Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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When the Federal Reserve first got THEIR hands on the law they had

to give everyone a false sense of security SO they created a bunch

of  "regulatory institutions" act out  a bunch of makeup or

selected cases and publish them on their websites & in the news to

give the public a false sense to think there's somethings that

need to be changed about our Constitution that needs to be changed

and that it's better for everyone. well that's bull because

it's not good for The American People to be once again controlled

by the united king & his kingdom with a little bit of help from

one new york banking family the Rockefeller's since when was it

alright for congress to delegate the expansion of consumer

protection laws like the truth in lending act to a private bank

(the federal reserve). In our constitution it specifically states

the governing of the laws of the united states if not delegated to

congress or the federal judiciary then they will be governed by

the states and/or the people respectively. Congress has been

bought so has the administration come on the secretary treasury

was president of the federal reserve NY. any ways since they've

been with the laws and keeping us busy distracting us they've been

taxing us through other banks that charge US Citizens more than

they get charged that's how federal the fed is it doesn't even 

loan the people of The United States money directly it has a bunch

of so called American banks like b of a (which is/was actually the

bank of italy) do the dirty work while this is going on the fed

slowly lifts the restaints of government oversightor pays them off

and they get their lacky banks to make a ballsy move and start

getting loans funded to the actual market appraised value in the

form of two loans one to pay off the previous "debt" that was

collateralized with your house and the rest of it was "change"they

kept usually the same amount as the actual one you used. So what

the hell do you do with all this money that's just piling up who

do you get to keep track of it(MERS). even though they own/run

the irs someones eventually notice allthis money floaing around so

they bribe some more judeges lawyers congress etc.. but there's

still so much so they get a scandalous scheame together to give it

to the banks to lend back to us. how fucked up huh? the money they

got from double dipping 2 loans instead of 1 was givin to the

banks where did you think they came up with how ever many trillion

dollars they did for the bailout? why are there 2 different loan

numbers with the same date of origination? but to get away with it

they have to foreclose because that's when the case is closed.

that's also why they gave loans to so called risks with horrible

terms designed to fail it's the uk bleeding us dry to take over.

why do you think that our military is way over there fighting some

country in their nek of the woods?sounds alot 9/11 when all the

airforce power was wasn't there to defend home base but now they

have all the fema camps ready for us, taken our right to bear

arms, sent our nations military force to die fighting their war.

obama was sopposed to bring the troops home now he's sending more.

because when ALL of THE PEOPLE realize what's really going on we

will revolt! they even have safe houses for congress to hide at

when THE PEOPLE learn they sold them out!

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     In my humble opinion, you have it exactly backwards. It's the USA that
has taken over the UK, just as Orwell predicted in the classic "1984" (which
was written in 1948). Orwell was trying to show us what the Anglo-Saxon
countries would be like under "Insoc", Anglo-Saxon socialism.
     The new country was called "Oceania" and included all the English
speaking countries which were at "perpetual war for perpetual peace."
"Goldstein" was the hated internal enemy of Oceania, and EurAsia and
East Asia were the constantly changing external enemies.
     Winston, a party member, was employed in the "ministry of truth"
and it was his job to edit "history" by tearing out "inconvenient truths"
and throwing them into the "memory hole" to be burned up so that they
wouldn't conflict with the "Party line".
     With the recent fiasco on Wall Street, it's easy to see how "Goldstein"
could become the enemy of "Insoc" in the near future. I think Orwell was
a bit too soon in his prediction, and I hope his science fiction nightmare
does not come true. We all need to read his book again to prevent it.
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Orwell's Newspeak is here....

Click image for larger version - Name: Obamanewspeak.jpg, Views: 10, Size: 93.09 KB
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look from COP site on regulatory reform

Easing of De-Registering Requirements for Foreign Companies [¨DLoosen Capital Controls.¡¬]: The Report noted that ¨D[i]f foreign companies know they can leave U.S. markets, they will be more willing to come in the first place.¡¬65 The CCMR thus recommended that the SEC permit foreign companies to specify in their offering documents that they have the right to deregister with adequate notice to U.S. investors and a reasonable transition period. It also argued that institutional investors should be excluded from calculations when determining the U.S. shareholder base, since institutional investors do not need the level of regulatory protection required by retail investors.66
The Regulatory Process Should Be Modified: The Committee recommended that (i) the SEC and self-regulatory organizations should rely more thoroughly on cost-benefit analysis in managing regulatory risks; (ii) regulators should rely on principles-based rules and guidance rather than prescriptive rules to the extent possible, citing the Financial Services Authority in the United Kingdom, SRO formulation of a rule dealing with business entertainment expenses, and CFTC regulation generally as good examples of principles-based regulation; (iii) regulators, and especially the SEC, should avoid policy making through enforcement actions; and (iv) that national, federal, and state regulators should coordinate their actions more effectively. The Committee suggested that the national regulatory structure should be reorganized to align more closely with current financial market structure, but until such a change was made, better communication and coordination among regulators should be a priority.67
63 See CCMR at p. 39. 64 Id. at xii. 65 Id. at 50. 66 Id. 67 Id. at 59 ¨C 70.
The Private and Public Enforcement System for Financial Markets Should be Modified: While noting that a ¨Dvigorous enforcement system makes financial markets safer and more competitively attractive,¡¬ the Committee emphasized that ¨Dthe private litigation system needs modification in some dimensions and that the criminal enforcement system needs better balance.¡¬68 It recommended clarification of issues in private litigation under Rule 10b-5; that criminal enforcement should be a last-resort response used only for systematically corrupt companies; and that policies regarding auditor and directory liability should be modified in light of the potentially severe economic consequences of the currently prevailing levels of private litigation and regulatory enforcement.69
Shareholder Rights Should Be Strengthened: The CCMR recommended improving shareholders¡® abilities to oversee corporations. It suggested, among other steps, allowing shareholders to modify voting requirements and procedures for corporate takeovers, strengthening shareholders¡® ability to nominate and vote for directors, and affording shareholders the right to choose alternatives to traditional litigation, such as arbitration or judge-conducted trials, as corporate control mechanisms
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who's taking over who now?

told you so, just like i predicted they were going to try to restrict the internet, on LivingLies web log and about a week later i posted the link to Rockerfeller's speech saying the internet should have never existed!
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