Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Bush said today, June 6, 2008...

"This is a time of turbulence in the housing market and slow growth for our overall economy," the president said.


"There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured by what is right with America."

When Jr, WHEN?


I am tired.

Aren't WE ALL?
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Financial Crisis Protest - New York, April 25, 2008



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Good Video

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Planning something like having a permanent class of poor is really stupid. You don't need poor people to be wealthy.

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I agree . that creating a permanent underclass is really stupid and living under the sword of Damocles, but that would appear to be the intent of the elites.

The logic is really simple even if flawed the truly rich get rich controlling resources, though monetary manipulation and of course though charging interest. The truly rich get extraordinarily rich off of convincing the common people they need government services and protection to survive war and welfare are the fountain of youth for the elites.

The elites figure if they can get rich by perpetually funding, profit from and charge interest on war debts and convince people to be dependent on government services the common people have a perpetual need for them. The super rich get extraordinarily rich off the interest of funding government deficits created by wars and social services.

A half trillion a year off the U.S. alone is no small chump change to finance our debt. In order to keep that cash cow alive they need to convince the general public we need war and welfare. And the cash flow from financing the debts is only a small part of the picture think of the trillions created for investors and bankers by converting our mortgages into securities, and the massive cash flow though manipulating currency exchange rates, the massive cash flow created though CAFTA and NAFTA by gutting our jobs and industry and building up those businesses overseas.

To the elites it's real simple control resources though central governments, the monetary system, wars, energy, food, housing, and health crises. The controlling families of the elites have been inbred for centuries perhaps that's why they ignore the simple reality we can just overthrow them though shear multitude at any time we feel like it.
Perhaps because they are inbred and stupid it's a countermeasure to breed stupidity into us, so we don't win.

Social services are a form of eugenics to breed a permanent underclass which is too weak and helpless to fight back. The progressive tax rate strips resources from the intelligent, productive and resourceful people and forces them to use their productivity to support both the poor and super rich. In this manner the supper rich are transferring power and wealth from the middle and upper middle class to themselves and subsidizing the poor so they have more children trapped in poverty which of course need a powerful central government to arrange billions in loans to "show compassion for their suffering" Go back in history and we can see that Prescott Bush ( the Presidents grandfather) leader  of the eugenics (kill all the undesirables) movement got rich and powerful by transferring the assets seized by the government and lenders under FDR in the 30's and transferred that wealth to Adolf Hitler to begin his extermination programs. The Bushes wealth and power was created by using U.S. soldiers as cannon fodder so he could sell and finance the arms to kill them with.

We could not have massive long term wars without the welfare/social services cash flow to fund it. Democrats and Republicans one hand washes the other.

So the elites feel they need a permanent underclass so they can control resources and money. Don't forget the simple fact we live in debt based economy and the more debts that are created the more monetized debt that creates, poor people and third world countries are buried in debt.

In rational peoples minds savings are an asset but in a debt based economy cash and assets are liabilities which could be transformed into debts the lender can collect interest for.

Over population, starvation and poverty created a need for central government to "save" the common people those controlling the money get mega rich financing the debt of the poor. So what backs this evil hurt people so you can them plan? Mortgages are the primary asset in the U.S. and our homes are being stolen to fund poverty, breed poor people and build industry in 3rd world nations. 

Most conservatives get at least part of this equation but they don't seem to grasp as a group how  dependence on oil and debt based economy and destruction of habitat/environment is actually an extreme Communist/Fascist/Socialist principle that forces dependence on a central government/monetary/corporate structure.

It's impossible for a growth based economy to survive on a planet with fixed resources. In the end they are two choices accept a worldwide dictatorship or switch to a savings based economy in equilibrium with resources.
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4 justice now



Thanks again for another excellent post!
Unfortunately, I truly think most people in this country are either simply too busy trying to survive financially, or are ignoring the obvious so that they don't have the time for conducting due diligence.  Because of this and other factors they simply are not seeing what is going on all around them. But, I do believe it’s just a matter of time now until we reach a critical mass, fueled by all the fraud and greed, and the system begins its inevitable melt down.  
Could be it be a spirit of the 60's revival or something terribly worse?







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I can't speak for ALL the American people, only just me. And I never wanted to spend the rest of my life having to study, watch and participate in ONLY money making. I play the guitar, like to fix up cars, enjoy playing with my computer (before I had to devote it only to making money), and more and what I'm saying is that I have many and varied interests & responsibliities in my life that I would much rather be taking care of than just watching money and trying to make it grow. There's no crime here, I give an honest days work for a dishonest days wage (it sure hasn't kept up with anything!). But morer and more I am forced to "just chase money", and quite frankly I resent it and I don't think I'm the only one. And I think that MY thinking is more the majority than the "Money Chasers" who're trying to enslave us all and don't misunderstand me here, the real money chasers in my mind is Corporate America and Political America and Judicial America. After killing myself rehabbing houses back in the late 80's and 90's, I was set up  and fleeced by a bank to the tune of $500,000. Simple fact. I sought Justice, but without 10's of thousands of dollars to hand an Attorney, just to LOOK at my case, I was cast aside and ended up being tossed aside by Society, and then, trying to right myself "in Society's eyes" by doing the Bankruptcy thing, the Credit Rating Agencies allowed (with much personal protest) my Credit rating to be continually ruined for another 12 years, blocking me from gainful employment, causing me years and years of grief. And to this day still haunts me. So much for my story, but there are many like mine and we just aren't going to keep doing the hard work of  a Society that let's you get so far, just so they can come in, and using whatever paper device they've recently created, rape us for the wealth we have created. I talked to many others who tell me the same. I don't know which way the Country is gonna go, but I have every faith in my own ability to survive, and I've not been allowed, by Society's (moneys) rules to do anything but survive for so long that I'm not feeling very bad about all those who may end losing a lot. So what? Just when was it that someone helped me? I did whole house rehabs on 7 properties, all by myself, lot's and lot's of labor and I used my own money. I'm finally over it, but I'm not stupid! No more freebies! Only poison pills. The only people worried about recession & depression are those with something to lose. Welcome to my world, better get to work cause you're not getting mine, there's none to get.
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It can be summed up in two (2) words, GREED and DEREGULATION!
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Dear Ann,
     MY answer to your question, based on 40 years of careful observation
is that yes it was planned. The objective was to steal the assets of
America thru the process of "devaluation of the dollar". I don't believe
it was any accident that the movie "Goldfinger" came out in 1964. This
was a semicomical James Bond story about a plan to rob Fort Knox of
its gold. This is in fact what the Cabal did! When Nixon was finally forced
to devalue the dollar in 1971, the Cabal made billions because they knew
it was coming and they had already shorted the dollar. They used the
profits to fund their Nuclear weapons program.
     I believe JFK was assasinated because he was trying to prevent two
things, nuclear proliferation and devaluation of the dollar.Without the
devaluation, the Cabal would not have been able to fund its nuclear
weapons program. This money came from the USA by switching to a fiat
money system whereby those who already had assets would be enriched
by continuous devaluations. Workers on fixed incomes were and  are
the victims of this system because the dollar constantly loses value while
the assets of the Cabal go up in value.Silver backed money is the answer.
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