Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Sallie Joe

     So, has anyone considered spending the 40 bucks to see what this guy is saying, and maybe trying it on our own homes? If it really works, it might be fun to watch them squirm just a bit...

     It's way, way sleazy, but if we could turn the tables just a bit, it would certainly make things interesting!

Sallie Joe

I've used this technique successfully for over a decade and have made millions of dollars doing it.
Now I want to show you how you can do the same thing and easily make over $30,000 a month — every month — for the rest of your life.


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Dear Friend,

I recently helped one couple and made over $87,978 in the process. In just a moment I’ll tell you how you can do the same and make over $30,000 per month – every month – for the rest of your life, following the same simple step-by-step system that’s made me millions of dollars over the last 10 years.

Once in a lifetime opportunity for ordinary people

Anyone can do this regardless of age, gender, background, or education. Many of my students are ordinary people just like you and me. Some have never graduated from college, others hold Ph.D’s. Some are doctors, lawyers, and engineers...others are mechanics, salesmen, and nurses.

What’s more, you can do this part-time in less than 5 hours each week, so you don’t have to quit your current job or profession – until you’re ready. It doesn’t require you to hire employees, rent an office, stock inventory, recruit your friends, attend meetings, or sell anything. Now, I know that sounds too good to be true, and I don’t blame you for being skeptical. But I’m prepared to prove it to you, so please hear me out.

How roofing led me to make my first million

You see, I’m just an average guy that stumbled across a money-making secret that very few people understand. A secret that has made me very rich – and can do the same for you.

In a moment, I’m going to tell you exactly what this money-making secret is and how it can make you more money in one month than most people make in a year. But first let me introduce myself.

Tom ButlerMy name is Tom Butler and I haven’t always made a lot of money. When I was 21, I started working as a roofer. I was making good money for my age however, I was slaving away 16 hours a day, seven days a week.

After six months, I realized I would never become financially independent trading my time for money. If I truly wanted to become wealthy, I would have to do something different.

For my 21st birthday, my mother gave me a book about real estate investing. At the time, I would have preferred a shirt or a new pair of shoes. But after reading the book I figured, “What do I have to lose?”

Over the next 6 years I bought a bunch of homes, rented them out, and tried my hand as a landlord. By the time I was 28, I had a net worth of over 1 million dollars, which felt good, but I had very little cash flow. I was real estate-rich and cash-poor.

I paid over $400,000 for the same secret
I’m going to teach you RISK-FREE

What happened next forever changed my life. Practically overnight I lost nearly half my net-worth. That’s right – I lost over $400,000 when the bottom fell out of the California real estate market in 1990.

I was devastated and didn’t have the cash flow to service the debt on my properties, let alone feed my family.

Stressed out and upside down financially, I knew there had to be a better way. That’s when I stumbled across what I believe is the greatest money-making secret ever, one that completely changed my life – and can do the same for you.

This is not another “no money down” real estate course. It has nothing to do with fixing up old properties, it’s not multi-level marketing nor does it have to do with any other gimmicky home-based business that drains your pockets and leaves you broke.

This is a genuine cash generating money tree, so I urge you to read every word of this letter – it could make you rich beyond your wildest dreams. And I’m not talking about making a measly $5,000 or $10,000 a month. I’m talking about raking in over $30,000 every month for the rest of your life.

This opportunity is so lucrative it could make you upwards of $60,000 per month. But you don’t have to take my word for it, I’m prepared to prove it to you absolutely risk-free.

Imagine making more in one month than most people make in a year

You’d be the envy of all your friends...and family. You might even be tempted to quit your job. Of course you don’t have to quit your job. You might decide to use the money for other things like:

  • Paying off all of your debts including your mortgage
  • Buying a second home or vacation getaway
  • Sending your kids to the best universities
  • Take your spouse on an exotic vacation
  • Spend more quality time with your children

At Disneyland

But regardless of how you use the money, you can stop worrying about the future and have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re building your financial security and not someone else’s.

Recent housing crash allows you to create $40,000 out of thin air

You see, this cash cow is only understood by a handful of the most sophisticated real estate investors, so there is virtually no competition. Due to the recent downturn in the housing market most real estate investors are running around like chickens with their heads cut off not knowing what to do. Me? I'm busier than ever legally robbing banks for sums of $30,000, $40,000 and even as high as $80,000.

