Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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I suspect Wells Fargo is preparing to pass the baton to a higher league law firm. Our trial date is less than a month away.

After months and months and months of their silence and indifference to our counter suit the foreclosure attorney calls my attorney and asks if we would be interested in settling.

They want us to propose something to them. My take is they are trying to get a feel for how serious (desperate) we are. Maybe they should have tried to get a feel long before now....when we WERE desperate and scared out of our minds.

It's been over two years since they filed their foreclosure complaint.  Oddly enough they never got around to obtaining judgment. They were too busy extorting money from us and jerking us around I guess. After paying them over $28,000.00 (of which only 16,000.00 has been accounted for in terms of being applied to our loan) in a span of 10 months we were no closer to saving our home than when we started. The foreclosure complaint was still alive at the court house which also meant the ax was still poised and ready to fall with a wave of their hand.

Now they decide to acknowledge us.

I have kept quiet about who I have been warring with and I've been careful about the information I share here. Well no more.

My case can not be hurt by anything I say because everything I have to say is the truth and they know we have the proof to back it up.

Well here's a response to them regarding any kind of settlement. If it requires I keep my mouth shut then forget it.

Their cruelty, their despicable lies, criminal behavior and disregard for my rights as an American needs to be exposed.

I am not afraid of losing my house anymore because I know I won't. They shot themselves in the A$$ in that regard. They have nothing to scare me with, or threaten to take away from me anymore.

Tomorrow I will begin to scan documents for posting and I hope to GOD their spies run as fast as they can to tell the AIC's at Wells Fargo on me. (AIC..aka a$$holes in charge).

My profound thanks and gratefulness to the attorney who provided lies instead of honest answers to our claims. 

My profound thanks and gratefulness to the "litigation specialist" at Wells fargo who put together the documents we requested during discovery which proved the attorney lied, and so much more.

I will probably never get to know what was blacked out on the servicing log but all I can say is it must be RRREEEAAAALLLLYYYY horrific if it is more damning than what they let go through unaltered.

I want a jury to tell me I have been wronged..that I am NOT a dead beat as I have been portrayed to be. That I am not the black sheep of my cul-de-sac! That I have been telling the truth and not spinning an unbelievable tale.

I I need vindication if I have any hope at all of going on with my life after this is over.

A secret settlement will not give me back my dignity or repair the damage to my reputation.

It may be all about the Benjamin's to them...but not to me.

See you in court fellas.

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Bravo Ohio!
       I can`t wait until you post the docs.  I think it might really start things rolling for everyone.  If these other companies see that the truth does eventually come out, they might reconsider their stance.
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We all deserve to tell the truth in front of a jury. Well the sub-prime crises is blowing up the economy so these cockroaches will be hunted down and stomped on real soon. The truth will be told we will be vindicated and the crooks will be sitting in jail.

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4 justice now

It's great to know that there's another person out there who also believes that honor and integrity is by far more important than money alone.

You have certainly earned my respect and praise here. I can only hope that some day there will be were enough people like yourself and the other fine people here, that we could one day become a majority in this country, and start a new party, one of honor and ethics, one that would once again be worthy of respect. Not the same ole garabage, money grubbing, scumbags, which, there are clearly too many of, and have shamefully brought this once fine and brave country to the verge of destruction. 

Yes, it's time for change, and not one which, would include the same old cowardly bastards who regularly attempt to discredit and humiliate us, just so they may continue the fleecing, fraud and extortion of the honest and hard working American people. Certainly, not those of the so-called leisure class... who truly have none.



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O -
 Go Gettem Ohio!

If I were you I would demand deletion of the mortgage and return all your payments. Plus money $$$$$ Attorney fees exce.......
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I am excited for you.

I know you are ready.

Don't let the courtroom scare you and if you get to testify, don't forget to breathe.  LOL..

You'll do fine, can't wait to hear what happens.


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Go Ohio GO!!!
As a person that has lost my home to the thieves, I am too waiting to be proving the honest one in all the mess. No matter how much money that we gave them it was never accounted for and we still were hounded until they finally foreclosed. 
A day of reckoning will come to all of us. Thank the Lord.
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I am very proud of you Ohio!

If it requires I keep my mouth shut then forget it.
so muc

Victims settling is one of the reasons they have been allowed to run their scam so long.  The information we have lost as a result of settlements could have saved many victims.

Besides, what makes you think they will PAY you anything after you sign?  We have heard from many others who settled, only to have the company BREACH the agreement.  It's a common tactic. Then you have a real problem and an expensive one filing suit against their breach.  These are the CROOKS who dragged you through what you listed and they did it INTENTIONALLY.  They could care less about you; they are only concerned about what you can and will do to them.

Tell them to stick it up their A$$.  And while they are up there, have them tell their buddies to come on out - the gig is up.

