Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Although I had singled out John Edwards (D NC) as having the best

platform regarding mortgage servicing fraud, I knew I'd never vote for him.

I'm now reasonably sure I'm voting for John McCain. He’s got a military

position in step with mine and he’s pro-life.

     But the subject at hand is MSF and here McCain comes up semi okay

but lacks a definitive outline.  He unlike most Republicans does not favor

these tax and giveaway programs that the Democrats embrace. But

he does say that he is for a limited bail out for foreclosed homeowners

(which I disagree with) IF President Bush’s plan fails.. I’m a former GOP

State Delegate and we gave $200 to Bush’s campaign.  I would step in

front of the bullet to protect him as I would any US President.


But let’s get real!  Bush has no mortgage crisis plan. Anyone who took the

trouble to read Bush’s (har-har) plan on the mortgage crisis knows it is

extremely narrow and designed to help only a chosen few.  I hate to admit

it but “The President’s plan” was/is nothing but a cosmetic appeasement.


Excuse me while I get down off of this soap box which I never intended to

mount.. I know what I want for MSF is stiffer penalties and strict monitoring

followed by NO BAIL OUTS for the mortgage charlatans and no bail outs for

the foreclosure victims other than unemployment and welfare to those justly

entitled to same.

      Does anyone know what candidate IF ANY espouses a mortgage crisis

policy that best fits the overall objectives of this Mortgage Fraud Servicing

forum?  I’m still voting for McCain but I don’t think Hillary or Obama have a

handle on what’s REALLY been going on either.. Perhaps none of them do.


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There is no candidate that is able to separate Mortgage Servicing Fraud
from Predatory Lending.

I no longer believe they just don't get it.  They get it and they've been fed enough information to put these fraudsters on trial and convict them.

The politicians, both Republican and Democrats do not want to upset
their large campaign donors.

Face the facts.  Our politicians are bought and paid for.  We've already looked at their campaign donors.

I wouldn't vote for any of them running at the present time if there were not
other issues to consider.

I did stop campaign contributions.  I get hit for both since my husband is
a republican and I am a democrat.

It is pitiful to be getting begging letters in my mailbox nearly every single
day.  I've filled out questionaire's asking what  my issues are.  I speak to the precinct workers and local candidates running for office.  I vote.

Vote for whoever you want to vote for.  It won't make much difference from a MSFraud perspective.

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