Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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As I checked our court site to see what the bank is doing I see now that they are having a phone conference on Feb 28th. I did not get a  notice on this and am checking with my lawyer on this. He does now know since I made sure of it. Something I don't see on this site is the emotional toll all this puts on people. I start going thru this when the bank did exactly as it says how the banks steal your home in this site. My wife and I went thru allot of grief back then. They said we were not making our insurance payments then they took our payments to pay taxes thus making us 3 months behind. We got lucky and had a relative bail us out. But here we are again but allot further into it. We had a default judgement to foreclose on us. We jumped thru all the hoops to get a loan mod only to be denied over and over again.  Then when they did a mod it was a sham and even if would have made all the trial payments they would have foreclosed anyway just as they did on some friends of ours. I can see why some people just walk away from their homes. It is dam stressful to go thru all of this. I now have a lawyer (which I had a very hard time finding one) and I hope things work out to some solution to save our home. I find it a major fault with our system that the banks can screw things up and get bailed out but the common citizen get a different treatment. The HAMP program is just a joke to the banks. The banks do not care what so ever about the toll if places  on families. It's all about dollar signs and the rich getting richer. Sure I signed a contract and tried to honor it until I lost a major part of my income. I tried to work with the bank to make it good and all they did kick me down.  well I am not staying down and I am not leaving my house until I absolutely have to. I wish everyone who is this spot would do that. I would think that would get the banks attention. The money they would have to spend for legal services would huge.
 I want to thank all you that are helping us less educated in this field. You are a great help and it gives us hope. I be here watching and learning and hoping things work out for all of us.

Some days I feel like a number. Well dam it I'm not a number.

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Sorry I forgot to mention that the bank had the foreclosure vacated so they start all over again. I know some have seen this already on my other post.
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George Burns
We, as a society, can only blame ourselves. We got what asked for.

Employees of these banks and servicers do not care about us nor do they care about their friends, families or neighbors, in fact, they do not even care about themselves. All they care about is doing what they are told, or think that they are told. Some do what they think is what their boss wants and that boss does what they think their boss wants, when in reality none of them really knows what the boss wants. The end result is total confusion with no one knowing what they really should be doing. A real dumbing down in line with the Peter Principle.

Corporations, courts, politicians, lawyers aand doctors etc get away with incompetence and irresponsibility beause we have allowed them to feel and be above reproach and from consequences for their actions or inaction. We act as if they are special. We do this by idolising them and giving them special recognition and treatment. If we treated them as being just another person doing a job  of providing a service to uss for which we are paying them, it would create a different atmosphere and behaviour.

A doctor fixing my body is really no different from an  auto mechanic fixing my car. Because of the level of training one gets paid more than the other relative to the work done. I bet that you have no idea as to whether your doctor got As, Bs, Cs in medical school or even if he was the class dummy or had to repeat classes. His medical degree and his license were not special blessings fron god nor were they awarded for anything other than the completion of aa course of study.

The same applies to ALL professions. A degree is not awarded for competence. A profession is just a job. CEO iis just a job title. Nothing to be glorified.

Politicians and judges are public servants electe or appointed to serve us. They should constantly be reminded of this fact instead of being treated specially and given elevated status. They have no special blessing or training or supernatural powers. They simply got enough votes.

It is time to take back the power. It is by the people, for the people.
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Well said George.
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Hi Bruce

Are you located in a Judicial state or non judicial sorry if I missed it.

Best regards

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As I checked our court site to see what the bank is doing I see now that they are having a phone conference on Feb 28th. I did not get a  notice on this and am checking with my lawyer on this.

You need to read the rules and cases in your jurisdiction.  Once you retain counsel and are represented, are they required to send you any notice or motions?  I would think that serving your attorney fills this requirement.  

I think this is important to know.  If this is the case, it would be a really good idea to keep checking the Court's website (like you did) so you are aware of what is going on and to make sure the attorney doesn't drop the ball (it happens).  
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Thanks I am in wisconsin. Just finding out about registration here too so I changed my user name. Yes I do have an attorney and we are in a judicial state
They get a bailout and we get the boot.
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