Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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I'm in a terrible mess resulting from a co-mingling of legal errors, circumstances and rotten ex.  I went through divorce, received the house with a mortgage from Countrywide of $686,000 - 3 months unpaid and a second mortgage of $330,000 my ex had taken the money from in 09. The house wasn't worth the first. My attorney assured me everything had to be made current but didn't put it in the settlement and I was served foreclosure 2 months later by Mellon whom I had never heard of. Countrywide at the time had modification programs on their site, I contacted them, explained the divorce and the fact I had nothing in the bank and an additional $100,000 in bills for the business I received that were to have been current but attorney also left out.
 I was told for over a year not to make payments, submit papers, call weekly, which I did. The legal papers kept coming, I got scared, found an attorney who took 6 months post dated checks, $450.00 each,  keeping me in my home for another year (12 more checks).
 Im putting the business back in shape to support me but its been difficult and I wasn't able to continue the checks. I owe him $2000.00 I understand and will pay later if possible but he withdrew so I've got another attorney for $2700.00 in pmts which covers up to a year.
 In the meantime I received several past due letters from Bank of America and notice they forceplaced insurance and tried mediation with a Mellon attorney which had to be postponed due to my taxes not completed.
I am trying to get the package and docs to the new firm, still waiting the taxes, complicated to start because of divorce money manipulation by ex then accountants stroke resulting in hiring another and starting over. I'm many months past the due date I was given to furnish them.My budget doesnt fit another payment this high into it yet but the bank holding the 2nd forced me to add my business as additional collateral so I can't short sell. I've been paying off business bills but still can't show financials to support much of an additional payment.
I've had a motion to vacate my divorce settlement filed for over a year but dont know when it will be heard and even if won  there may not be anything left to get as my ex is mortgaging or sold almost everything, hiding the money. I have heard his plan was for me to lose the house and business then buy them or have his friend buy them in foreclosure which I'm trying hard not to let happen.
Right now I'm terrified of summary judgement being filed before I get my papers in as I'm handling so much at one time.
 I havent been able to follow foreclosure updates. Can anyone give me any good advice or hope for this 3 bank mess or tell me if the vacating motion has any effect on the foreclosure? Is there any type of help I don't know of that can buy more time until I finish getting the business profitable? Any help appreciated. Thanks

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I think the best way to handle your situation is hire a lawyer who is foreclosure Defense and Bankcruptcy lawyer. Go interview few lawyers and ask them what are the best options for you.
Best wishes.
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