Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Hiding out in Houston Texas, Larry Litton Jr, and Sr are waiting word on when to pack their bags, along with up to as many as 250 employee's of Litton Loan. 
Litton Loan and CBASS's General Counsel's are calling their last shots as Litton Loan begins it last gasps of breath.  Running out of money to pay their lawyers, Litton Loan and CBASS are counting on the Lawyers "Foreclosure Accounts" to keep afloat with cash.
The days of big profits are over, and belt tightening have begun, with nearly every foreclosure now fighting Litton Loan, and the continued discovery of misconduct by both Litton Loan and CBASS every day is a monumental challenge.  CBASS is still making the calls on litigation, however, there are cracks in the walls, that are spreading faster than they can be repaired.  Larry Litton Jr. fearing "Personal Liability" from many "Loan Modifications" he signed could face stiff consequences for the manufacturing of documents for litigation.  More victims are coming forward and being interviewed by Plaintiff's lawyers. 
The crash of stock value by Litton Loan's parent company is a "NO" vote of confidence for MGIC/RADIAN, and is reflected only in the unprecedented fall in value for its stockholders and investors.  I suspect MGIC will soon be sued by its investors and Stockholders.  As I see it only the management could have prevented this from occurring many years ago!  I'm certain that new management is coming to MGIC, and for sure, major changes at Litton Loan. 
Good bye Larry Jr. and Sr, let me be the first to help you out the door!
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Nye Lavalle
Time to call Litton Loan like I did EMC before and get resumes from people who can squeal like a pig on the invstors, other banks and people calling the shots! Here;s what you do, call after hours and use known number and do this:

Call 713/XXX-1000 whaever littons # is then call 1001, then 1002 then 1003 and so on and so on and record, after hours, the Name given and dept for each employee. Then. look up employee name in free white page online and call to see if they work for Litton [what I did with EMC] the... get al the names and say you are looking fro someone in mtg servicing to come work who knows the insides of the biz. Then get a resume...
Collect these and you have a team of insiders. Also, tell them, they may make $$$ if they know anyway the govt is being defrauded.

Best time o do, after hours
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Yeah, Larrys.

Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya.
Goodbye, good riddance.
Bye, bye.
Don't call us, we'll call you.
Or do call us and we'll move your stuff to the curb while helping ourselves to what we want to keep.
You're getting evicted and it couldn't happen to nicer guys.
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Hey Gary,

I believe you called MGIC going bankrupt quite some time ago.  I know we have been talking about this for over a year now. 

Wonder if I could get a good deal on a slightly used Rolls?????

Bye Jr. & Sr.  I was so looking forward to meeting Christopher. 

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Hunt 'em down and neuter them so they can't multiply!

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Reading this post got me thinking... Litton got their foreclosure judgement on us February of this year. We are still in our home. They sent us paperwork in August offering a modification of our loan (which we, without hesitation, turned down. Been there, done that, have the t-shirt) We were told ( on the phone)if we didn't fill out the paperwork and agree to the mod, our house would go up for sheriff's sale in September.

I've been monitoring our case on the county website and there has been no activity since March. There are other cases I've looked at who were foreclosed on by Litton AFTER us that have already gone to sheriffs' sale. Have we fallen through the cracks somehow? Or has all this litigation put everything on hold?

We are not waiting for the other shoe to drop. We have found a new place to live (thankfully, it wasn't easy) and are moving in a couple of weeks. Litton can deal with our home that they stole from us and I hope they rot in hell. We are in Ohio and I know that you are working hard for everyone, but if you can include us in anything to help you with your cause against Litton, we would be more than happy to supply you with any documents you may need. We have alot... We did a loan modification with them about two years ago.

God Bless you. And keep up the fight for all of us.

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Please contact me at
I would like to talk with you.
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