Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Allen GREENspan
Please see video below and see how and why your getting screwed.
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The whacko conspiracy people have found us.

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Ron Paul
Your wack job is not crazy at all. Ron Paul is a US Congressman. Go to his web sites and see that the man or woman who posted the information on your site is not crazy, but very intelligent.

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See This Video
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ED I'm sure you meant well but you need to use facts to refute someone instead of calling them a wacko.

Thomas Jefferson insisted that allowing a central bank was a greater threat than any standing army, Abraham Lincoln said he feared a corporate conspiracy taking over the country though the banks and said the bankers were a greater threat than the Confederate army, Senator Lindbergh (Charles Lindbergh's Father) President Garfield, Congressman Mc Donald, Congressman McFadden, Congressman Trafficant, Presidential Candidate William Jennings Byran all to one extent or another endorsed hard money policy and warned against banking conspiracies taking over the country.

Allen Greenspan the chairman of the Federal reserve the man who runs the entire U.S. economy and who is the most powerful man in the world said the
Federal reserve is the biggest scam in the world and was set up to create
and fund socialism high tax/big government social programs in England by transferring U.S. wealth, making the U.S. political system of free market capitalism appear to be a failure and a government supported and funded socialist system of England appear to be a success.

The bankers hate a free market economy, individual rights and
personal freedom, why because they make money off interest. Government welfare, subsidies lending programs, military expenditures make them filthy rich and they do not have to come up with any money of their own the borrow it from us and have the government endorse notes and print their own money. It's an outrageously bad idea to let the banks take the equity of our homes and lend it back to us and lend our same money to the government and further invest in in hedge funds and derivatives and to further allow the insurance companies take peoples money to be used for insurance payouts and gamble it in high risk loans and the stock market.

It's an outrageously bad idea to allow the private banks with an interest in looting the economy stealing homes, creating recessions and depressions
creating and funding wars, creating environmental destruction, creating high medical bills and expensive public schools to run the economy and the monetary system.

Only Congress has the power to control and regulate money and it's mandated that we has a free money hard currency system.

Why would you want to pay the banks interest though bonds to have the treasury print money? How Ed does that benefit you or me or anyone who is not a criminal?

How does it benefit anyone to pay close to a half trillion a year in interest payments. How does it benefit a senior who's property taxes are ten times what their mortgage payments used to be and pay nearly $20, 000 for a utilitarian car when it used to be $2000. I used to go to the store and get 10 candy bars for a dollar or put a dime in a coke machine and get real glass bottle. How does it benefit anyone to have a financial system based on 0's and 1's where anyone can make up any figure and transfer it to anywhere
a new factory in China, Mexico, or Indonesia, Who do think is funding these terrorists the majority of the Money comes from U.S. Banks and where does the majority of the U.S. Collateral come from Residential and business mortgages and mortgage backed securitizations.

If the Federal reserve said tomorrow the system is bankrupt we are calling in the loans and there is zero in your account what would you do about it?

So is it your Assertion ED that Allen Greenspan is a conspiracy wacko and that is why a consensus of the worlds most powerful and informed people in the world decided to put him in charge of the worlds largest economy and the primary monetary standard of the whole world. Yes he Is a Presidential appointment but the Fed chairman actually has far more power in terms of the real world of money. Remember the Chairman of the Federal reserve is not elected by voters guessing about a candidates qualifications though Televised smiling and lying contests, he is actually the single person who more than anyone controls the fate of the whole world by setting U.S. Monetary policy. He represents the profit interests of the private bankers the same ones stealing our homes though unlawful foreclosures and get fantastically rich, hundreds of billions of dollars just in government debt alone
by getting the government to go into as much debt as possible.

The private bank makes the most amount of money in two situations if they can start a war and finance that and if they can cause a depression or hyperinflation, they get rich from hyperinflation because they can print as much as they want and rich from a depression because they get millions of homes and businesses for free. I would like to ask why is is wise to put your life my life and the fate of not only this country but the rest of the world in the hands of powerful business interest that have a vested interest mass destruction and debt slavery?

