Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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I decided to open a new topic based on a conversation I had with a title agent this morning.

Last July I sued my lender and all their little friends.  In November 2008 I received a Quiet Title Judgment for our home.  The judgment was duly recorded with the county.  I decided a couple of weeks ago it was time to execute the judgment and transfer title to a new deed in favor of me and my wife.

One of the issues all of us who WILL win quiet title judgments face is making the property marketable and that will require in most cases a title insurance policy.  Even if you do not plan to leave your property you certainly will want title insurance in the event someone comes out of the past and tries to claim your property.  Let the title company defend your title.

Well, during my converstation with a title agent I picked up on two interesting details.

The first was cash for keys (CFC).  Apparently the CFC deals are starting to backfire.  I was told that some of the homeowners who receive CFC and were previously without funds for a lawyer are using the CFC to hire a lawyer to sue the lender.  If the information is true I find it an ironic payback to the lenders.  I am sure the lenders will cry that the homeowner gave a release when accepting the CFC.  I'll bet though that the new lawyers will simply move to quash the contract as unenforceable and made under duress.

The second issue was this title agent said they 'suspected' there is an upcoming surge ('new market') for quiet title judgments involving foreclosures.  Apparently this firm, a large national title company, has had internal discussions about how to handle these type of title policies, i.e., inusrance for quiet titles based on mortgages.

I doubt that the title underwriters are going to ignore a large new market for title insurance.

At this point I do not have definitive information about how my quest will proceed for title insurance.  I'll post updates.

In the meantime, if anyone else has begun the trek to insure a quiet title, let step into the discussion.

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I have been trying to modify my 80 yr. old mothers loan since Sept. Have had no help from Litton whatsoever. Home is now in foreclosure and set for Trustee Sale May 1, 2009.   I emailed Donna-Marie Jendritza a letter asking for a status. I also told her that as of March 4th to the 17th I called Litton 37 times and 29 times I was disconnected after the recording said it recognized my phone number. The remaining 8 phone calls I left  messages for Noel Connell with the Executive Resolution Team. Only after I emailed Donna-Marie did Noel contact me. I have since left 6 more messages for Noel with no return phone call. Also, when calling the number to the Executive Resolution Team all I get is music. It doesn't say what the company is. Nothing. Just music.

My question is, Has anyone ever had contact with Noel Connell? I can't even get through to Litton to find out the status of the modification. Any ideas?

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