Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Now we have force placed flood insurance...even if you live on a mountaintop in Arizona. Actually this insurance scam had been around for a couple of years...when the servicers got hung for the force placed casualty insurance they just switched to flood insurance. Oh, and they still "forget" to tell their vict...oops, borrowers, that they have placed the insurance!

Can I have a big "AMEN" for fabricated foreclosures??!!

Mortgage payments never late, but foreclosure still looms
Posted on Sat, Oct. 27, 2007

• Q: Even though we've never missed -- or been late with -- a payment on our $78,000 mortgage, my wife and I are being threatened with default and foreclosure.

The loan holder, EverHome, in Jacksonville, isn't telling us why; it simply says we owe $1,695.33. As best we can tell, EverHome is claiming that the money is owed for an escrow account.

In August, it refused our September payment and, instead, sent us a default notice. Although we've called and sent it certified mail, it isn't responding.

In December 2002, we refinanced with Crown Bank. When we negotiated the loan, it agreed to exclude escrow since we always pay our property taxes ourselves, not through the lender. This is the loan that was transferred to EverHome in February this year.

If we can't sort this mess out, we could lose our home. Can Action Line assist us?

Adam Bass,


• A: We can; your home is safe.

We asked EverHome to investigate; within a couple of hours of our e-mailing it, someone from its head office called you.

''EverHome is still working through the details,'' spokeswoman Kari Scott said via e-mail a few days later. EverHome had to go back to Crown Bank to figure things out.

What it learned is that Crown Bank had forced-placed you with a flood insurance company. You never paid the premium because, first, Crown Bank never told you about it, and second, you don't live in a flood zone and had declined such insurance when you took out the loan. (Even if you had requested the insurance, it should have cost a fraction of $1,600.) When EverHome assumed the loan, it also assumed the nonexistent debt.

In the end, it took EverHome less than two weeks to sort out what never should have happened in the first place.
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Joe B

     WOW, it never ceases to amaze me how far the bast**ds will go to steal from us! Great find!

     Everyone else, start looking for false claims of flood insurance;  ESPECIALLY if you are actually in a flood zone!! I bet this is the first place these things will come out in large numbers. Good grief! Then, if it works on these victims, they will spread out the program to defraud others!

     I am actually surpised it started in AZ...

     AG, grateful for the heads-up; I am going to re-check my monthly statement right now!

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Adam Bass? Not the same im sure.

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     Just checked.....the Pres & CFO of Everhome is BLAKE WILSON - formerly of that world famous PREDATORY MTGE RACKETEERING CO HOMESIDE LENDING!! >> Wilson was FIRED when Natl Australia Bank (Homeside's Parent Co) got wind of the PREDATORY SCAMS (that's right! >> BOGUS Force-Placed Insurance & Late Fees!!) Homesidysfunctional was running - but he was never PROSECUTED because NAB had some of their own Predatory Skeletons in the closet back in Australia HQ...!  BEST BET is to REFI away from Everhome as quickly as possible...if you value your sanity & peace of mind!........
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What I found freaky is how fast EverHome got to the bottom of it all after the press got involved. Calls and certified letters from the borrower hit the wall but the press gets results within TWO hours! Sounds like EverHome was going to ignore the borrowers and take the house without the "intervention". I wish everyone here had an Action Line.

Yeah, I noticed the name, too. It would be a bit weird if the same Adam Bass we all know about had to go to the press to fix his mortgage, lol. Does THE Adam Bass live in Homestead, FL? I can't remember.

Amazing how the same crooks continue to bob up. Is this fraud an addiction? It is like once they start they cannot stop....must place fake insurance....must con someone...

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If I remember correctly, one of the very first things that was addressed when Day 1 of my case began was Harmon's objection to having CBS' camera and crew in the court room. Their argument to the judge was something along the lines of the case not being "newsworthy".

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