Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Mortgage fraud victim?  What's "Mortgage Fraud".  "Never heard of it".

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are you doing ok Stephen? You have been here a long time now.

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    Why not visit a law library and read about "adverse possession" and
"homesteading". This is how the pioneers first obtained their property.
All you have to do is get the electric and water turned on in your name,
transfer your ID to the address and move in! Next put a little fence around it
and pay the real estate taxes for seven years!
    If you pay the taxes for seven years and maintain the property, you can
apply for the deed after seven years. This is how people did it during the
1930's during the last great deflation when most of the banks went under
after foreclosing on the last owner. The same thing is happening now! We
are only seeing the beginning of the deflation! If you do it right, the cops
can't bother you as long as you maintain the property and obey all the laws
and behave like a "model citizen". Only the last lawful owner can evict you
and since it it's a bank, it may not exist, you have a good chance of winning
the property and homesteading it!
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There is one little problem with the notion that surrounding a house with a white picket fence and hooking up the cable TV.  Today, unlike the 1930’s, banks just don’t go away.  Even it they did, it wouldn’t make any difference because banks today don’t hold the mortgages, trusts hold them.  And I can assure you the trust holding the note is not going to disappear.


But hey, anything is worth a shot. 

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O.K. but still furious with the real estate industry, housing and government for letting it happen.

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O -

You are not alone there.

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I'm sad and sorry for all of us that are in the soup. And too for all those who aren't, as many of them are being negatively impacted by the same events.

I fear the anger of the cumulative whole may manifest in severe ways if the powers that be don't step up and do what they are supposed to do.

To homeless Stephen: Do you need a place to live? My home is spacious and you are welcome. Though it is also in foreclosure, and I don't know I'll prevail, or how much longer I can hold them off (it has been 53 weeks so far) you're welcome for that amount of time.

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Many many thanks to Stephen who if its the same Stephen helped me try to save my home during 2007 and 2008,

After losing our home in Jan 08, we lived with my now x-wife's family until a divorce of our 25 marriage took place this past Sept. 08, the stress of losing our home of 23 years was too much.

There are house's all over the town I live in that are empty with door's wide open and previous victims long gone (Massachusetts).

Our home was sold for over $200,000 less than the bank said we owed.  I'm just getting to a computer after the divorce and came right back to this website where I hope to continue to learn and or help any other victims that I can.

Good Luck Stephen,


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You'll never know what the house actually sold for.  They made a profit, or they wouldn't have sold it.
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Good to see you posting. We haven't seen you on in a while. I wish things in life were easier for you with the holiday being so close right now. Just know that we're here for a reason. Regardless, if we know what it is.

For all of us victims we must know that one day JUSTICE  WILL BE SERVED. Once their all taken down.

Good luck to both you and Stephen. I also hope you find a way to have some HOLIDAY CHEER.

God Bless,

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I'm cheering plenty thinking of all the mortgage "Professonals" getting orange jumpsuits:
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Big Madoff Investor Found Dead
Wall Street Journal - 7 hours ago
By DIONNE SEARCEY and DAVID GAUTHIER-VILLARS The co-founder of an investment advisory firm that lost $1.5 billion in the Madoff scandal was found dead Tuesday in an apparent suicide in his Manhattan office, police said.
Video: Investor Who Lost Big to Madoff Kills Himself AssociatedPress

Financier Is Found Dead in a Madoff Aftermath New York Times

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     Crying and complaining about the nation's financial problems will not
solve the problem for the individual nor for the nation as a whole. The problem began 40 years ago when the inflationary spiral began. It became
a crisis in 2008 when inflation turned into deflation. Todays dollar is worth
100% more than a dollar one year ago. Therefore if you have a $100,000
debt made in 2006 or before, that debt is now equivalent to a $200,000
debt because of deflation. Each 2008 dollar is worth two 2006 dollars! that
is the power of deflation! This is why interest rates have dropped to zero!
In deflation, a zero percent interest rate is really like a 50% interest rate
because each dollar of debt has twice the purchasing power! The solution
is for the government to reduce all mortgage debt by 50% and allow people
to stay in their homes because foreclosed homes will ony sell for at most
50% of the original pre 2008 debt. For those already dispossessed, the answer is "adverse possession" and "homesteading" of abandoned homes. Do it after you study it! Use the law library!
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