Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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This recently came into my hands...  Its a PDF titled as above.  The forum seems to allow only images?

I'll mail it out for the asking but I'd really rather host it somewhere and provide a link to it... Anybody know of a place to host it?

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Now that I've read it I have initial comments.  This document provides a good overview of applicable UCC but doesn't go far enough - the reader must then go and read the real UCC and the official comments.  

When published, this document may be used against you, so knowing what it says, where it really agrees with the UCC, and where it does not, is critical.

There is at least one serious error where it says:

Similarly, a subsequent transfer will result in the subsequent transferee being a person entitled to enforce the note.

The UCC clearly states that a transferee is a person entitled to enforce when the transferor was a holder at the time of transfer.  Thus, there can be no subsequent transferee with rights.

UCC ARTICLE 3 OFFICIAL COMMENTS 3-203 at 2.  You can see where the authors conveniently chopped the comment to make their point.

Subsection (b) states that transfer vests in the transferee any right of the transferor to enforce the instrument "including any right as a holder in due course." If the transferee is not a holder because the transferor did not indorse, the transferee is nevertheless a person entitled to enforce the instrument under Section 3-301 if the transferor was a holder at the time of transfer.

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Go to scribd, upload the document and post a link to it.

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That was painless...  Here is the link:


It and other legislative reports and articles may be found in the Legislative page. MSF

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I would suggest using LII Cornell University's public law center online as you can never trust, well of course unless you know the author personally and trust them, what you read from an individual on the internet without checking as there are people with an axe to grind and dis-information to disseminate to unwary individuals. Remember the Financial world was willing to lie cheat and steal to get what they wanted and they have billions, stolen it would appear, to spend paying people to spread crappy information and to snoop for their attorney's and to casually, as if they are not shills for the "MAN" I loved saying that, and trying to persuade people they are only trying to be reasonable and give people straight scoop so they realize that 99.65% of people have no hope just so you are *wink* *wink* realistic... yeah right.
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By the way, there is a statute about changing documents like the U.C.C. in a way that changes the meaning and then disseminating that altered copy or quotes from without accurately doing so in such a way that others rely on it to their detriment.
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