Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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    With all that has been said and done to date about the foreclosure crisis,
the best course of action, for those who are about to lose their home at
auction, (ie a judgement has been entered and a sale date set),would be
to gather up all the old silver coins you can and attend the auction. Enter
a bid in lawful US pre-1968 silver coin or silver certificates (if you can get
them). The Clerks of Circuit Court are duty bound under the US Constitution
to only accept lawful money issued by Congress. Since current Federal
Reserve Notes are not redeemable in lawful money at face value, and since
they are issued by private banks, (the Federal Reserve Banks ) they do not
qualify as lawful tender at a foreclosure auction. The Clerk, given a choice
between lawful money issued by Congress and unlawful, unredeemable,
privately issued bank notes issued by the Federal Reserve system, must
accept the lawful money bid over the unlawful money bid.
    A clerk who accepts the blatantly unlawful Fed. Notes over lawful silver
dollars is violating the Constitution and is therefore impeachable for com-
mitting Felony fraud on the high bidder of lawful silver dollars.
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All I can say is give it your best shot.  At least when that caper fails you can stop by a pawn shop and turn your silver back into something that McDonalds will accept when you get that Big Mac Attact.

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      I loved reading your response. I admit it's like a "Hail Mary" pass at the
end of a loosing football game but as Notre Dame football history shows,
sometimes these "Hail Mary" end plays win the game, especially if one prays
to "Our Lady" (Miss Liberty) real hard before making the play.
      When Justice is at stake, sometimes our Lady personally intervenes
to change the course of History and Liberate her people, those  who believe
in her power! No one thought Joan of Arc had a chance until this peasent
girl stood up and led a peasent revolt for Justice. Against all odds, she won
the war!
       When you have God and Justice on your side, the Commodores of
Finance don't have a chance!
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Mike, myths about Federal Reserve Notes don't really help. Local court clerks function under state laws and the entity managing the sale (which could even be the sheriff, not the clerk in some states) will post the rules including what payment will be accepted which may include cash (including Federal Reserve Notes) but is almost always closed with one or more cashier's checks. Regular bidders usually bring sets of cashier's checks in varying amounts.

There is no magic bullet when a situation has deteriorated to the point of the auction sale.


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h gosh

3 men with gold confuse sheriff's sale

They say bidders' paper cash is 'illegitimate.'                                                                

With the economy in decline, the list of foreclosed properties up for Northampton County sheriff's sale this month was long, but Deputy Sheriff Dave Ruberry figured his last stint supervising the sale would be uneventful.

Then Michael Proetto of Whitehall Township, clutching a bulging sandwich bag, walked up.

''I'd like to register my bid of $30 [over costs] in gold and silver U.S. currency,'' said Proetto, bidding on a two-bedroom condominium in Williams Township.

''Excuse me?'' Ruberry said.

''I have lawful gold and silver U.S. currency,'' Proetto said, plunking the bag of gold and silver on the table.,0,1837218.story


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See my previous post.  Below is from the full article posted by HG:

"In the end, Proetto, Reis and Balletta walked out of the sheriff's sale still carrying the gold and silver they came with."

These three idiots should heed my advice and take their sack of gold pieces to McDonalds and see if they can buy a Big Mac.

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     The US monetary system has been unconstitutional and unlawful since
1968 when the US Government stopped redeeming Silver Certificates with
lawful silver dollars. The corruption of Congress and our Judicial system
allowed the situation to continue for 40 years leading straight to the
deflationary crisis that was predicted when the corruption began. Politicians
feel the solution to the inflationary fire that was started back then is
to pour more fiat paper dollars onto the fire. Unfortunately, those paper
dollars burn up like gasoline on a fire and only make the fire worse. Sooner
or later the fire will burn itself out and the only money left will be silver
coin in the hands of the common people. The US Constitution, which has
never been officially repealed, makes it clear that only gold and silver coin
can be a lawful tender in payment of debts, therefore it behooves the
common people of America to insist on the use of lawful money at fore-
closure sales so that a new base of values can be created. It will take
guts and intelligence to accomplish this purpose, but I am sure it will get
done, sooner or later. In my opinion, the sooner the better!
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Got to love this!  From the article.

"Ruberry speculated the three men might be part of an anarchist movement engaging in a ''paper terrorism'' campaign to clog the courts."

Yet, the servicers aren't clogging up the courts with illegal foreclosures??????


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One can still go back and claim fraud upon the court. There is no statue of limitations on this claim, there is supportive case history on it both in federal and state cases. Of course it is better the sooner-the-better. But it is a solid leg to stand on if indeed you can show it. It is tied in with Produce the original note but even stronger.
Even stronger now that the financial meltdown has occurred/is occurring and the Judges see the news.
Hello Bob. If you want to call me ever contact Gary W. Good luck in your case.
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