn't gain a whole lot, they are going to turn on the "owners" and MERS.  In turn the "owners" and MERS will turn on them......

If all the attorneys could watch for just a few cases filed with blatant assignment fraud, and then represent these homeowners, we could have some sound precidents established across the country and really put these skunks out of business!!!!

Let the back stabbing and finger pointing begin!!!!!
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Sued? I think any of these creeps who put pen to any of the documents should be jailed!
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I second the motion for jail time, and following the money and political trail for the better part of a decade have come to view this as treasonous offense do to the scale and effect on the country.

While treason may seem like an extreme statement to someone new to this crime  or unaware of the scope and magnitude the huge amount of toxic assets the taxpayers are being held on a hook for, 27 trillion so far and just the tip of the  iceberg really has the effect of a full blown war on the U.S. and in my opinion far more devastating, destabilizing, far reaching, and lasting effects.

War and violence are certainly some of the most horrific activities we as humans engage in it's really the economy and supply and demand that determine our lifestyle, standard of living and level of freedom. People that rationalize the crime or trivialize is as merely a loss of material assets ignore the fact the the most violence, chaos and suffering is caused by economic collapse, and shortage of resources.

Devaluation/inflation has the same effect as resource shortage as you must exchange more labor and/or services for goods and services.

Of course the love of money is wrong and it can't buy happiness but certainly having to work 16 hours a day and abandoning families and personal needs just to survive does in reality induce violence, chaos, stress, grief and strife.

For now Devastated and others facing immediate foreclosure don't let debasing the currency derail your focus on saving your home. My reason for posting is to illustrate that those who are not direct fraud victims are still lending fraud victims by proxy, investments, jobs, housing even foreign relations have been hugely affected by lending and servicing fraud and that line of reasoning may help those who think your illegal foreclosure is not their problem realize it really is.

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The Equitable One
Is there any reason not they should not be pursued both civilly and criminally?
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Absolutely they should be pursued civilly and criminally they are liable for both.

It's outrageous the taxpayers should pay trillions of dollars in fictitious losses the borrowers are not compensated, and criminal actions are not pursued.

Lets not forget people, governments, businesses, and financial institutions have been harmed all over the world not just here it gives the U.S. a black eye.

The devaluation of the dollar, home prices, investments etc. means these crooks have stolen from nearly everyone if even by proxy.

The crime dwarfs all others and its magnitude and consequences are virtually unfathomable so why are these crooks not only free and allowed to keep stolen or ill gotten gains but often placed in charge of fixing the mess they created.

To top the audacity of the banking/government complicity is that some of these crooks from Goldman, Litton etc. were given authority to investigate and prosecute themselves and to keep trillions in taxpayer funds with no accountability.

Just because we here the word trillions over and over again does not mean we should get used to the figure or numb to it's meaning it's still a shockingly huge some of money that may take many generations to pay back if ever.

Why should people who are not even born yet pay for the crimes of a handful of elites. At some point in time it gets absurd to blame the tiny handful of people who orchestrated this mess when the vast multitude of hundreds of millions in the U.S. and Billions world wide sit on our hands and let them get away with it. Everything happens for a reason and it's not always easy to understand wars, poverty, violence etc. but that's not the case here the answer is simple we as group just plain haven't done enough to take a stand for justice and right and wrong.

Given our astronomically huge numerical advantage we have over them the con job of them getting us to believe they have any power over us is even bigger that the feat of the tiny handful looting the trillions in the first place.
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Of course I too believe they should be held to criminal charges.

But my point was, the finger pointing that would arise from these suits.

As an officer, they'd be personally liable civilly.  And MERS would be personally liable as well.  So would the "owner" of the mortgage.

The things that would come to light would I'm sure, merely confirm the accusations that we already know.  They don't have the authority to do squat, lol.

Right now, they are all working together to defraud people.  Turn them against one another and see what happens.  Attack the lowest man on the totem pole, the MERS officers (isht rolls downhill, right?).
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