Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Can anyone help me about a Wisconsin foreclosure?

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George Burns

What has happened so far?

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We got a summons and complain.  And they say there is the Les Pedens.

We talked to a real astate brokr and he said we have to move.  He says no good fighting bank.

We tried to pay three months but they say we still gotta pay two more plus the law fees.  We dont have all, but should we pay the other  $4000+?

Our naybor says they gonna foreclose any way.
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Send me a private message, I do research and prep work for several attorneys, and we have not lost a case to Summary Judgment in Wisconsin. I am in La Crosse. You can also just email me at

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I am sure if you answer the following questions the participants may offer suggestions:

1.  Who services your loan?
2.  Do you have equity - owe less then what the home is worth?
3.  Have you requested a loan modification?
4.  Do you have enough income to keep the payments, taxes and insurance current going forward?
5.  Do you have a second mortgage or home equity loan?
6.  Have you ever filed bankruptcy and if so when?

You can own a home or sometimes the home owns you.  If you can afford the home on an ongoing basis, and if you don't owe a lot more then what the home is worth, then it may be worth a fight.

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Way To Go
I forgot the most important piece of advice DO NOT give anyone money who tells you they can save your home!
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You guys are grate!!!  I already got the grate news in email that we can resend the note!!

And also we can buy a sovrane draft for the full amount to pay of for only $3000 and we be free.

Thank you every body!!
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George Burns



Do NOT do that!


Who sent the email? I think that you are being scammed.


Why can you rescind the note? Rescinding a note is not something you can just do because you want to.


I have no idea what a "sovrane draft" or sovereign draft is but I  suspect that you are being told wingnut rubbish.


What were you told that it is?

Where would you get it?

Who says  that it is legal?

Did the bank or mortgage servicer tell you that they would accept such an item?

Who gets the $3000?

What would happen to the rest of the arrears?

Who says so?


What you have posted raises so many questions that need answers.

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Stated: "We tried to pay three months but they say we still gotta pay two more"

Agree with George Burns.

Rescind, sounds like a croaked frog scam.

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George Burns
It looks like he/she is being scammed by BOTH the mortgage  servicer AND by whomever sent the email about the draft.

I forgot to mention that if you rescind the note, it means that you also give back the house. I bet that they did not tell you that little fact.
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I will help you, please contact me, Im in wisconsin, Wisconsin law is clear on the banks are required to post the payment on the date it is received. 
It sounds like you have a Breach of Contract with intentional wrongful acts. 
You also will need a lawyer,
Gary Wait
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George Burns

Maybe you have some info other than what has been posted, but:

Why would the bank have to accept and post a late or short payment? 

The poster insinuated that they  were delinquent, then offered to pay an amount which was declined as not being enough. We do not know how delinquent they were nor how much the correct amount is.

What is the Breach of Contract to which you refer?
What wrongful acts?
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Not to get into a legal argument, but in short Wisconsin has a specific statute that a mortgage payment is to be posted on the date received. 
As a Breach of Contract, the mortgage contracts indicate that payments were to be made, if a bank or institution fails to accept them they have breached the mortgage contract to the credit determent of the mortgage holder.  Many banks and service's have done this as part of a scheme to keep them in a default status. In addition to add fee's, not included within the mortgage contract.

As for Wrongful Acts, that is a Tort action, that because of there failure harm or damage was done to the mortgage holder.

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