Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Anyone heard of Specialized Loan servicing, Litton just sold my second to them, SLS is telling me that I can have my payment taken from my checking acct any day I decide for it to be withdrawn from my acct within the grace period. Sounds good but what effect is this going to have on my loan, if it is not there on the due date? I cant find any bad stuff on these guys anywhere, which is probably good.


Also, my 1st loan, was sold from Litton to America's Servicing Company, I here it is Wells Fargo but I can't find details on the connection. So I worry but I like to be ahead of the game that may take place. Anyone with any info will be helpful...thanks

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Patty Black

America's Servicing Company (ASC) is a subsidiary of Wells Fargo


Hope this helps:


You will have to wade through these posts and look for the ones that have Mortgage in their titles:


AND sometimes people get the name wrong:

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I have a very bad experience w/ SLS.  I don't recommend this loan servicing company. I call them and ask for help w/ my loan and they never help me on the way I expect , and they are very rude , I have to refinance to paid my loan to this bad company,  because I have to many problems w/ them , and I never going back , and never recommend this company . 

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Be careful about refinancing.


You could end up right back with them servicing your new loan and or, heaven forbid, a worse servicer. 


There are many servicers competing for the worst mortgage servicer.


Not to mention the costs to you for refinancing.  Read your mortgage

contract to find out about prepayment penalties.


Sometimes it is 2 or 3 years from the inception date.


Just another way to set you up to lose more money and keep you contracted to them.


The loan servicer only receives a small amount of money to process your loan payments.  Their contract is with the mortgage holder (owner of your loan).

These predatory mortgage servicers get to keep any fees and assessments made against your mortgage.  That includes manipulating your loan to appear

that you've made a late payment. 


That is step #1.  PMI insurance, forced hazard insurance eventhough you have your own insurance, legal fees and charges for other items in the scam.  They get to keep that money. 


You are not their customer.  The mortgage holder is their customer.


You don't have to be a rocket scientist to answer the question, Why me?

What motivates them?  In order to receive a lot more money for servicing your loan, they must make mistakes in posting your payments timely by simply holding them before posting them to make the payment appear late.


Or they will make mistakes attributing payments to principal and interest

to make your payment appear short and thus late.


You may find it troublesome for a potential originator to sign off to agree

to include "Best Practices" as an addendum. 


They way I see it, you have to protect yourself from these scammers.

Since the mortgage holder does not receive the money from the phoney,

fake, fraudulent assessment and collection of those fees charged against your loan, where's the skin off their nose?


"Best Practices" is specific on what these servicers can pull on you and really it just keeps them from mistreating you in the repayment process.


A person might think this sounds like normal business practices.  We expect to be treated fairly and surprised and angry when we are abused.


If you can get "Best Practices" included in your mortgage contract, you have just set up the servicer who wants to abuse you for a breach of contract.

If they abuse you in the ways they typically try, you'll have some legal



We have not yet been particularly successful at stopping foreclosure.

Once they get that first late fee assessment, you are on a fast track for foreclosure and fees and assessments you will not believe remotely possible.


All those fees are tacked onto your loan balance which eats your equity in a hurry.


What these loan servicers are doing should be considered criminal acts against the borrowers.  It meets my definition of a racket.


Main Entry: 2racket
Function: noun
Etymology: origin unknown
1 : confused clattering noise : CLAMOR
2 a : social whirl or excitement b : the strain of exciting or trying experiences
3 a : a fraudulent scheme, enterprise, or activity b : a usually illegitimate enterprise made workable by bribery or intimidation c : an easy and lucrative means of livelihood d slang : OCCUPATION , BUSINESS


The days are gone where all you have to do is toss your check in the mail

and forget about it until  next month.


In order to even have a chance of keeping their hands out of your pocket, it makes sense to treat them as criminals trying to steal your money long before they even try the scam.


Servicers should not be considered legitimate, ethical, professional or even

competent to handle your payments. 


I was with Fairbanks and had 16 out of 18 months where errors of attribution and once instance of them putting my entire payment into a suspense account.  They tried every trick in the book to get that late fee assessment on me.


You decide whether it is mathematically probable that a mortgage servicer could make that many mistakes in servicing a regular principal and interest payment alongwith an additional payment to principal.


