Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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And a pretty big mob too.
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Must say, their agenda is quite entertaining.
Still trying to wrap my brain around what exactly they could be trying to say here:

2:15 PM - 3:00 PM

Steps for Preventing Fraud in Servicing

Taking control of mortgage fraud is one way servicers can make a difference to the bottom line when so many other things seem out of their control these days. With a 45% increase in the second quarter of 2008 from the same period in 2007, mortgage fraud is in need of some new attention from servicing and default servicing as loan mods and foreclosures proliferate.

This knowledgeable panel of fraud experts will help you tap into the steps, strategies and tools that servicers are taking to combat the increase in fraud and therefore stymie the loss of profits.


Fraud in you mean mortgage servicing fraud?  Nah.....


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4 Justice Now
If they're truly gathering together in order to find a solution that will end the fraud, they're already half way there... the only other thing they'll need is about fifty pounds of C4 in their punch bowl.

That's one party I wouldn't feel bad about crashing. Anyone interested in organizing a welcoming party?
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4 Justice Now
Well, you just have to know they're getting serious about fraud when they happen to invite speakers as noteworthy as Paul Koches, SVP & General Counsel, Ocwen Financial Corporation.

I doubt there's many others who are nearly as familiar with fraud as this guy is.

But that's just my opinion.



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Britain has decided to resolve the issue of mob attacks on banking terrorists by makiing it illegal for banks to report banking fraud. I don't think it's the victims and reporters inciting mob action it's the banking terrorists the government refuses to bring to justice.


Barclays tax documents: how Matthew Oakeshott told their lordships what we couldn't

Felicity Lawrence and David Leigh

The Guardian, Friday 27 March 2009

For the last week they have been one of the internet's worst kept secrets. They have been blogged about, debated on bulletin boards, twittered over and even published in their entirety on a whistleblowers website.

Until now, however, the Guardian has been banned from telling you as much. Under the terms of an injunction obtained by Barclays, newspapers have been prevented doing anything to "incite" or even "encourage" viewing a set of documents which appear to detail massive tax avoidance deals by the bank.

Yesterday in the Lords, Matthew Oakeshott, the Lib Dem Treasury spokesman, used parliamentary privilege to tell his fellow peers what newspapers could not. He said: "Documents leaked to the Liberal Democrats, which appear to detail systematic tax avoidance on a grand scale by Barclays, were injuncted last week.

"The Sunday Times and the Guardian had already made them front-page news and these documents are widely available on the internet from sites such as Twitter,, and Yet the Guardian had to remove them from its website and cannot tell its readers where to find them."

Oakeshott could reveal that the leaked documents were available because of the parliamentary privilege of freedom of speech, as guaranteed by the Bill of Rights 1689.

Thanks to the onrush of what Mr Justice Blake, imposing the high court gag order, called "the age of the internet" the Guardian and other media are now in a rather unusual position.

British media are allowed to report what Oakeshott said. Speeches in parliament were specifically exempted from the gag order obtained by Freshfields, Barclays City lawyers. Newspapers are also allowed to "comment" on the issue and the Barclays tax avoidance schemes contained in the documents.

But under the injunction the Guardian was ordered to use its "best endeavours" to stop the virtual whereabouts of the Barclays documents becoming widely known. A number of postings had to be deleted on its website.

Thanks to the Hansard account of the affair newspapers are now permitted to "report" on where the documents are to be found (according to Oakeshott). But while they may "comment" on the documents media organisations still can't "encourage" their readers or viewers, much less, "incite" them.

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4 Justice Now

Great post as usual. Do you know of a similar resource for obtaining data regarding corporations here in the US? 


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Thanks Jon

I'm not sure there is perfect formula to determine what the fraudsters are up to and get accurate information and statistics because the whole point behind financial fraud is off the books profits and transferring assets.

The main issue is to follow the money trail and make make a hypotheses as to the motive.  There are many sources from SEC, Wall street Journal,Bloombergs, Forbes, mortgage daily, ICP (inner city press) and there counterparts business publications, investment publications, economists Professor Roubini of RGE monitor is a good source, George Soros, Warren Buffet, Gold standard Allen  Greenspan, Hard money advocates, Ron Paul, old non-revisionist History books, The Federalist papers.

It's not so much about taking any one sources information as the truth as about separating the wheat from chaff and making sure the conclusions match the evidence and the end result. Plenty of even the best analysts sort though mountains of allegedly factual data and arrive at a dead wrong big picture conclusion though their so called facts seem to be exactly right about the situation at the immediate time frame, example Wall street quarterly profits and assets reports showing very strong fundamentals and them bam three months or even a few weeks later the whole company is B.K. and thousands or tens of thousands out of work.

One of the best sources of all is the U.S. Constitution and the role Shays rebellion played in forming it along with the statements of the founding fathers, Abraham Lincoln, Congressman McFadden, etc.

Our Constitution and the founding fathers did not know about ms fraud but they certainly predicted something very similar would happen over 200 years before it did. The founding fathers and the Constitution make it perfectly clear that we have only two options maintain sound money or accept a banking run dictatorship.

The banks gain profit and control by lending as much as possible and collecting as much interest as possible, the make even more and gain more control when the implement a fractional reserve system where the so called borrower is actually the lender paying the bank to broker the so-called borrowers assets and collect interest for the service. Under the repeal of Glass Stegal combined with the Nationwide implementation of Andrew Fastows scam of converting mortgages into securities and profiting off the books and transferring assets we have effectively had a private banking monopoly over our entire country. The implementation of derivatives based assets has accelerated the gradual transfer of assets from the people to the banks inherent in a fractional reserve economy fed by taxes which essentially war war time emergency economy that never ended after it was used to fund WWI, and goes back even further to the formation of the IRS to fund the civil war. So since 1913 on a large scale we have been living with a war time emergency banking and taxation system that was never designed to provide economic stability or transparency as the majority of the people would not choose to fund a war especially if it drags out and the military certainly doesn't want the citizens to scrutinize every purchase and source of revenue during war time. Unfortunately a system designed to raise huge amounts of money from the public with little oversight and with little public control also makes a perfect system for financial crooks to high-jack and use for their own purposes.

So I think you have to look at the facts from the perspective that under a fractional reserve system its all about using our money derived from mortgages, deposits and taxes as the banks money and that debt is considered money that will be paid back after the emergency ends. Of course the more the banks can stuff in there pockets in all the confusion and transfer where it cannot be found the more they can steal under a war time emergency type economy and get away with it.
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4 Justice Now

Thanks! I truly wish there were more honest and fair mined people like yourself in control of this government and it's major corporations (Actually, I guess it might be more accurate to say the major corporations and their government).

If there were this would certainly be a better country, one which would be striving for long term success for all it's generations and classes, not just the wealthy few. As we all know that obtaining long term prosperity is truly dependent upon us all, and certainly not just the chosen few who have sold out this country, its citizens, and every last bit of their own honor and respect, if they had any to begin with.  


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