Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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It seems Banks have a new tactic for robo-signing documents. I call them "Ultimate Robo-Signers"-- a single person using multiple names and stamps from different states. I've found compelling evidence that it's happening.

My findings started with 2 Florida documents. A 2014 Assignment, notarized by an Amanda Welch, and a 2015 Substitution of Trustee, notarized by an Amanda Williams. My research led me to a Texas notary, named Amanda Farrar.


Farrar was first commissioned, Feb 2, 2005, robo-signing for all the usual suspects. Here she signs as VP of MERS in 2007.

keep these signatures in mind for later


Feb 7, 2013, she re-applies for commission under the name Amanda Welch.

(snapshot of the Texas database)

Along with her name change comes a new signature.

The commission on the stamp expires February 7, 2017. There's only 1 Amanda Welch who's commission expires on that day & year. ID:
125187572 - Amanda Farrar


Here's the 2 Florida documents, which led me to Farrar.

First, the 2015 Assignment, notarized by Amanda Williams.

Second, the 2014 Trustee Sub. notarized by Amanda Welch.

Here's a side by side comparison of the 2 notaries signature.

[image]     Williams #FF194412           [image]    Welch #FF091443

Obviously the same person, so I check the Florida registry. I find Amanda Williams #FF194412, but no Amanda Welch #FF091443.

The Dept. of Corporations say there's a record of an Amanda Williams/Welch name change. But they're clueless as to why it doesn't show in the online database...

Gee... I wonder if it could has anything to do with the fact she's using 2 names and stamps with different commission numbers at the same time?! Maybe Banks are paying the State of Florida... Ya think!?

Notaries can change names, not commissions. They certainly can't use 2 different ones at the same time. So I search the recorders for more docs with either name. I find a Quit claim Deed signed by an Amanda L Welch.

The signatures aren't exact matches, but the letters 'A' and 'W' share similar traits.


I search the Texas recorders for the same. That's when I found this signature. 


Pretty damn close to the Florida robo-signer above, right?

While searching I come across other robo-signers that have similar signatures.



So now I start google hacking all the names. I find another Angela Carter, notary/robo-signer in Kentucky & Missouri.

Remember Amanda Farrar's signature, before it changed?                            

               [image]            Angela Carter MO.png


While google hacking for more Angela Carter docs, an Angela Zavala comes up. The notary registry in Texas shows an Angela Carter who changed her name to Angela Zavala. Wow... Imagine that!

So now I have 2 robo-signers, "Amanda Farrar & Angela Carter", both who change their name & signature. Both in the exact same style. And both similar in trait. Seriously... WTF are the odds?


So now I've figured out the google hack to find PDF documents that contain numerous other robo-signer sigs. Other sigs catch my attention. 

See anything familiar here...                                     or here...?                                        
Anna Laura Cedillo.png


Here's another possible candidate. Indiana notary/robo-signer, Amanda J Coomer.

Notice how the 'A' starts off leaning to the right..., and suddenly the rest changes direction?


So now if I'm right (which I know I am), this is all 1 person. But even if it's not (which I know it is), it still proves the existence of massive notary fraud. And since robo-signing is a means to accomplish Grand Theft, that makes it a felony crime.

If you look closely at
all the A's, M's & N's, in these signatures, you'll notice they have similar traits all throughout. This may seem far fetched to some, but others familiar with the bank and mill tactics know better. If this didn't involve robo-signing I might think different, but it does, and I know better.

Here's a link to Amanda Welch's profile in Texas

I believe she's the one behind these. Her employment is with Building Companies, not Banks. I've actually noticed Building Companies are becoming more involved. Most of the new robo-signers will be found on documents involving "McCarthy & Holthus," one of the sleaziest and corrupt of the mills. Quality Loans & ALAW are umbrellaed with them. They also own/run other Real Estate & of type businesses, which means more incentive for fraud and likely conflicting interests.

My advice to those fighting... always request the notary logs for all documents, and keep checking county records for any new filings. Some things might get filed under the bank and/or mill names. Also look under the names of any trusts. Know that various spellings & punctuation can prevent you from finding them.

Example: if the trusts name is "Washington Mutual Pass-Through Certificates 2005-AR14" spelling "WAMU AR 14"  "W A M U A R 1 4" "AR 14" "AR14" "AR-14" "WAMU AR 1 4can each show different filings, even though it's all the same trust.

It's a dirty tactic commonly used to hide certain filings from homeowners. 

The PDF's full of robo-signed docs are being posted to my scribd page.   http:// 

or just google... "Robo-Signing Gems" w/ "I" thru "VII"   "VIII" thru "XX" will be posted soon.

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