At this point, you’re probably thinking that I buy and sell foreclosures. Well, I don’t. I’ve done that before and don’t ever want to do it again. With everyone and their dog bidding on the same properties, the margins on foreclosures are paper-thin.

When someone finally ends up with the property, all the equity that once made it a good deal has been chewed up in the process. Not to mention, you need all the cash up front in order to buy a foreclosure, making it next to impossible for the average person to get started buying and selling foreclosures.

How I Pick Up Homes Every Month for
Pennies on the Dollar

With my money-making secret, you’ll be picking up homes for pennies on the dollar, before they ever go into foreclosure, and turning them for quick profits. And these profits can be staggering. It’s not uncommon for me to turn a $2,500 investment into $25,000 in 90 days or less. That’s an annualized return of over 4,000%. I know of no other investment where you can ten times your money in just a few months. “How is this possible?” you ask. It’s quite easy.

Typically, when a bank is going to foreclose, the homeowner is strapped for cash and has no way to bring the back payments current. Not to mention, there is usually a very large second mortgage on the home.

This is the key to what I do. I’ll show you how to buy these second mortgages for 5 to 10 cents on the dollar using a technique called a short sale. Imagine buying a $50,000 note for only $2,500 and being able to do it with no money out-of-pocket.

You’d instantly create $47,500 in equity and when you sell the home, this $47,500 would go straight into your pocket. Once you’re up to speed on my simple-to-follow system...working only in your spare could easily do one short sale every 90 days.

At an average profit per deal of $30,000 you could potentially make an extra $120,000 this year working part-time. Of course, you might be tempted to quit your job and do this full-time with the potential of doing 1 to 2 deals each and every month – but that would be up to you.

Profit $34,000

Why would a bank sell you a
$50,000 note for only $2,500?

Reason #1

Because they must avoid foreclosure at all costs – and here’s why. When a bank forecloses on a home it becomes a non-performing loan. This affects the amount of money a bank can borrow from the Federal Reserve.

Since banks only make money by borrowing from the Fed and lending to the public, they must borrow as much as they can. Every non-performing loan reduces the amount the bank can lend to the public, affecting their bottom line profits.

Reason #2

The bank knows if the property is foreclosed, it goes to auction and is sold for what is owed on the first mortgage and typically not a dime more. This leaves the second mortgage holder getting absolutely nothing.

Think about it – if you were in their shoes, wouldn’t you rather recoup something than nothing at all?

So for the bank it’s a no-brainer...and it creates a win-win situation for everyone involved. The bank gets some money, but more importantly they keep a non-performing loan off their books. The homeowner avoids foreclosure and saves his credit. And you are the biggest winner of all, walking away with tens of thousands of dollars in instant equity.

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Still Sceptical? See it With Your Own Eyes!

Below is an actual case study of a short sale compared to the bank foreclosing and taking the property back as an REO. Notice, the bank loses $12,080 if they go ahead and foreclose on the property – and that doesn’t include the additional $8,775 in closing costs they will likely pay before they are done. In this case, the bank could save almost three times as much if they allow a short sale.

The Goose that laid the golden egg

Imagine buying homes for 20% to 40% less than is owed on them, with no risk because you never have to obtain financing in your name. And you can do it with no money out of your own pocket, regardless of your personal credit.

Because so few people – even real estate investors – understand this money machine, you’ll have virtually no competition.

While other real estate investors are chasing the same dead-end properties, scrambling to make $5,000 or $10,000, and putting themselves behind the eight ball when it comes to risk, your potential is to make between $20,000 and $60,000 per deal, creating a huge cushion on every property you acquire and virtually eliminating any risk of falling home prices.

Maybe you’re in a hot market like Las Vegas or Phoenix where residential homes have been appreciating like crazy, so you might be able to pay retail for properties and bank on nothing more than price appreciation.

Of course, I would never recommend this because the rents in these markets don’t justify the selling prices, so you create a huge negative cash flow every month. And eventually these high flying markets will come back in line with rents – and reality – and home prices will drop.

Real estate bubble burst means big money for short sale investors

People used to ask me all the time if I thought there was a real estate bubble. My answer was always a resounding YES! Now it's not a matter of opinion anymore, it's a fact that home prices are in a free-fall all across the nation.

Of course, certain markets are more susceptible to falling home prices than others but in my opinion, homes in most areas are way overpriced and will continue to fall for quite some time.

