Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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I am a very lucky person even though our house was foreclosed on. We do have other property we can go to.  I have a house that I moved my Mom into and a house that I moved my Aunt into...We could live with either of them until this mess is settled or they are willing to go to an apartment but they are in their late 70`s and I would rather live on the street instead of displacing them at their age even though it is our property.  We are fortunate that we have found another house we can buy and the person is going to hold the mortgage for us.  I don`t see how some people have survived during this time. I have a retirement I can pullout but don`t want to touch husband makes a decent wage but there are 3 of us plus I am keeping another persons teenager at this time with no help from the parent.  I cannot work physically and can`t get disability because of my age.  I will be able to start that in January.(something about age/work points)
Once you are involved in something like this you are screwed.....your credit is ruined, if something happened to your job, you probably can`t find another one because now they do credit checks where we live. You can`t rent an apartment even though you can show every document that you have and prove you have income to pay rent for 6 months at one time because of the credit check.  This is just one big mess.
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Austim Powers


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Yes, it is devastating and there is little chance of recovering.  Makes ya mad as hell, doesn't it?

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It makes me know which turkeys that I want to fry next Thanksgiving!  I know we can recover but I am just devastated for people that can`t.  I am going to fight this as long as I am alive.  This is just not right and I wish everyone would wake up and see what is happening.  My own family(brothers, aunts, Mom) doesn`t realize what is happening even though you sit and show them docs and explain things to them.  They just don`t understand and see how a company is allowed to do this and they still think we must be in the wrong.  I guess a lot of people think that everyone on here are bums and are just trying to get out of paying their mortgage but I know differently. I don`t see why anyone would pay for a mortgage if the money you send just sits there and isn`t applied to it.

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4 justice now

Good point!

I know, I have explained it to some my closest friends at least twice and they don't get it either. Even though, they know I'm a very honest and responsible person they just don't believe that such a company could exist in the U.S..

They believe as I once did, that if someone steals from you, you can just call the police and they will be arrested. Yeah right!


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I read in another post of your that they held onto your payment until two days after Foreclosure.

I know you are smart, there's no doubt. You've educated yourself on this board, and knowledge is power. So with that being said, I have to ask you if you have made a copy of that letter?
Have you made several copies, and put them in different locations, and put the original "Oops We're So Sorry" letter in a Safety Deposit Box?

I don't ask this because I think you lack the knowledge.

I ask this because something as traumatic as losing your home, can overwhelm you to an extent beyond belief. (I don't know this for fact, but can imagine only a mere fraction of your pain.) Some times when we become this overwhelmed, we tend to either forget to do things; or figure what's the point; or put things off with the I'll do it tomorrow attitude; or even simply give up due to the feelings of helplessness.

I don't mean to pry, I just want to know that you have secured that document since it is such valuable evidence of their intentional negligence to commit fraud.

srsd, I hate your story cause it's true, it's horrible, and you are suffering.
Life isn't supposed to be this way and I'm so very sorry.

I hope you have gained strength from this and view it as strength rather than a weakness.

I don't' know your circumstances; but aim high, and continue the fight with pride, and know that you can overcome this.

I wish you & family well, continue onward, and KICK THEIR BUTTS!


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I have made so many copies and put them in so many places...not just that letter but all of my docs......all of Walker County would have to be destroyed and then there are some that will still exist  It seems like when I get stressed, I actually function better....that is the nurses training in me I guess.

Thanks BeenAWhile....I am not devastated but very angery and when I get mad....I fight hard so now I am out for blood....I don`t let material things control my life but when something hurts my son(and this has), it hurts me so now I am hurting for him and am like a caged Tiger just waiting to pounce.  Hey if you would like to see the letter...drop me a line.
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"I have made so many copies and put them in so many places...not just that letter but all of my docs......"
Very good!!
It's so amazing the incriminating documents they send to us.  It's almost as if they think we are incapable of forming time-lines, deciphering A. H. P.'s, cross referencing bank statements, and the like.

Thanks to their Arrogance of their ideations of "SUPREME INTELLIGENCE" they send us just the document we need, to throw their azzez up against the wall.

"It seems like when I get stressed, I actually function better" We share the same trait here, and i think it has alot to do with being able to stop the confusion & by prioritizing measures that need to be taken.

"I fight hard so now I am out for blood...."    "and am like a caged Tiger just waiting to pounce."

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