How do you avoid them on the refi?


Make sure you get a conventional loan.


I suggest you print out a copy of "Best Practices" to be included with the

mortgage documents as an addendum to be signed by both parties.


This can be found in the settlement documents of United States of America v

Fairbanks Capital Corporation.


The problem with the mortgage industry is that it is corrupt from start to finish.


From what I see reported in Mortgage Daily, applications for loans are down



Can it be construed to mean borrowers stand a better chance to call the shots of what goes into a mortgage contract?


Brokers don't care.  It doesn't reduce their money as they are paid off the top of the loan when it funds.


Loan originators don't care, they resell the loan sometimes immediately.


The only entity that cares is, of course, the servicer who wants to fleece you. 


It is our responsibility to do the best we can to protect ourselves from the scammers.  By taking this step, you are putting everyone on notice that you not only expect to be treated honestly, you demand it.





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4 Justice Now



Excellent post as usual. Thx!

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What recourse do you have with ASC or any other mortgage company. Currently ASC is doing exactly what was stated. They have claimed they didn't receive three checks (on three different occasions over the past year). Finally, this third time they sent our mortgage directly to forclosure.My husband was on the phone with them from the get go trying to work out payment arrangements. He was told that when he paid a check by phone a few months back the person who took the info "forgot" to enter that it was part of a payment arrangement so that is how this all happened. NOW we are in foreclosure with NO options but to pay what they want us to pay!!!!!

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Shannon wrote:
....They have claimed they didn't receive three checks (on three different occasions over the past year). Finally, this third time they sent our mortgage directly to forclosure.My husband was on the phone with them from the get go trying to work out payment arrangements. He was told that when he paid a check by phone a few months back the person who took the info "forgot" to enter that it was part of a payment arrangement so that is how this all happened. NOW we are in foreclosure with NO options but to pay what they want us to pay!!!!!

I hate to sound redundant, but if you talk to mortgage servicers on the phone you're basically painting a huge target on your back.


I know it's tedious to do everything in writing, but losing your house is more than just tedious.



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I had no idea that ASC was so much trouble!  I found this forum by accident.  I was having problems with ASC saying my payment was not received on time so I used a trick I learned when dealing with Capital One's credit card several years ago.  The post office has a service where you can obtain proof on the date you mail.  It is similar to "Return Request" but cheaper (and no one has to sign).  I have sent payments both ways.  When ASC tried to say they didn't receive payment - I informed them I had proof from the post office of the date I mailed it and would be more than happy to e-mail a scanned copy, mail a copy or fax a copy of the receipt for their viewing.  My late charges were removed and miraculously the payment they never received was posted to my bank account that day.  We recently have had problems with catching up on our payments also.  My husband had surgery and was out of work.  We are $500 from having the mortgage caught up and I appreciate knowing that I need to get something from them stating this fact.  They sent out an inspector (which was charged to our account without our knowledge) to make sure there was someone living here and it was being kept up.  It is our fault we fell behind but it is a shame Wells Fargo has so much power.  We specifically told our broker we did not want Wells Fargo to finance our loan but of course it was sold and guess who has it.

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I agree their service sucks.  I called this morning to make a "just in time" payment (for $15) and the recording gives this website:


I haven't logged in yet to see how much help, or non-help, it is.

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Been there

Link to compalint central ASC

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I have ASC.  I have not yet had any issues with the company but have read so so many rip off stories from them.  I think that one of the reasons that I have never had issues is because for the past two years that they have had my payment, I have just paid it through my bank account online.  I have Bank of America and have learned that doing it this way, or as I have seen mentioned, with Check free- you have proof that the payment was paid.  They just cant say that they didn't get it.  Almost every bank has online banking now and its easy and pretty fast to set up.  It is the best way to deal with any lender you may have an issue with. 

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Pay your bills on time and their will never be an issue.  Since time began people who are too strapped to pay their bills get screwed over and over again -shocker.  You made a promise to pay in the hands of ASC prior to the end of business on the 15th of every month - the rediculous part is the bill is actually DUE ON THE 1st of EVER MONTH.  If you sent your payment at this time you would never have an issue with ASC.  If you can not afford your home, then sell it or if you are looking into buying a home do not stretch yourself to a point where you can not make your payments. - THIS IS SIMPLE ECONOMICS 101

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Ok, JD, what do you suggest when a home owner does make their payments on time each month, every month and still ends up looking at a foreclosure issue because the lender/servicer holds the payment until it is past due - after the 15th of the month in your example?

