Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Looked in your legal lounge at the lawsuits for an example and found none.

does anyone know or have a lawsuit with the way a prayer is written for the violations below?

Violation of the Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
CCC §§ 1788 et seq.


Violation of California Foreclosure Law  - C.C. § 2924(a)(1)(D)(3)(e) and  § 2924.5

The cause of action is for filing a foreclosure claiming a debt that wasn't owed.  Lender sold house.

They had been asked to stop and it was pointed out to them that their claim was bogus.

I got the cause of action down okay, but not sure what to write in the prayer.
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Try this:

Plaintiff prays for the following:

a) a declaratory judgment that Defendants are in violation of the Rosenthal ------;

b)  a declaratory judgment that Defendants are in violation of the Foreclosure Law ------;

at that point, look over your cause of action and whatever you say is a violation or wrongdoing, list it as the remedy you want.

Then you add all the

an assessment against Defendants for general damages
an assessment against Defendants for actual damages
so on and so on

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