Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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My attorney was to be included in a teleconference called for a summary of judgment with Homeq Servicings attorney and the judge. Prior to the start of the conference my attorney spoke with their attorney and was assured she would reach the judge and then conference him in. She never called back. My attorney reached the clerk of court and was told everything was finished and the judgment had been rendered. When he asked why he had not been contacted she told him Homeq's attorney said she had spoken with him and he was unavailable. My attorney tried to contact their attorney and she didn't return any calls for several days. Ten days have past which is the allowed time to set aside the judgment. Is their anything I can do?

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Your attorney should be reported to the bar association.
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My attorney was ready for the call in fact he stayed at his office and tried many times to contact Homeq's Attorney to see what the delay was. He was told she was unavailable when in fact she was on the phone with the court. She mis-informed the court I believe purposely to deny me representation. I think this is criminal. My attorney is in over his head as he usually works with attorney's that are honest. This one is not. Homeq definitely is not.

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"Ten days have past which is the allowed time to set aside the judgment. Is their anything I can do?"

So what has your attorney been doing for the last ten days???? Waiting for the phone to ring?? Is he retarded?? Instead of sitting with his thumbs in his hind end crying foul he should be filing something with the court to get the judgment set aside!!

This is insane!! Ask him how much money they paid him to play along with this because as sure as I know my own name I know there was collusion here.

If your "attorney" wants you to believe he's a victim and nothing can be done now then you need to file some serious complaints with the state bar association against BOTH attorneys AND get a new one.

Are you trying to say he's not used to dealing with dishonesty...therefore his being blindsided was unavoidable????  

Please...wake up and smell the payola before it is too late.
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This attorney is seriously injuring you. Report him to the BAR right away, detail all you can in writing. See if there is an Office of Lawyer Regulation.

GO FURTHER - draft a letter to the Judge and lable it "EMERGENCY MOTION TO STAY ORDER" and detail everything in it. Including that you fired your attorney. Put the normal heading on top such as the Plaintiff, Defendant, Case No. etc.. (just copy one you must have from various court filings).  Make sure you copy everyone involved and label this page "CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE" , this means the opposing counsel, the BAR, the Judge of course, your "old" attorney, would add the Attorney General too (call and get a person's name from that office).  Say "you move this court to stay the order until new counsel can be found".  Go to the clerk of court office and get it stamped (take several copies).  Mail out copies to all the parties.

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