Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Amir EFRATI, reporting for the Wall Street Journal, has written an article relating to recent court rulings dismissing plaintiff's foreclosure cases:

Some Judges Stiffen Foreclosure Standards

By Amir Efrati

Posrted Friday, July 25, 2008

A cadre of state-court judges scrutinizing foreclosure actions in a string of recent rulings have discovered flaws in documents that borrowers may be able to use to keep their homes.

The judges, including a committee from the Kings County Supreme Court in Brooklyn, N.Y., are highlighting shortcuts taken by mortgage companies in court filings, which borrowers might be able to exploit when facing foreclosure.

The rulings show the critical role that judges are beginning to play as foreclosures mount in the most severe housing crisis since the Great Depression. The recent decisions build upon widely circulated opinions issued last fall ...

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Regular MS Fraud Forum participants will recognize many of the mentions and references within the article.  TAKE A LOOK!
[Note: The WSJ site is a subscription access site!]
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Nye Lavalle
thanks Bill, you beat me to it. Was just going to post and bam! April and I had a good talk other day. The forces of evil are upon us and I will need everyone's help if they assist me in exposing these criminals... Details to come...
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Another dismissal involved a foreclosure filed by a U.S. unit of HSBC Holdings PLC. Included in Justice Schack's concerns was that the filed documents list the address for HSBC and a loan payment collector as being the same suite in a West Palm Beach, Fla., building, and that in prior foreclosure filings, other financial entities also claimed to be located in the same suite.


"The Court ponders if Suite 100 is the size of Madison Square Garden to house all of these financial behemoths or if there is a more nefarious reason for this corporate togetherness," he wrote, adding that HSBC would have to write an affidavit explaining the popularity of suite 100.

May it please the court to also take notice of multiple entities' nefarious schemes emanating from:

2700 Northland Drive, Mendota Heights, MN

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A full text version of the article is available at:

A corresponding WSJ Law Blog post appears at:

Gumshoe:  Why don't you repeat your post giving the Dakota County, MN, address of FIdelity / FIS Foreclosure Solutions, Inc. on the WSJ Law Blog? 
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Nye Lavalle
Look in the news for a report on Palm Beach and Ocwen... stay tuned!
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Excellent article! Nice to see WSJ paying attention (for at least a little while)

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Good thought! Done, thanks to correct address courtesy of Mike Dillon which is:
1270 Northland Drive, Suite 200, Mendota Heights, MN
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Photo's are available through PB on this site, showing this address with a sign, on a poster inside the entrance way, and an investigators report, saying their is NO OFFICE at this site, its only a mail drop!

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Gary, PB - Thanks,
Mail drop, whatever...definitely a nefarious conduit deserving serious investigation.

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22 out of the 25 largest mortgage firms are using Fidelity National Information Services, Inc. (uses LSP, LSI, Fidelity National Solutions, Chicago Title and other names).  They are the devil in 90% of foreclosures in the USA which means opportunity for you to go to court and claim your rights as allowed by law.
Hi Fidelity - I'm coming for you.
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    When dealing with a lender that is not a bank, it is useful to see if it is
properly licensed in the State where it is operating. Recently, I came across
a case where Financial Freedom Senior Funding was foreclosing on the estate
of a person who took out a reverse mortgage. They seem to target people
who they know are terminal and then they give them 25% up front plus
monthly payments for life. It's the old "death gamble" bet. If the Senior
lives along time, they lose. If the Senior dies shortly after the loan, they
win! What I discovered was that in Florida and Georgia, up to 2006, they
were not licensed in either State to be making mortgage loans! They didn't
become a wholly owned subsidiary of IndyMac bank until July 2006!
    When a non bank lender, subject to State regulation is not licensed,
I don't believe they have standing to foreclose. Someone correct me if I'm
wrong! If I'm correct, alot of this unlicensed lending must have been going
on in other States with other lenders! Check it out!
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You know what????

If you know that you are right. Than guess what??? You are right......

If you think that these skum buckets took advantage of these elderly people than you need to speak up for them. Even though they are not here. You need to let the heirs know what happened. You need to steer them into the way of an attorney. Maybe not one you could recomend, but at least you can let them know what is going on.

I am going through a situation with my mom who passed away. I can't sell her home because of the market. She owns it out right.

So please let these people know where they stand. Because when someone is gone you have no idea until you look into it. So if someone is going to foreclose illegally than you need to let them know.

That is a disgusting..... These prople are preying on people (forgive me) that are almost dead....

So "Please help them out.." 

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Fidelity started this mess on mine as well. With homeq. I'd be more than willing to share the information I have if it might help. Maybe the info I have will help your atty.
Let me know thanks


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    Here's a case from Tampa, Florida ; Financial Freedom vs Judith Hill 2007
CA-10081 Div K. She took out a reverse mortgage on 12/24/2003. The
home value was $120,000. She died after drawing out about $50,000.
Financial Freedom (with no valid licence in Florida) foreclosed and got a
judgement of $67,528 on May 20,2008 on a house that was now worth
about $150,000. Her daughter Julie tried to stop the foreclosure but her
attorney never brought up the licensing issue so she lost the house to the
lender. Is it any wonder that reverse mortgages are so profitable to the
lenders! Is it any wonder that Mozillo owned Indymac Bank was hot to buy
out Financial Freedom Senior Funding in July of 2006! Lending a small amount
against a property with lots of equity and than hoping the borrower defaults
by nonpayment or death is the height of predatory lending! Perhaps the
children of elderly parents are the real culprits because they don't pay
enough attention to their elderly parents and help them out financially so
they don't have to resort to these predatory lenders!
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William A. Roper, Jr.
In regard to Mike H., please see the new thread:

"About Mike H."

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