  I will probably never get to know what was blacked out on the servicing log but all I can say is it must be RRREEEAAAALLLLYYYY horrific if it is more damning than what they let go through unaltered.

DEMAND to know what has been redacted!  Get your attorney to compel it, and if he won't then get the judge to compel it DURING trial.

Let them know you are asking the court to award enough in extra damages to build a new prison to be named: The Fraud Farm. 

Can't wait to read your docs.
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Before you post docs from them publicly, check with your attorney to see if they were discovered under a confidentiality stipulation.  Lots of times these companies will get a judge to cover their you-know-whats in discovery.

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Thanks have all been my ray of hope that broke through at the end of a lonely, rainy, seemingly never ending night.

Fighting back is almost as hard as being submitted to their torture. Both life draining in different ways but just as devastating.

When I needed strength I came here and hung out until my resolve was renewed.

Ed, I will keep your advice in mind! Thanks for the tip!

I want to say something to the lawyers out there who have turned down MSF clients. PLEASE have the decency to take the time to look over the paperwork and listen to the issues. Many of you have turned down claims reeking with merit. Start taking these cases on!! I doubt there will ever be another opportunity to have such a profound impact on the American way of life and the tomorrows of the millions of us out here who NEED you today.

Step up and help save your country!!     

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4 justice now

I would simply like add: That same plea for assistance should apply to anyone who claims to be a public servant as well. As Ohio pretty much said: You will never again have such an outstanding opportunity as this to do so much for so many, with so little effort. 

The most important prize of all awaits those who are daring enough to take the challenge, and do what is right and just, no matter what the monetary cost may be.


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Good Luck on your case. I only hope to be where you are in the near future. We also are fighting the same kind of predators. Ours is HomEq Servicing. Hundreds of others all over the country are haveing problems with these predatory collectors. We are trying to get a lawyer to help us also. What type of Lawyer do you need to fight these kind of morons? If anyone has any suggestions please let us know. These people refuse to apply payments to our account. Don't pay homeowners insurance so they can charge for theirs, and many other nasty illegal practices. The employees are rude and harrassing. I'm sure they must go through riggerous training to learn how to scam all of us. Anyway Good Luck and if you have any thing that would help us Hundreds of people that are victims of HomEq Servicing, we need any info we can get.

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Best from me and my family.  Same boat. 

We won't be signing a non-disclosure either.  A jury needs to hear what has been done to us.

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I am excited to see that the strategy for some borrowers is:

No, I will not sign a Confidentiality Agreement.

That is a deal breaker.

Here is a web site that provides a sample for a one sided agreement and your opponent agrees to nothing and usually gets this valuable to the opponent
addendum attached to a settlement agreement.

If you've got the proof of your allegations which is usually why they want to settle your case in the first place, you have options.

You can agree and get the benefit of exiting mortgage servicing hell.

You can say No.  I want my day in court.

The two of you will not need any coaching on how to say NO! and mean it.

If your attorney starts counseling you to say yes to the agreement because he feels he can't win your case or for some other reason that makes
sense to you.  Okay.

Confidentiality is a huge benefit.  Don't give that benefit for free.
You can demand a cash amount added to the settlement number and I mean huge.  What are all your outstanding debts x2? 

You can demand a mutual confidentiality agreement.  Terms suggested:
Remove any and all negative information to any credit reporting agency within 30 days.

This is a good one to add because they often report people late without
double checking to see if the reporting is accurate or justified.  They don't think to add it to their computers to leave you alone.

Fix an amount to be paid to you without need for litigation, a self imposed
penalty like a $1,000.00 for this violation to be paid in 30 days subsequent to your notification with proof.  How much harm do their reports to the credit bureaus hurt you? 

The idea is to set them up, just like they did to you with their fee based
handling of your loan.

They will often add language that you will have to pay back your settlement amount to them if you violate the agreement.  Say no.  Suggest a much smaller amount like $1,000.  If they say no, you raise your demand to the pay off for the loan amount if they violate any portion of the confidentiality agreement.

So, don't be shy.  Make it hurt.  No fees can be charged to you for any reason.

You should continue to make money off them even after the settlement
just like they are looking to do to you.  They'd love to get that settlement money back. 

Whatever your issues, make them pay.  The better your case against them,
the better you can nail them in negotiations.

Please know that whatever you request the agreement contain, that they have to convey your demand and or offer to settle to their client (the mortgage servicer)

One of the reasons they have continued this scam is the settlements with a confidentiality agreement.

Be ready to compromise.

Write up your own settlement proposal values.

Make a list.  Then write on it as the talks are underway.  Yes No
what amt you are willing to compromise to.  You don't have to show it to anyone if you don't want to.  Don't take it to court with you.

Just Don't give away your rights for free.   Keep in mind it is absurd
to ask you to waive your rights for free.
They wouldn't do it.

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