Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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I actually have 2 questions, one regarding Litton which I will post separately......
There is something that has been gnawing at me for years regarding US wonderful assholes with the 5-star guarantee.......

Does anybody know of an incident that resulted in several people being fired or as I hear it bought off and transferred out of  the Headquarters of the Consumer Finance Division in Cincinnati, Ohio.......The events that I am referring surrounded a time frame between November, 2001- mid February of 2002.

The reorganization of that department could have been anytime up until June of 2002..It is very important. They, US Bank, were up to something and they got their hand caught in the cookie jar...i need to know what exactly I had stumbled onto, that after nearly of year of getting nowhere, suddenly find myself dealing with Chuck Moore.....

Also, where do they stand in all of this subprime mess.....I never hear their name mentioned....


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You may find something helpful in this article. The time frame is right but I have no way of knowing if this has any bearing on what you need to know.

I can tell you this. I am current "customer" of US Bank. While I don't have an RE loan with them (thank the powers that be), I can say with certainty and the documentation to back it up that this bank treats ALL loans like the worst of the mortgage servicers!

I do have a long term loan with US Bank. Right away I knew was in possible line for fraud. I made double and triple payments to remove myself from that possibility so that all statements now say -0.00- due. Once that happened, I was no longer receiving the "official" payment envelopes. (I then found that payments sent in self-addressed envelopes seem to take longer to be processed after receipt. Evidently the official envelope receives top priority in the payment processing office.)

My payments are due on the first of the month. US Bank prints statements on the 11th or12th of the month then ages them in their office for 5-6 days before mailing them. That means that it is quite often the 23rd to 25th before they were received in my PO box. All it would have taken was one mail foul-up due to bad weather (ice, flooding, or the general incompetence of the mail system at times) to put me in line for FEES and lates. I have actually sent payments without statement stubs because they were coming too late for my nerves.

I became so irate with this systemic abuse that I finally sent a letter to the CEO. The response was basically that the statements were printed 20 days before the due date as the law requires; the mailing date issue was conveniently "overlooked" in the reply. Evidently all that matters to regulators are the statement print dates, not the mail dates. If they print them on schedule, the bank can hold them until the last possible minute for mailing, accruing interest while they "age" in their office and during mail handling both ways.

What happened within three months of that letter was received by US Bank is remarkable. US Bank threw away its Pitney-Bowes postage machines and switched to "Presorted First-Class Mail" envelopes which do not have a date stamp on them. They continue to hold and age statements as evidenced by my receipt dates. What they don't know is that I have saved all those envelopes that did have date stamps on them and still write the date of receipt on the new envelopes. I have enough to prove what they were doing should they ever try to mess with me.

If this scenario sounds familiar to some, I immediately made the connection between what this supposedly top-ranked bank was doing and what skanky mortgage servicers do.

It is a corrupt financial system through and through! As a consumer, I am worn out with dodging the grenades lobbed my way by the entire financial system. This loan will very soon be history followed by a couple more and I am done with them. They can go suck interest from rocks as far as I am concerned!

The only way to kill them is to just stop feeding them. If enough people balk they will slowly starve themselves out...unless they are "too big to fail" in which case we will all be feeding the greedbags anyway thanks to our wonderful "leadership" in Amerika today.

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It is a long, long story that  it is impossible to sum it up in 5 sentences or less. Our went up to the highest levels at US Bank, involved a Senator, botched OCC investigation, disappearing people, personal threats to destroy us (my wife and I) and to all people my mother, who had not involvement in an of this. That is until they  made her part and than screwed her out of 9,000 dollars. it also involved a field reviewer appraiser that existed in the states files but his contact numbers were that of a beauty salon, and they knew nothing about him, and a state appraisal board that was very supportive turning suddenly cold and uncooperative.

You have to hear the whole story to even get a grasp, it was  crazy, please pardon my FRench. Our credit forever has been screwed, savings gone, and they managed to do something that i still do not understand, but we ended up having to sign waievers that anything we were doing by way of investigating, talking with attorneys, the Senator and inquires into various agencies be stopped immediately and never to be spoken of again.

That barely covers the tip of what happened. Anyhow they held onto us for a few years  until they tired and they did not make the insurace payment,which was theirs to make, and we conveniently were canceled and refused us renewal. Ironic that about a month earlier our home was broken into, so we had am unsettled claim at the time of cancellation, and so nobody would insure us.

You know what that meant, the mandatory 5X the cost bank institued insurance. Of course, they got away with despite every effort on my part. mortgage shot up over 500  a month, can u believe that. Finally got onto a plan, 6 months later, of course we have fallen behind because of the extra 500+ per month.  Credit was shot, from the first go around almost 2 years earlier and certainly was no better know, but we had to get away from US Bank, and so we landed in sub-prime......

A house i have designed and built and been in for 13 years and it is on the auction block......bastards

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Forgive me for being rude. I did not thank you for taking the time to respond....I do appreciate it. It was good to another's story of US Bank abuse.......