Now that most real estate investors are running scared, with my system you're going to make even more money...and here's why.

As home values continue to drop, more and more homeowners are feeling the pinch, especially those who have bought more home than they can really afford, thanks to all the new exotic interest-only loans.

The number of pending foreclosures is already sky-rocketing but it's only going to get worse. In 2007 there are 1 trillion dollars worth of adjustable rate mortgages scheduled to adjust. In 2008, another 1.8 trillion dollars. So we haven't even scratched the surface of the opportunity that is coming for short sale investors.

After the savings and loan crisis of the 80's I was buying properties from the Resolution Trust Corporation for obscene discounts so I imagine after real estate finally hits bottom, banks are going to be giving these properties away for substantially less than what I've been able to do in the last few years � and its been pretty good.

Take a look below to see four recent deals that netted me over $161,726 in less than 120 days. My system really is the goose that laid the golden egg.

This 5-bedroom, 2-bath house in Lehi appraised at $157,000. I picked it up for $117,950. I sold it for $155,000 – netting me $28,750.
This 4-bedroom, 2-bath home in American Fork appraised at $176,000 and the owners owed $206,000 when they called me. I was able to short the second mortgage and picked it up for $128,324 – generating a profit of $47,676.Home
This nice little 1,000 square-foot house was worth alot more than the $40,000 I paid for it. It was in great shape and needed no repairs. I had owned it less than a day when I sold it for $85,400 � which netted me $45,400.
The owner of this 2,300 square-foot home in Lehi was desperate for help when she called me. The house appraised at $230,000 and I was able to purchase it for $170,000. I spent $500 for cleaning and arranged a quick sale and was offered $209,900 � putting $39,900 in my pocket.

These 4 deals were all done between August 27th and December 22nd and netted me $161,726 in less than 120 days!

Sound Too Good To Be True?
See the Proof for Yourself

I’ll be the first to admit it sounds too good to be true. And I don’t blame you for being skeptical. If I hadn’t done hundreds of deals myself – and made millions of dollars doing it – I don’t think I’d believe it either. But to prove it to you, here are some testimonials from customers who have used the system.


Tom Butler
Short Sale Magic

Dear Tom:

Good Morning! Thank you for creating the Short Sale Magic program. It's not only brilliant - it actually works!

I have tried for years to make money at pre-foreclosures only to be continually frustrated at not having the proper strategy to make deals work. I�ve followed other �guru� methods without any results. It wasn�t until I started using your procedures that I�ve finally realized success.

I just completed my first short sale and I couldn�t be happier. Here�s how it went down: First mortgage was $186K; second mortgage was $47K; back payments, fees, etc. $10K; Fair market value $245K. Not much of a deal until the short sale. Using your procedures the second settled for $5.3K, creating more than $40K in equity for me instantly.

The sellers wanted to stay in the house, so I turned right around the day I closed on it and signed the sellers up for a lease option to buy in 18 months for $245K, resulting in a monthly positive cash flow of $100.

Over $40K on my first deal � not a bad return on my investment in your system. I�ve got 4 more deals just like this one in progress as I write this letter. I can�t thank you enough for giving me the tools to make my financial dreams come true.

You�ve been very generous in sharing this information and I truly appreciate it. Signing up for your program was one of the best decisions I�ve ever made in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Robert Borer
Bob B Proper T LLC

Dear Tom,

All of the following deals are a direct result of the marketing and techniques from the Short Sale Magic system.

#1 Shorted a $23,000 second mortgage to $2,300 and sold the property on the MLS for a $22,000 profit.

#2 I bought a $200K property from a person who just wanted out, no short sale involved. Purchase price of $154K.

#3 I bought a $160K property for $100K from a person who wanted to get out of foreclosure.

#4 Shorted a $40K second mortgage to $2K and sold the property for a $17K profit.

#5 Recently shorted a $30K second to $3K and have the property up for sale (potential profit $10-$20K)

#6 Recently shorted a $44K second to $2K and have the property up for sale (potential profit of $10-$20K)

We are working on a few more deals as we speak. I share all my deals with a business partner who does a majority of the bank negotiations. We have been able to use Short Sale Magic techniques to do all the short sales

The program works great.

Thank You,
Steve Merritt

I found Tom's information very exciting and far more informative than I had expected. I am very impressed and look forward to the possibilities this program presents.

