Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Help !!!! I'm frustrated and over it !!!!!! 
   I filed bankruptcy in 2007. I became current with all payments to my trustee. I called American Servicing Company a couple weeks ago,and i enquired about somehow lowering my payments due to loss of income from my husband having 2 major strokes. When trying to obtain the information, ASC gave me the run around. When i went into bankruptcy i was only behind $7900.00.  Now ASC, says i'm one year behind " that's impossible". They are rude with no help what so ever. I called on serveral different occasions and seem get many different answers. The trustee has a print out of what they paid to ASC and even still they want to throw out different numbers and dates that I am behind.If anyone can be of assistance that would be greatly appreciated and please dont hesitate to email me at
Thank you
Patty Roman
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Yeah you are so right, they are crooked!

You have to write the  bankruptcy judge and asked for a  hearing.   Also did you keep all of  your payment receipts.

Never ever send a check.  Always send money orders and send your payment if possible certified.    
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The best advice I can give you is read everything you can about what your going thru. Read every case you can find concerning such a situation. Have you ??? ownership? Have they proven they own your debt? Usually A.S.C. is a servicer...Was your debt actually assigned to them ? What does your county records show?

Be prepared for the worst fight of your life. By filing bankrutpcy we're considered financially and legally illiterate.  Be prepared to not find anyone to help you in your plight. Then if you do be grateful. Most attorney's will stick up for the banks even though your the one paying them. It's called THE BANKRUPTCY/ATTORNEY CLUB..Judges usually only make them show proof of ownership by the original deed of trust recorded in county records.( Per Fed procedures a copy) not an ORIGINAL (With your signature or fingerprints)unless you specifically get someone in that knows how to subpoena or request such information from them.

Keep every piece of documentation you have...Remember we're here for you...Maybe try NACA--by Bruce Marks...Not National Association Consumer Advocacy...

You can prove in a court of law that they don't have standing to pursue against you.(I bet you 10-1) You can even make it to where they can't be paid because a judge agrees with you...Then they'll attempt to drop case try to act like it didn't happen. They'll try to act like they know who their collecting for when they've been PROVEN to NOT HAVE A CLUE!!! What state are you in?

Make sure your ducks are in a row...Get a grasp of how in depth your case really is...Are u in a judicial or non-judicial state? Have you had a professional mortgage auditor review your file for TILA & RESPA violations? Were you double charged for a appraisal? Did you end up paying more on your interest rate because of a GREEDY ASS BROKER? Known as a YSP? That costs more to...U need to get a grasp on your BEST DEFENSE...

Your situation sounds COMPLICATED to say the least...But remember we're all going thru or maybe have gone thru something similar. Only one person should JUDGE SOMEONE...One shouldn't be PREJUDGED by issues not totally not within their control.

The last person that put their name as IT'S A RACKET is 100% correct. However, It may be just easier with the shape it sounds like things are in to move on. Regardless of what anyone tells you that's only something you'll know.

U seem to have a lot on your plate. And is the FIGHT worth what ever else it could put you and your husband thru? If you get this straightened out without having to worry about the above items can you afford to pay your expenses with the income you have? These are all things to consider in such circumstances...

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WHERE is the property located and in which Federal Bankruptcy Court was the bankruptcy filed?

There are some Bankruptcy Courts that are starting to catch on to and understand this sort of fraud.  The United States Trustees are also becoming much more aggressive.

Read the posts and commentary on this message board regarding Professor Katherine PORTER of the University of Iowa and get and read her study.  You are NOT alone.  Spend some time reading the posts on this message board.  You will find much helpful information at this site.
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