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I didn't think you were being rude. I am sorry to hear about your house. It sounds as though you have a lot of yourself in it; doubly sad. The stellar financial industry has 101 tricks up its sleeve to rob a person if it so desires. Unfortunately, it quite often "so desires".  It first bleeds and then moves in for the kill. Yours is a classic case. So is mine. The scheme is to deliberately set people up for failure, skin them and then tell the world it's not their fault. They followed the "letter" of the law. Problem is they don't always follow the INTENT of the law as in my own case. They are sleazebags IMHO.

I have heard Twilight Zone-ish stories before from people who were targeted for this fraud and would not be too quick to say "crazy" about any of it. I know for a fact that many of those people are not and never were crazy. They are very credible.

I would like to hear "the Rest of the Story" (RIP Paul Harvey) because I think I do remember reading something about this. This was around the time that Firstar merged with U.S. Bancorp and the brothers Grundhofer were sitting pretty; how convenient for them, huh?

There were some unsavory connections to the notorious New Century-as in U.S. Bancorp having "controlling interest" by owning 27% of its preferred stock. US Bank lied to pretty much everyone about that connection and then suddenly divested itself of New Century. This may be what I remember reading as New Century was anathema to anyone looking at mortgage fraud and mortgage servicing fraud.

Inner City Press is a good source of news about banks and you may be able to find something there. Type U.S. Bancorp (exactly that way with periods) followed by the Senator's name and see if you can get any hits there.

Good luck with your quest. I would be happy to help you if you'd like, but sometimes it is best to keep your cards close to your vest and remain anonymous and not expose too much. Sounds like you have all the material you may need to write the next bank expose book with a sinister twist. "Disappearing people"....ugh.

If your book is a bestseller, design another home and use your profits to build it. No mortgage involved. Make sure that the bastards know it, too. Post it somewhere, post it lots of places. Banks need to re-learn the lesson that they need us lots more than we need them.

Best to you.
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We call that forced placed insurance obviously a scam to run the bills up so high you are forced into default.

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There is nothing to keep close to the vest on this one. It has 7 years ago so justice will never be mine....I know that well enough by now. Part of the problem , as you said is why we never really got anywhere.........
After a while you sound crazy to the point that you start questioning you own sanity. "Stuff like does not happen the real world'. I know now that it is a chess game and I am an expendable pawn, only rather than coming in for the kill they let me in close to the king, as it were, let me think that i won and than they pounced......

I am not crazy, if anything I am the sanest person around, everyone is crazy for believing that this does not does

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I'm not sure but it seems to me that US Bank is owned by the same people as Homeq, Wachovia, Wells Fargo...Or something along that line...I could be wrong but their all nightmares....
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I tell  you what really bothers me about US Bank.......I have not yet to hear a positive about this bank from anyone, and I often how the hell do they stay in business...You go into some of banking blogs where people complain about their experiences with banks, and i tell you US Bank, by far draws the most hateful emotion far above any of the others: Wells Fargo, WAMU, etc.

Keep in mind also that I am not talking mortgage , just general issue.

US Bank is a federal bank and is not fall under the laws and regulations of say a Wells Fargo or WAMU both of which are state regulated.

You never hear that much of US bank in this mess, I dont at least , and believe i look  for them anywhere I go and I will see the typ ones Wells Fargo , Wachovia , Washington Mutual, but rarely US bank .........and that bothers the living crap out of me.



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U. S. Bank, NA as trustee is a henchmen for Litton Loan and does all of their dirty work by filing all of those fraudulently foreclosure court actions.

Since Litton is not a lender or a bank, U. S. Bank, NA files foreclosure sales court action on behalf of Litton as the trustee.

They are all hooked up in the "Wall Street" securitization loan pooling scam that is going on now.
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Ken your right, nearly the same identical thing occurred to me beginning in 2001 through Litton Loan, two foreclosures later, I began an investigation into them, they first destroy your credit to assure you can not refinance away from them, then they hit you with the forced place insurance to keep you in default so they can foreclose, they also falsely report your payment history, and have not credited payments, and so on and so on, it was all part of RADAR, it was not a series of mistakes, but a planned set of actions using specific time tables for each state.  US BANK/Litton Loan along with CBASS did this as a matter of practice.  In short the Foreclose money greased the wheels of the Hedge funds. 
I'm also in court, and heading for trial in August, I will disclosing the entire scam with whom was responsible from Litton Loan/CBASS/MGIC/RADIAN.  If you have seen some of my posts here about MGIC/RADIAN and Litton Loan along with CBASS,  US BANK was and remains deeply involved as one of the original "Funding" agents to CBASS to acquire the mortgages through various companies, I'm just guessing that at that time you speak of you may have been involved with NEW CENTURY as the original Leander.  Look for a signature on your mortgage notes, New Century on many notes did not have any signing agents, these are now appearing to have been funded by CBASS and NOT New Century! 

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