­ Janine F.

Compared to other systems we�ve looked at, we are able to save a lot of time and headache using the Short Sale Magic� system. We have the freedom to travel and do what we want, when we want. The best part, when we close deals we make big chunks of cash.

­ John Bradtke

We did exactly what Tom told us to do in his book and within a few weeks, we had 2 deals that had over $63,000 in combined equity. Thank you, Tom. This information has changed our lives.

­ Debbie E.

Since starting this 3� years ago, I�ve been able to match my current salary in terms of cash flow. I recently purchased 2 homes, the first one had an instant $17,000 in equity and the second home had $28,000 in equity. Thanks, Tom.

­ John Radnall

What I love about this system is you are able to acquire properties for pennies on the dollar. The end result is when you sell or refinance the property you make an average of $10,000 and $50,000.

­ Terry Brown

Using Tom�s system, we were able to purchase our first home for $105,000. The home appraised for $150,000. The most amazing part is, the bank accepted $1,200 for a $40,000 second mortgage and we had an instant $40,000 in equity.

­ Brook M.

And here are some checks from recent deals I've done: Checks from recent deals

Keep in Mind that These Three Deals Were All Completed Within 36 Days of Each Other

These three deals netted me a total of $154,580 in profits. I’ll tell you one thing, before I started using the short sale technique, I had never made $154,580 in 36 days. It’s hard to describe what it feels like to make that much money in such a short period of time. It’s something you need to experience for yourself.

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7 Reasons Why This Is The Best Home-Based Business In The World!

Reason #1:

Average profit per deal is $15,000 to $40,000 and you can easily do at least one deal per month.

Reason #2:

Requires no out-of-pocket money.

Reason #3:

Gives you spendable cash, not lousy net worth.

Reason #4:

Has virtually no competition.

Reason #5:

Requires no employees, no selling, and no overhead.

Reason #6:

Gives you the freedom to do the things you really want to do.

Reason #7:

Truly helps other people solve their financial problems.

Oh, And One More Reason: $62,000 In Profit Like This!

Profit $62,000

What was supposed to be four weeks in Cancun
turned into four years

Greetings from MexicoThe best part about this business has to be the freedom. A few years back, my family and I took a trip to Cancun. After a few weeks of vacationing, my wife said to me, “wouldn’t it be great to live here?” I thought about it and said, “why not?”

So we made a few arrangements and what was supposed to be a four-week vacation turned into a four-year sabbatical. We had the time of our lives.

I would have never been able to spend that kind of quality time with my family without the money-making secrets I’m going to teach you in my new book Short Sale Magic™.

I’m not trying to brag. I just want to help you see that once you learn this money-in-the bank system you’ll have the financial freedom to do the things you really love – instead of slaving away 9 to 5 making someone else rich!

The Short Sale Magic™ Program!

Ground-floor Opportunity

Now you have the chance to be among the first few people to learn this incredible money-making secret when you send for your very own copy of my new book Short Sale Magic™.

In my new book, I teach you everything you need to know to get started making money quickly. Including a step-by-step game plan to help you put together your very first deal within the next 90 days.

Because so few people – even real estate investors – truly understand how to make money with short sales, you’ll be among an elite group of sophisticated real estate investors who are quietly amassing millions of dollars in personal fortunes.

It truly is a ground-floor opportunity and one you’ll want to take advantage of while the gettin’s good...

Inside Short Sale Magic™, You are Guaranteed to Learn These 7 Secrets

Secret #1: How to Make $30,000 Each Month

Secret #2: How to Buy a $50,000 Note for $2,500

Secret #3: How to Buy Real Estate Pre-Foreclosures

Secret #4: How to Find the Right Deal

Secret #5: How to Work With Bankruptcy Trustees

Secret #6: How to Negotiate with Banks

Secret #7: How to Write Offer Letters

"But Wait! There's Even More!"

If you Order Before Wednesday, October 31, 2007, I will Give You a Double Bonus Package Worth $238 – Absolutely FREE!

You get both of these incredible bonus items worth $238

These two bonus items are yours to keep even if you decide to send my book back for a full, no-hassle refund. Think of it as my special thanks just for giving Short Sale Magic™ a risk-free look.

