Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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philly joe
Good afternoon,awhile ago i posted that my 6 yr legal battle with litton had been resolved after their counsel saw the errors that were so abundant in the handling of the account that they resigned from the case and urged litton to modify,after reviewing and twiking the numbers we arrived at what i consider a fair figure that came to one sum at 7% interest.the docs were signed and noterized in oct ,first payment due dec.Now less then 3 months
since then i recieved a default letter stating that feb payment was not received,after 3 hrs on the phone this morning They admitted that they recieved my feb payment on jan 29 but applied it to corp advances and escrow accts which would make sense if this was an escrow acct bearing mortgage which it isnt all insurance and taxes are paid and not due again till summer of 2009 ,the corp advances total 9000.00 which they cant explain what they are from what i can see they have received my due payments held them in suspense and then applied them to non existnent accts so say  dec was 5 .00  they held that till jan then took jans 5.00 and used 2.00 to make up dec then used most of febs 5.00 towards late fees etc ,which leaves feb unpaid then sent a default letter asking for 5.00 plus 4.00 in penalty which in turn makes march payment 9.00 plus 5.00.I belive gary had similiar probs with his case I ma not sure wether to be pro active and go into court on monday and file suit for breach of contract or wait and send my monthly payments as due and wait for them to start legal action based on their false acct.
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I’d say be pro active.  Waiting for them to pull the plug may be not be in your best interest if they find out that you knew of the problem but did nothing.  You may think that they have no way of knowing, but one little slip in a deposition by you, or production of documents, could let the cat out of the bag.


Plagiarizing one frequent posters closing line – Only my opinion.

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Jr and his minions wait with bated breath on these forums.

I'll bet that they take awful good notes as to what we say here.

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Philly:   I had the same thing happen to me, started in 2002, first foreclosure, Sr. Larry Litton and I spoke direct after I filed a counter claim against them, they modified my loan, reduced my percentage from 12 to 8%, the following month after the modified loan was agreed to and signed by  Jr Larry Litton a/k/a "Blake" Litton, they pre paid the law firm to file a second foreclosure 6 months later!  That's right pre paid the foreclosure 6 months in advance.  In addition they refused to credit checks, even bank checks (Certified) and delivered by Certified mail.  The law firm that filed the foreclosure stated in the complaint that I had not made any payments from December through April.  Litton only had a few problems, they had cashed two certified checks in December, two in March, and the April check they held, filed the foreclosure on the 18th of April, and returned the April (Certified Check) in June! Uncashed!
Now I have three separate payment histories manufactured by Litton Loan, along with three copies of three different mortgages, and forged signatures.
Philly, lets talk, contact me.  I'm sure you were also being billed $9,999.90 for the foreclosure's.  I was billed twice for this and Litton Loan indicated it was for "LEGAL REFERRAL FEE'S"  a violation of Section 8 HUD! 
They repeat the same process, because its on the old "RADAR" computer system. 
And the above is just for starters! 
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4 Justice Now
The fact that these bottom feeding scumbags aren't rotting in a prison somewhere is such a very sad commentary on our so-called judicial system.

They should be stamping out license plates and/or breaking up rocks, not destroying the lives of honest, hard working citizens.

My opinion.

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