Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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The interest amount of mortgage is wrong

Dear everybody!
My name is Minkew.
I got home mortgage loan from ING in April 2th last year.
Interest rate was 6%.
The amount was $488,000.
So monthly payment is $2,440.
The interest was $2,359.78 in April because of 29 days, and 8 months payment $19,520.
Total is gonna be $21,879.78
But ING sent wrong statement for form 1098 for tax year 2007.
There is $19,439.78 amount.
I couldn't believe it.
I checked history of my bank account.
There is not a problem.
When I call En~~~who is manager in loan department, she said "I don't know what's going on..."
"But I'll check, can you call on Monday?"
It was on Thursday. Wow ~~~ it's very fast....
I thought it's not only my problem.
If they made 1,000 times mistakes, the amount is a lots like $2,440,000.
They are not gonna pay tax about the amount.
I want to ask everybody.
Please!!! check your interest amount!
If someone has same problem, please send e-mail or leave message.
WHY we pay tax for them?

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As I understand it you have an INTEREST ONLY MORTGAGE (NOT A GOOD IDEA!).

The discrepancy seems to be precisely $2,440, which is ONE PAYMENT.  What is MOST LIKELY is that they have found some PRETEXT to NOT credit one of your mortgage payments and instead place it in some sort of "suspense" account.  Oh, they KEPT YOUR MONEY, but they didn't "apply it" to interest or principal.  They are probably now also CLAIMING that you owe them for one or more LATE FEE.  Classic MS Fraud.

But everyone should also bear in mind that your 1099 is going to reflect amounts PAID in a tax year rather than amounts ACCRUED in that tax year.  If you paid the last payment AFTER the 1st of the new year, even if it ACCRUED the prior year, then the amount will NOT appear on the 1099.

The first scenario described above is most likely.

You need to IMMEDIATELY send a RESPA Qualified Written Request (QWR) Letter to the servicer.  (Search on QWR within this Forum for some additional guidance and suggestions!)
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Thank you for the answer!

I paid all of them in a tax year 2007 and also I talked the servicer.
I just think that this kind of problem is frequency so I want to know it is possible to do tax-dodging or no.
Thank you again.
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Fed Up
Please read Mr. Roper's suggestions above. 

Also have you written a certified letter under RESPA requesting a "detailed" history of your mortgage servicing?  You checked the history of your "bank account"  that's great, but what history does ING have? 

I would personally recommend doing an accounting/ledger of your mortgage.  Keep every scrap of paper, envelope, a ledge of your phone conversations, i.e., date, time and person talked to.  When going thru my debacle, I had even kept a video tape that the MS sent, which at face was junk, but was invaluable come litigation time. 

My personal situation was exactly this:  They received timely payment, but it sat on someone's desk (accidential?) until it was late. 

So they deducted the late fee from the payment, so now I'm short! 

Note that is practice is contrary to law, they should have applied the payment and billed me for the late fee. 

So I have a short payment, they throw it into a "suspense" account - key word that Mr. Roper wrote. 

Then the nightmare began that took us 5 years to get out of.  I would not be thinking "tax dodging here" but rather MSF. 

Good luck to you,
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