These people have no problem throwing millions of people out of their homes and leaving them out in the street to die. Why would they have a problem with destroying a whole nation so they could get
$1 or $2  an hour labor and become ultra rich while we are in destitute poverty. Why is it that President Bush from a long line of rich arms merchants and bankers who got rich supplying our enemies including Hitler (trading with the enemy act 1942) and the Clinton's who got rich in Land fraud deals (Whitewater) and as lawyers protecting foreign money laundering interests (BCCI the biggest bank fraud case ever) are pushing so hard to flood the country with illegal immigrants and erase the borders while we are at war with terrorists? How did our current President get rich an anonymous donor gave him $750,000 donation the SEC determined was illegal and got the residents of Dallas-FT.Worth to build him and his business partners a stadium using his fathers clout. When's the last time anyone gave any of us 3/4
of a million out of the kindness of their heart and expected nothing in return.
Lets not forget our President who's hallmark is stripping us of our rights to protect us from extreme threats gave diplomatic immunity to Roland Arnall after his company of which he is the sole owner of was found guilty of defrauding millions of Americans in 49 states in exchange for 12 million in unlawfully laundered political donations. $400,000 of Roland Arnalls wealth was stolen directly from me by the way causing me over a million in collateral damage, I don't feel secure at all in this nation because the real terrorists are here looting our country and the politicians are their partners in crime or the actual banking criminals themselves in the case of the Clinton's and Bushes.

Why is it that the majority of white Europeans came here as slaves  (indentured servants)? Because the Bank of England and France came up with the idea of using paper money to fight full time wars and pay the debts back over many years on a payment schedule by sucking all the money out of the citizens forcing them into bondage to pay for wars.

Why would you want to set up the same system here in the U.S. if we fought
to escape the bondage of the feudal system in Europe.

We can only have freedom and prosperity though an open, fair, transparent and stable monetary system.

It's all well and good to talk about theories, principles and being idealistic but in living for the day and hoping somehow things will just work out. Many people hope that the roof will fix itself or the grass will mow itself but in the end the majority of the people need food, clothing and shelter, and you need a stable and reliable medium of exchange in order to accomplish that without chaos and violence.

We really need men grounded in reality and facts to run the country Like Ron Paul not professional snake oil salesman who tell us we can get rich by borrowing money in a smoke and mirrors economy, outsourcing, and shipping all our businesses overseas, getting rich by importing 100's of millions of illegal immigrants when in fact they get earned income credits and we heavily subsidize the roads, schools, prisons, health care, social security, etc. they use. That wont make us rich it will make the banks rich and the corporations will get cheap labor. We need politicians that will protect our property rights unlike President Bush who lied to cover-up the transfer of property ownership from us to corporations though Kelo V New London. We need politicians to stop lying about and covering up the massive amounts of corporate fraud and looting because of the donations and because they are multimillionaire financial crooks themselves. We need politicians to stop lying about mortgage fraud, insurance fraud, and mortgage service fraud because they are running the scams themselves.

The entire centralization of the Federal government occurred because the farmers felt a banking conspiracy of Europe was trying to defraud them of their farms, as a response to Shea's rebellion.

Andrew Jackson ran his Presidential campaign almost exclusively on the issue of ending bank fraud and the looting of the country by powerful financial interests and he shut down the central bank, how could he have been an Internet conspiracy kook 180 years before the Internet?

We have a very corrupt government and the Federal reserve/IRS system is the vehicle which enables and facilitates a huge powerful, high debt, high tax central government.

Ron Paul is the only politician who addresses the fundamental issues of monetary fraud, High taxes and deficit and the bankrupting and corporate takeover of our country. He is the only politician who has presented a rational , realistic, honest plan to restore our freedom, prosperity and property rights. Though ten terms in Congress he has put his money where his mouth is and fought all opposition to government seizure/control of property though taxes and fought hard for personal rights and freedom.

What does this have to do with MS Fraud everything it could not exist on a large scale in a hard money economy banking system and it would be very difficult to launder the stolen money, not only that but banks would go out of business by forcing foreclosures not get rich from them.

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Ron Paul wrote:
Your wack job is not crazy at all. Ron Paul is a US Congressman. Go to his web sites and see that the man or woman who posted the information on your site is not crazy, but very intelligent.

