Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Gerald Celente: Banks Robbing the People

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The turmoil that has stricken Greece has spread to Romania and Ireland. This crisis may be spreading worldwide as the debt crisis continues, there have been reports that it may spread to Japan, one of the biggest economies in the world. Gerald Celente says that this is the greatest bank robbery in history and it is the banks that are doing the stealing.

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    It's called "deflation". What it really means is that many borrowers, who
understand the "game" have won the "death gamble". (ie mort-gage)
    Unfortunately, there are many "robber banks" which are stealing the
"winnings" of the borrowers who won the "death gamble".
    The "game" goes like this, you put up the deed, the lender puts up the cash. Whoever "dies" first loses. 99% of the time, the borrowers lose, because most people "die" not only broke, but in debt "up to the neck"!
Visit Probate Court and read some of the files to see first hand what I mean!
    Once in a while, historically, the borrowers win the "death gamble" because massive numbers of lenders "die" without having "lawfully assigned
the debt", therefore the "debt" dies with them, and the borrower gets to
keep his/her toys, "free and clear"! The Bible calls it a "Jubilee Year" when
all the debt slaves are set free. This happens because of the excessive greed
and stupidity of many of the lenders.
    The "vultures" of the "death gamble" game, the Robber Banks, like to swoop down and "steal" the assets of the "dead lenders" and try to foreclose
on the "winners" who are gullible enough to let them get away with it.
    To stop a "robber bank", demand that they show you a receipt for the
amount they paid for the loan. If they cant't produce one, it means they
"robbed" a "dead banks' vault! It means you won the DEATH GAMBLE!
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The Equitable One

You've been making essentially the same post on this for months. Clearly you have some strong and passionate beliefs in re the "death gamble."

Do you have any examples of this being used successfully, or proven, in the past couple of decades? If so I know I'd like to see them and I expect others here would also.

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    To answer your question, I have used it approximately 15 times and I
have stopped the foreclosures dead in their tracks. It is an argument which
wins because it is true.
    In certain cases, the "pretender lenders" have tried to defeat a defendant
by telling the Judge that he/she is trying to obtain a "free house". The "death
gamble" argument turns this accusation 180 degrees to show that it is the
pretender lender which is trying to get a "free house" not the defendant.
The defendant has "equity" in the property, the pretender lender has no
"equity" as proven by the fact it is trying to use a "phony assignment" prepared after the original lender was "dissolved".
     For example, New Century Mortgage was dissolved in late 2007 without
having assigned many of its Notes and Mortgages. One finds cases filed
in 2009 claiming New Century assigned the loan in 2009, a few days before
the servicer filed the case. WF and DB are often used as the plaintiff but
it is the Stern and other foreclosure mills who are doing this. I have won
cases against them using this argument. I have stopped the sale and gotten
cases dismissed even after a default judgement was entered on two occasions when no attorney would handle the case. The defendants came
to me as a last resort and I stopped the foreclosures using this argument.
     The argument wins because it can not be refuted. I challenge anyone
to try and refute it. It will be a great intellectual exercise!
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