Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Any of you that have inside info, docs, and evidence, not only against BSC and EMC, but any of the other Wall St. firms, mortgage companies, servicers and banks, please contact me and let's discuss how we can use you as experts in cases against other predatory mortgage companies. Paybacks are a Biatch, but that's what you should do not. Pay back the scumbags who stole from us and cost you your jobs, pensions, and bonuses. Come on, let's show Jamie and Ace who's Boss!
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hello i read your research paper predatory bear
i refied in 2/04 with peoples choice home loans
 one month latter they sold the loan to emc mortgage.
 in 3/05 PCHL contacted me saying they had made an error of 2 percent and offered me a free refi to lower my payments and give me $5k if i just paid for a new appraisal that came in at what the county had assessed my tax valuation to be. i had a 52500 previous appraisal but the new ones was $70k  5k more than PCHL needed
 they told me i was pre approved and prescreened by underwriting to correct their error they should have given us a 6% but it showed up as 395/mo 8.5%  instead of 356/mo @6%  . they sent me emails and letters and phone calls saying all i needed to do was take my next mortgage payment to do the appraisal  they said there was no way i could be turned down. and that they would close in 4 days after the appraisal was received. they said that  it was good to go but they never showed up. 7 days latter they called and said we are sorry you never qualified for this offer and a further look at your last ref we did we did an error in commerce and are notifying the bank we sold this account to of notice of cure.
1 week latter we get a letter from emc that the 30 year fixed was in error and all we got was a 30 year term home equity line of credit and we only quallified for 29% int rest rate and our payments would increase to $1150/ mo for 29 years on a $52k balance. we had 30 days to agree or send them the keys.and abandon the property to them.
in Aug 05 we were served with foreclosure papers from pierce from Chicago that lasalle bank trustee for B & S asset backed securities were suing for foreclosure. i was never informed they held the note as  the transfer letter said emc bought it all. in aug06 the court took our house after we proved the fraud the note was stamped and used as a draft which nullifies and assignees standing to foreclose see ucc 3-309 & 310
i was kicked out 11/06 at gunpoint they wouldn't let me take anything off the site not even vehicles titled in another state
that were loaded and ready to roll
i lost 100k of assets  tools and equipment all my families inheritance  and all of our government IDs in violation of Illinois eviction laws.
i want to sue these guys but no one will hear the case in the southern district of IL state or federal my only hope is a class action
not one lawyer would take our case.
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