Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Hello there, I am newbie just joining this forum after researching via the web on this matter, thought it was time to start sharing and discussing issues with other folks. Perhaps even be able to do something about it.

I am interested in learning more about "mortgage servicing", in particularly on how it was allowed to be created in the first instance knowing full well how these firms make their profits. That question is based on my little research that mortgage services firms basically make money on "fees", perhaps they also have an interest in certain properties if they go into foreclosure? Perhaps they can pay off the mortgage and keep the rest?I don't know to be honest. 

Either way, didn't the group or persons who allowed a mortgage provider to sell and control their servicing division to a third party ever think for one moment that it would indeed be detrimental to the home owner? I mean, how do the mortgage servicing firms make their money after all?  Do they even receive a set wage per account from the actual lender on an account basis, or do they work on commission only? I bet its the latter. Who was responsible to allow this entity to be created?

We were unfortunate enough to have our mortgage serviced by Carrington Mortgage services for the last 2 years now ( from B of A), they have been nothing but predatory from the get go. All of their predatory moves are actually lawful as far as I can tell, however predatory nonetheless, almost as if they want you to foreclose. I have many actual examples which I wont bring up now. Latest one being that they are "forcing" us to use direct debit for their payments, else they will start to charge a "servicing fee" for using online payments . Before that, screwing around with escrow calculations and dates which fall in their favor.. unfair online payment fields, one actual example, they claimed they never received a payment once as I was late, after research it was concluded ( by them not me ) that I had entered my account number in incorrectly, had missed one number from acc field but RT number was entered correctly online. Interestingly their payment website only allows you to enter DDA and ACC number in one field thus not being able to verify for typos unlike all other payment websites Ive ever come across. I actually lodged a formal complaint/case via  which I got from reading , ( i wasnt looking for relief ) they still charged me a late fee, but since then have not received any solicitating phone calls - which I was not making my complaint about funnily enough. 

I think my anger after all these things occured, were primarily focused on the actual servicer itself, but as time passed I realized that my focus should be on how this was allowed to occur in the first place. After all, isn't it in the mortgage servicers interest to charge fees when ever possible? I would have thought that the government or whoever was responsible to allow this entity to be created and exist would have favored the homeowner, at best be neutral. Looks to me as if this entity was created for one purpose only,  to favor anyone other than the homeowner. So much for "saving homes" I guess.

Also, this made me somewhat happy. I wish I had an attorney as a neighbor also, how they managed to prove it was illegely done is beyond me.

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Take a screen shot of the web page you are making your payments on and print it out. Every time you speak to someone write down their personal information, the day and time you spoke to them and what you spoke about. Record the conversation if possible. Keep all correspondence, no matter how small it may seem. There are numerous ways to keep track of their record keeping. Hope this helps.
Lyn W
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Texas Special

I really feel like maybe I should change my name to Dorothy since I've been left in Oz here in  St. Louis. As I grew up a naive child about the world in which I live. I never could of imagined the story I'd uncover growing up as a child. They about drove my grandmother nuts and are trying to do the same to the rest of us who have a clue as to what the hell their doing.  

So after having a difficult childhood I quit High School. Got a GED. Went to secretarial school. All to have skills that would qualify me for a job to live in today's society. I'm  a good person. As I believe we all put our pants on the same way. It's not money that makes a person. It's a person that makes the money. We're all indoctrinated to believe in good honest things. To do right vs wrong. 

Actually the trustees run asset management companies. They lie about their capability to sell mortgage notes. Once a note is in default their not supposed to sell it. But they do. They also lie about what their contracts with these servicers actually hold. They get by with many levels of fraud upon every American unsuspecting of such things. In my job I was a top third party mortgage collector for both Chase and Citi. For 2.5 years it was a decent job. I got paid an hourly wage and a commission based on the amount I collected. I competed with a man month in and out for 2.5 years for the best numbers in the whole agency month in and out.

Then I got to start the unraveling of the whole world as I knew it. Come to find out the Collection Agency I worked for NARS-National Asset Recovery Services, Inc their board of directors are over 35 of America's top law offices putting fraud into the court knowing its FRAUD. THE whole scenario of this fraud started prior to my birth!!!! I'm 48..

Any service or help for people really doesn't seem to exist. Especially, if you fight! But I know they track us via DNA. They stole our bloodline identities prior to BIRTH!!! I never as a child looking with my grandmother could of ever imagined such a story. But it's my life and I'm living it. At least until they knock me off. God FORBID we get to the bottom of all the heists of AMERICAN'S!

It doesn't matter the servicer! Or the TRUSTEE, OR THE JUDGE CORRUPT IS CORRUPT! 
Now my starting point has been directed towards the beginning of America. As I get to play a role in their CORRUPT SIDESHOW. UNTIL I'M DEAD. It's so nutty to claim I'm the great grand daughter of a "World Famous Fictional Character" of who you probably even know by her fictional name of "Katie Scarlet O'Hara" that or you've heard of the movie "Gone with the Wind"

Only come to find out my family was far from fictional! Just so happens my uncle was the miner for the man over the 1st Holding Company in all America! and has two patents he did. The story is so marvelous I've written a book titled just the opposite titled "American Gold Never Gone."

As come to find out I'm from a family of "Living Legends" can you imagine finding such things out!????? As William C. Whitney was over many things in NYC. The bio goes on and on for any of the characters in my book?

Can you imagine going to court with a way to pay? Or even a way to stop the financial crisis and benefit people?   That's what I thought having a "Fiduciary Duty" meant. Treat other's the way you'd want to be treated.  Reality is they don't want such ingenious input. Your made an enemy of the people you tried to help!  Betrayed by everything you were ever taught. It never mattered I had a way to pay. As had they not stolen my bloodline identity I'd be a "Billionaire" today!
  Guess the ??? is what are the real names behind such people as 

Edmund Jackson Davis
Britton Davis
Captain Jack Crawford
Abe Lincoln
William C Whitney
Katie O'Hara
Billy the Kid
Jesse James
Sidney Howard
Johnny Howard-Owner of the Hollywood Sideshow
Charles Howard 
Patrick Durack-Standard oil references gold mining patent, provided stone for courthouses all over Texas, 1st rolling mill on Cotton Belt railroad, Helped build 1st steel bridge in world. Just so happens to be in Howard County MO
Jock Whitney aka John Hay Whitney-The son of Helen Hay, John Hay's daughter-Abe's right hand man.
Standard Oil- John D Rockefeller

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Now the scamming scum are forcing folks to pay a convenience fee for online payments. Who allowed this to happen I ask?

I really hope this two bit ethically moral free firm goes to pot, the day it does will be the best day of my life. 

More antics and feedback from others regarding Carrington MS

Interesting how some folks in the link above mentioned "miscalculated" escrow fees. 

That is the first thing they did when they started servicing my account over two years ago, their escor projection fell short thus resulting in an increase in mortgage payments. After careful analysis and comparing my escrow analysis with previous Bank of America ones, I noticed that Carrington was calculating the hazard and home insurance premiums to be deducted one month before actual due month. 

Calling Carrington Mortgage Services proved futile since, they said that they were within their rights to deduct from 2 months from actual date, which like I said works at only increasing ones mortgage payment. Another rule , another loophole these scammers exploited. 
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