Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Has anyone taken the time to go through everything financial in the past, I don't know, well about 5 years?  
Your credit card statements?
Your past mortgages?
The payoff amounts on other mortgages per refi papers?
Did the money go where is was suppose to?
All of your refi papers?
Seriously people do your selves a favor, look!
I think you will be VERY surprised at what you find, no JOKE!

THIS has got to STOP!!!
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yeah but congress has sold out the consumer protection statutes to the federal reserve who made it damn near impossible to even rescind let alone  successfully sue someone & collect damages

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Of course they do!  They want to keep us in the dark where they can screw the hell out of us!  But it's payback time!!!

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  Funny you should bring this up! While involved in a dispute with Ocwen,(which I eventually won), I looked at the original loan documents, and the
payoff that was made to the previous lender, Bank of America, when I took
out the new loan with New Century Mortgage in 2002.
   After looking at it, and based on the insights I obtained while fighting Ocwen, I realized that BOA had overcharged me on the payoff by about
$2,500. I contacted BOA about this, they redid their calculations and had
no choice but to "fess up". They refunded the overcharge just as the 5 year
statute of limitations was about to expire!
   I'd heard about things like this in the "auto industry" where people trade in
their old cars for a new one, and the dealer "takes care" of the old loan
by rolling it in to the new one, but I was astounded to discover that this
might be going on in the "mortgage industry" as well.
   The moral to the story is this, "there are hundreds of ways to nickle and
dime the consumer, "trust, but verify!"  ( a quote from Ronald Reagan)
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there should not be a statute of limitation on fraud, these people knowingly,deliberetly stole money. What kind of "list" has the cororate world put people like us on?

It is time to fight back!!
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