Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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A friends ex wifes ex husband is apparently involved in a counterfeit mortgage fraud/ID Theft operation.

Since he was aware of being discovered a few years ago, he has apprently been using the same ID /Theft methods to conceal his ID Theft.

The friend has presented many documents to various Federal Government agencies, including forwarding the IG of the ex wifes ex husband agency where from he apparently operates this racket. 

This attempt at bringing this guy to justice has been going on for a few years, and yet there is no apparent desire to investigate him.

The documentation would appear to be very incriminating, and suggestive of high level criminal activity.

Has Obama opened up an agency that might have investigators with some degree of initiative?

He took the documents to the SEC and the SEC investigator told him it appeared this guy was involved in ID Theft and mortgage fraud. He suggested he present the documentation to the IG in Washington, not in Atlanta.

As did a local forensic CPA/Fraud investigator for a local county.

However, the IG in Washington sent him back a form letter stating the IG refuses to investigate the matter.

Not stating that there is no case, or anything related to the documentation. Seemingly as if they never read one page at all.

This makes no sense.

When Federal government investigators review seriously incriminating documentation, and they see evidence of crime, and direct he to go to the agnecy IF from where the criminal activities appear to be emanating from, and assure him that they will fully investigate, and that they are not a political, as with his Senator or Congressman., and then the IG seemingly refuses to read the documentation appearing to be prima facia, it suggest an internal govt cover-up, IMHO. 

Is this to do with the Government Workers Unions protecting him? Or is it it organized crime within the government protecting a counterfeit mortgage fraud/ID theft racket within the Federal Government?

Does anyone know of a government agency charged to oversee the other government agencies to investigate government fraud on the part of government fraud investigators? Kind of like an 'umbrella internal affairs agency' to investigate all IG's?

It seems that if counterfeit mortgage fraud is involved, everyone one gets scared and stupid.

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    The history of mortgage lending is filled with tales of organized crime and
"loan to own" scams. This is why mortgage lenders are supposed to be licensed with the various States, ie to keep out the criminal element.
    One scam of the past, was to look for an elderly person who owned their
property free and clear, and place a mortgage against their property while
they were living and then try to foreclose on it after they died.
    Another one was to loan a small amount against a valuable property and
then collect after the borrower had an "unfortunate accident" like falling
off the Brooklyn Bridge.
    Now with securitization, the floodgates of fraud were opened wide because of modern color copiers which allowed the fraudsters to sell the
same Note multiple times on the secondary mortgage market to gullible
investors. This is why we are seing so many counterfeit Notes being submitted as evidence in foreclosure cases.
    It is not for no reason that the word "mort-gage" from the French, means
"death gamble" in English!
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