I don't consider getting elected a ringing endorsement and it doesn't make him an authority on anything. And none of that is going to stop a Litton or Ocwen from stealing a house when they get the chance.
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I understand much of this sounds crazy, but it's hard to explain the consistency of the explanations form so many people such as Presidents, Senators Congressman and even the Fed chief himself Allen green span considered by many the greatest financial guru this last century.

And it does have ever thing to do with foreclosures and we don't need to be a genius world class economist to figure out why.

Here the big problem the Federal reserve system uses or money the more they risk they more they make.

If a bank used it's own money to to lend you on a home for lets say $150,000
and it resold for $100,000 at a foreclosure auction then they would lose $50,000 if they did this more than a few times they would go out of business.

We all know the servicers are forcing the foreclosures to profit in large numbers and predatory lenders are making loans designed to fail.

A hard money currency would greatly reduce fraud why would they do it if they knew it would cause them to loose their own money?

It would take away the method and motive for financial fraud, high taxes, and shipping our jobs overseas, and looting corporations.

If hard money and a stable economy and freedom are the supreme law of our land and the founding fathers determined it's the single most important issue why not return to a safe and secure system where we actually have real property rights.

Please do more research on this even if you have to wade though a few,
wacky web sites.

A good book to read is G. Edward Griffen the creature from Jekyll island,
it's very well researched and the bibliography well referenced I know first hand I thought these financial conspiracy people were lunatics and I went as far as researching at the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. It's really astonishing what is factual and historically verifiable information that is not common knowledge but is vital to know for our freedom and prosperity.

The more and more I talked to FBI, Senators, Congressman, Governors, Lawyers etc. the more I suspected there was a big cover-up of this nationwide fraud so I learned a little at a time I really can't blame you for being shocked and buying the whole story. Surely everyone realizes there is something wrong here and if the government was concerned about economic collapse and our rights certainly the first thing they would protect are homes and mortgages which are the anchor of the whole economy.

Obviously somehow these people are getting rich by throwing away $59,000
each time they foreclose a home if money worked as most people imagine
this is quite clearly impossible. The explanation is these Banks of the Federal reserve make money from debt. A good way to begin to grasp the concept is to think about how much the amount of "money has increased in the U.S"

When we had 70% of the worlds wealth measured in gold after WWII and now we have less than 10%. Think about it if you had $100 and you gave away $90 to others or threw it you would have less not get rich.

THere has to be a mechanism to get rich off of trowing away money and shutting down businesses and foreclosing homes or a bunch of Billionaires and investors would not be doing it perhaps we do not understand how all this works but one things for sure the lenders do.

Also think about this if there is depression and the economy collapses the banks get the homes for free. The people who run the economy have motive to destroy it and it's just not wise to let them have that control whether we believe they would or not.

We see this effect in reasoning in financial frauds all the time where they have proof of all sorts of fraud and bad accounting and they let the company or the executives of the hook because they do not have all the facts. In the case where Bank of America stole 3 billion from San Francisco they had several hundred thousands pages of documentation of wrongdoing and the governments excuse for letting them go was there was not enough proof.

Well if you or I drove though a mall at a 100 mph and killed dozens of people
could we say something like no one actually saw or remembers me going through the stop sign at the entrance of the mall there fore you have o evidence I did any thing wrong and you have to let me go. Would anyone believe us, would we be free no, but people but these totally absurd explanations from the corporations and the government all the time.

Another example when Roland Arnall was up for nomination to be ambassador of Netherlands the logic for finding him innocent of wrongdoing was
that since he was the sole owner of Ameriquest and directly owned it he had no responsibility for it's actions and know way to have knowledge of it's operations.

If you and I were running an illegal gambling, drug dealing, or prostitution ring out of our home would a Senator get up in front of the whole world and say with a straight face  since Ed and Greg are the owners of the crime ring and the boss they have no responsibility for what goes on there and no way to have any knowledge of the situation.

Obviously what we are being told is not the truth. For some strange reason when someone who the general public thinks is important gets up and tells a story that clearly contradicts the facts the majority of the people decide to follow along and believe them, but the publics belief can't change the actual facts or events.

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Nye Lavalle
Only those with open and gifted minds can see through this maze of crap! Greg can see it and I can see it and we fight it despite the fact that we could have just shut up. Greg's trustees and my own have targeted us and hurt us and WE have and had money and were not in dire straights!
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