Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Susan Barrett <grinnbarrett@...> Susan Barrett <>
 Tue Aug 14, 2007 3:52 pm
OK, I have put a lot of time and energy into this housing bubble and
crash. From what I can see the actual creation of these mortgages and
the bubble breaking is not the major cause of what is happening here
now. The real problem came from creative investing where these
mortgages were sold again and again with AAA Aaa ratings. They were
sold to just about every one who invested either outright or hidden in
mutual funds and mortgage funds and derivatives. Commercial was mixed
with homes. The liquidity and margin calls were enormous. Right now at
this very moment 2 trillion has been lost. Now here we have the central
banks here and abroad throwing money into the stock markets and buying
up these worthless mortgages. Of course they are buying garbage but the
reason is: to forestall the inevitable. It will not prevent it there is
not enough money in the world to do that but it can be dragged out for a
little longer to soak some more dummies and entice them back in the
market or stay put if they were thinking of exiting..

It all got out of hand and was not planned well. The mortgage scams
were developed and planned well in advance say 20 or more years ago not
to bring down the economy but to free up homes (beginning of the UN plan
to end private property) and businesses that could be bought for cents
on the dollar. It was a great plan for them and is still one for them
except for one flaw.. Anyone with money or gold in the near future will
be able to pick up real estate for peanuts. But like good ole Murphy
something happened. was the creative moves that came about so fast the
securities commission could not even monitor it or control it. It was a
maze no one could follow the way through. This also means that the
losses have reached such proportions that even those behind it will lose
out. This will stagger the imagination of the bankers. There is not
enough money to bail this debacle out and the stock market will crash
all the way.

So the bottom line is a credit crunch now starting will only people with
the best credit as well as 20% or more down will have a chance at a
mortgage which at the same time eliminates all those now with ARMs out
of luck. Hundreds of thousands will walk. You will see three or more
homes empty on your block. Only those who have their mortgages paid
will survive. You see those who have fixed rates are not out of danger
either. Read the contract on your home see if there is any time where
the bank can call the loan due no matter how good your interest rate
is. Even as this money is pouring into the stock market it is also
going into the central banks to go out to other banks but they are not
lending. They are scared shirtless because the lending started this
whole mess.

This will lead of course to a recession that will go on for some time
but creating at the same time a depression in the real estate industry.
Banks and bankruptcy courts will be holding and trying to liquidate
these properties. Unfortunately, because of the enormity of the
situation getting out of hand this is going to be global. At this time
there will be little to no buying much of anything. The whirlpool has
begun and there is a 50% chance of a depression right now. These odds
will increase. Every interest only and ARM home is lost right now get
ready to eat the loss. Later on when things have calmed down and the
currencies that are left will use it to buy up the assets but you are
looking quite a way down the road after the system fails.

During all of this there will be a stagnant economy with gasoline going
for a price out of this world. Crime will be everywhere and you will
find it difficult to buy anything in public without a gun on your
person. We have too many illegal criminals in our country ready to
pounce. There is nothing good to any of this and there will not be it
can only get existentially worse. There is no solution here. There is
nothing that can fix this, it got out of hand. Even the Amero will not
help. It will just take what is left.

Watch for Japan to collapse in a few short months they are not
prepared. In time, I just don't know at what point in all of this there
will be a civil war here on our land. I just do not know what will be
the straw that breaks the camels back. Americans are very angry and
outraged now it will only get worse. With no one taking on this huge
problem ie the candidates, congress and alike this is bound to have an
effect. Not one has mentioned other than Ron Paul anything about the
NAU or the Amero or the true state of the economy. Anyone that believes
our core inflation is 3% is real naive. It is more like 11 to 13% in
reality if you add back in what they took out like food, energy and
medical. Wow that really cool of them dontcha think? It changed
everything except your bills and debts.

The only possible winners and even they will just about make it by the
skin of their teeth are those with paid up mortgages and gold and silver
in their pockets . Not gold stock but actual in the hand gold. The
picture is not good but of course we knew that, we have seen it all
coming one step at a time. Maybe now there will be understanding of the
NAU plan. They see it as the only means of survival as they see it
knowing full well how far we are away from the republic we once had and
the wonderful economy we once had, the envy of the world. The country
has nothing left to recover. Our industry is gone and the service
industry most of the country is existing now on will not exist at all
when the sh*t hits the fan. Who will be traveling? Who will need hotel
rooms? Where will you go on an airplane or a bus? A theme park will
have about as much meaning as a sack of garbage. Who will be going out
to dinner? Who will be Christmas shopping? Remember the movie Oil Storm
well this applies to a recession or a depression as people scrape to
make it another day.

I remember my mom telling me about the depression she lived through.
Things were much different then. People had savings then, and violence
was near unheard of. Communities helped one another and even helped the
poor and homeless. "Bums" marked neighborhoods and homes where handouts
could be had. Credit did not exist except for short term small local
businesses and that was a weekly thing not monthly. Many homes were
paid for and had traversed through the family and a few generations.
My grandmother owned her home and my mom and dad lived upstairs in a
flat. Back then a lot of homes had two living capacities for more than
one family. The owner lived downstairs and rented the upstairs. Only
the real rich owned mansions and those a little above middle class owned
one family housing. All of my aunts and uncles lived in browstones.
These too had two family flats. Things were much different then because
people lived within their income.
Not any more.

I keep hearing we live in interesting times and I have come to believe
it. Never in my whole life have I seen so much go so wrong. What is
amazing is no one has a plan and even Ron Paul could not do half of what
he would like to do if elected because a president unlike Bush can only
do what congress allows. Remember Clinton;s promise to end gay
discrimination n the military. Well that was a dream at best.

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