Bonus #1

How To Make $25,000 In Your First 90 Days – your choice of VHS or DVD

This one-of-a-kind seminar walks you step-by-step through creating an additional $25,000 in the next 90 days. And you can do it without pulling any money out of your own pocket. Imagine receiving a lump sum of $25,000 in the next 90 days – how would this impact your life? This seminar is an $89 value and is your absolutely FREE.

Bonus #2

Prospect Gold Rush – CD

Second, to help you get started making money right away, I’m also going to include my Prospect Gold Rush CD which includes the exact marketing strategies and techniques I use right now to attract dozens of potential cash-generating deals. By utilizing the same techniques that I’ve proven over the last decade, you’ll practically have people lining up at your door begging you to help them. And you’ll make tens of thousands of dollars to boot.

What’s more, this CD also contains every contract, document, and form that you’ll need to start immediately putting together big money deals. This CD is a $149 value and is yours FREE.

Why am I Selling These Secrets in a Book, If They Are So Good?

I get asked all the time, “If this is so good, why are you sharing it? Why don’t you keep it all for yourself?” The truth is, there is more opportunity in my little city than I could ever handle myself, so I lose nothing by teaching you what I know.

Besides, I consider myself very fortunate to have learned this incredible money-making secret and feel a desire to give back and help others.

Heck, nothing is more rewarding than knowing you’ve helped someone else get rich. So all I ask is that you write me and let me know about your success.

Having built one of the largest investor education networks in the country, I�ve seen just about every real estate system out there. And having owned several traditional real estate investments myself, what Tom�s system teaches you blows my mind. You literally create tens of thousands of dollars in equity right out of thin air through a few simple paper transactions. It�s unbelievable.

Shane H. Rawlings
Founder, Vision Investing Group

Let’s talk straight

Most people never get ahead financially because they never give a good opportunity a fair shot. Let’s face it, for every legitimate opportunity there are ten completely bogus scams.

This is a real opportunity – one that could potentially make you well over $30,000 every month for the rest of your life. It’d be a shame to pass it up because you’ve been burned in the past by other unscrupulous, unethical, and downright dirty-rotten hucksters.

I realize there are more important things in life than money. Health, well-being, emotional stability, and most of all, relationships are all more important than money.

But when I was broke and struggling, it seemed all I could think about was money. How was I going to pay my mortgage, put my kids through college, or be able to retire?

Now that I have money, I rarely think about it. I spend more free time improving my relationship with my wife and children. I exercise more...have absolutely no debt...and overall, I just feel better about myself. Not because I have money, but because I can focus on the things that make me a happier and better person.

Short Sale Magic™ represents my years of experience, effort, and hard-earned lessons.

You Need to Take Action Right Now!

You are Literally Seconds Away from Having Your Exclusive Copy of Short Sale Magic™, the Exact Same System I Used to Become a Multi-Millionaire.

Remember, the Short Sale Magic Program is Backed by my
$100,000, 12-month, 100% Money Back Gurantee.

I could easily sell it for $95 or more and it’d be worth every penny. But I remember when I was struggling to get out of the rate race, even $100 was a big deal.

I figured I could help more people learn this incredible business – about which I’m very passionate – if I charged less. So I’m making Short Sale Magic™ more affordable and offering it to you for only $39.95, plus $5.00 for shipping and handling.

You Get Exclusive Access to the Short Sale Magic™ Book and the Two Bonus Items – All for Just $39.95 + $5.00 Shipping and Handling!

I want you to get my new book, have plenty of time to read it, learn it, and use it to make thousands of dollars, and prove to yourself how easy it really is. So I offer you my $100,000, 12-month, 100% Money-Back Guarantee. That’s fair isn’t it? I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is and give you an entire 12 months to become $100,000 richer – or you get back every last penny you paid me.

Remember, you keep the $89 FREE bonus video How To Make $25,000 in Your First 90 Days and the $149 FREE Prospect Gold Rush CD as my gifts to you. That’s over $237 worth of valuable bonuses – yours to keep – even if you send the book back for a full refund. No matter how you stack it up, you win.


Tom Butler signature



Tom Butler

P.S. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You MUST make $100,000 in net profits in the next 12 months or I’ll refund every last penny you paid me.

I urge you to send for your copy of Short Sale Magic™ today so you can start living the good life. Invest in your future, with Short Sale Magic™!

Profit $78,000

©2006 Vision Investing Group, LLC • All Rights Reserved

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