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Special zones urged for people who sleep in RVs, cars in Venice

Spencer Weiner / Los Angeles Times
Venice is a popular spot for parked motor homes.
L.A. Councilman Bill Rosendahl says the sites could be city property, church parking lots, industrial areas and other places away from neighborhoods.
By Phil Willon and Martha Groves
January 22, 2009
Tough economic times have spilled onto the streets of Venice, which has become a favorite place to park for scores of otherwise homeless people living in cars and campers. The practice has ignited a mini-uprising among residents living in the pricey coastal community.

The number of cars and recreational vehicles has swelled so much over the last year that Councilman Bill Rosendahl, who represents the city's coastal areas, has proposed creating special zones away from neighborhoods where people can sleep in their vehicles.

"The community has been going ballistic," Rosendahl said. "They can't park their own cars. Some of the folks who live in their cars and in campers defecate and urinate outside and create other issues of quality of life and health."

His proposal, similar to programs in Santa Barbara and Eugene, Ore., would allow the cars and recreational vehicles to park in select "municipal properties, parking lots of churches or community-based organizations, industrial areas and other areas that would have minimal impact on residential communities."
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Then maybe Rosendahl should get with these people and the Feds and stand up for what is going on. If it's because of foreclosures than maybe him and the Attorney General should stand together.

It's going to get worse than this........
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It already is.  Most just don't know it.

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are these places where i can go and be able to feel at home ,  i do have my card board boxes as my shelter , but , those rv's look very beautiful and homey ..  do they have showers , the last time i showered was before christmas.
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Big Mac

Thats sad...

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