Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Perhaps the Russians and Chinese already have figured out the perhaps pending collapse of the American Economic System.  For years now on this site and others we have continually stated that the Federal Government and state regulators were not doing their job of over site of Wall Street, and the Terrorists that are stealing the equity and lives of Americans.  Last Fall I wrote briefly that the Chinese maybe telling us something that was very wrong with Wall Street and our Government.  Well now we have Russia running into Georgia and quite literally thumbing their nose at us, and NATO, a significant division is occurring within NATO over how to respond to Russia's invasion with "Blue Helmeted Peace Keepers".  Some have warned about the Russians years ago becoming a nation that engages in a war of "Energy".
While our Government and States have been ignoring, the corruption of Wall Street, but caring out a war on Main street against the small guy, they have ignored the billions lost, now with an impending international crisis, the diversion from domestic problems to international problems will continue to hide the real terrorists here at home!   You can not change or ignore the corporate culture of that like Litton Loan, and Now Goldman Sachs.  I'm not sure but I'm sure of this, the domestic terror campaign will continue against homeowners through "Manufactured Foreclosure's" as its the only way that can pay for the fraud on Wall Street.  Now they are going to use the international scene to hide behind the domestic terror that is occurring in foreclosures. 
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I agree Gary and have been telling people looting our country is more dangerous than military threats. Superficially it may sound ludicrous that a banker in a suit could be a greater threat that a terrorists with dirty bomb, but if you take a historical view and bother to read the background of the revolution, the Constitution and what the founding fathers said about the escape from feudalism and safeguard to prevent our country from being taken over by manipulated and unstable currencies it's clear that a collapsed economy with angry starving citizens  seizing control of the government in a blind rage with no plan is a bigger threat than a powerful, economically secure nation facing foreign enemies.

The key issue that may trump even violent angry mobs resorting to anarchy and looting is that our looted assets have been transferred to our potential enemies such as China and oil rich Islamic nations, so my question to the people who claim the most important single issue is security and foreign terrorism, is how are we going to get the Chinese and Saudis to finance a war against them, will they supply us with the oil for our military as well?

Looks like converting our mortgages into securities and transferring the assets overseas along with our manufacturing and technological base to boost Wall street profits and obtain an artificial speculative lending and investing boom wasn't such a bright idea after all.

The Soviet communists clearly stated they could not defeat us militarily and vowed to sell us the rope to hang ourselves with. The weapons of the plan were to attack religion, morality, the family unit and community and get people to look to the central state as a provider, in other words replace free will, self sufficiency and prosperity with a cleverly crafted form of feudalism.

There always have been and will continue to be external trade and security threats, and domestic poverty and unequal opportunities but to throw away our freedom, rule of law, and gut our country of wealth over terrorism or even health care makes about as much sense as chopping off your own head to fix a bad haircut.

What disturbs me looking at the big picture is that the nuclear option is probably starting to look like the only viable option for the lunatics who steered us into this mess seeking to avoid jail time and seizure of assets.

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Greg, I think we will have a better view within a few months!  And, its not looking good!

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