How about when the home owner furnishes evidence of home owners' insurance - sometimes on multiple occasions - and still gets hit with force placed insurance?
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JD, i think you have been sharing this  brand of wisdom here before....if you haven't bothered to read what this forum is about, then quit posting your unhelpful, and possibly harmful, advice.  you have missed the point of what people here have been saying and experiencing...and i am tired of pointing this out to you.  you have a closed mind and have made a decision about what you think is going on without knowing the facts. Stop, please. it's tiresome.

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Way To Go!
I would like to finish Mr. Dillon's sentence:

 . . .and the borrower does not roll over and pay for the unnecessary forced placed insurance, and by not paying causes the default.

This does not fit the definition of "not paying your bills on time".  It is called a manufactured default.
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4 justice now

Perhaps, it would be best just to ignore posts such as JD's which, are obviously presented on behalf of the greedy, non-ethical at best, criminal mortgage servicing industry by their cowardly and moronic pitchman. 
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Unfortunately, 4j, sentiment such as JD's needs to be addressed. Although I'm sure JD is simply trolling here that train of thought definitely exists in the general public - and to a certain extent it is valid. Obviously, though, it doesn't apply to MSF victims.

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I think you guys pinned his ears back just fine.

Pay your bills?

For each every poster who thinks this mortgage servicing fraud has anything to do with making payments on time, I have the proof in my file folder ready to go to court if anyone really needs it.

I have the proof that I paid each and every payment on time,in full, no late
payments, no bouncing checks from the inception of the loan to the full
repayment of my loan.

The only mistakes that were made were made by Fairbanks and not me.

As far as I can remember there are others with the same story.

This guy' rude, nasty, unethical, mistaken viewpoint can only be that
of someone involved with one of the servicers or one of the other players
that snatch unearned money from the borrower.

Mortgage Servicers receive about $5.00 a month for processing your check
timely, properly attributed. 

That adds up to $60.00 a year. 

So, that is why they have become known as a fee generation industry.
In order to make any money, they need these late fees, and all the other
fees that they can get away with.


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Hey Guys,

JD, you need to have an explanation about manufactured default, check out my case on PACER in Knoxville District Court.

If you don't know what PACER is, just ask anyone on this forum how to find it.  Unlike you, most of us have a brain.


Hey Mike,

Hope things are going well.  You or J email me sometime.  I have something to tell you.

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4 justice now



I happen to know that you’re quite a clever guy and that you have been dealing with this sort of B.S. much longer than I. So, I’ll have to take your word for it my friend. At the time, I just didn’t think there would be value in responding to such offensive, obtuse drivel.





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Don't sweat JD!!! JD is a plant! working for the Terrorists, just check out his IP#, and who he works for, its a very interesting trail!!!
JD, has used a number of names here before and other computers, however they come back to the same! 
JD I not only know who you are, and where your working, and for whom!  We will be talking with your employer sometime in the near future!   Thanks for comments! 
Guys remember what I told you about plants here, and their use of this site as collecting data, comments, and using them in litigation against them in courts.  Im very much looking forward to mine,  JD we just may reach out and touch with a request for your appearance in one or more of the pending litigation cases! 
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4 justice now
My guess would be that his IP address usually originates somewhere in Florida but I really don't feel like it's worth the effort to track. Like you said he's nothing to be concerned about at all.


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Gary is so right about plants.  I e-mailed a person on this board needing some info and the mail went to the person and when the info was sent back to me it was intercepted by a MORTGAGE COMPANY and then sent back to me.  Start checking at the bottom of your e-mails and all the IP`s and you will see this happens a lot.  Be sure to keep a copy of your e-mails that have been tampered with on a disc. It could be helpful later on.

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Lea Williams wrote:
I agree with Kim their service sucks.  Ive called Saturday and Sunday morning to make a "just in time" payment for this month (for $15) and the recording gives this website:

I haven't logged in yet to see how much help, or non-help, it is.
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