Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Time to notify President Bush and the Justice Department that Justice is NOT Just us!

They have no authority to violate our constitutional rights

October 29, 2007

By Willowdean Vance (View author info)
Copyright Willowdean Vance

Payson, Arizona -

I do not see how the state of Maryland allowed a judge to violate the Due Process rights of proper notification etc in the case of Joyce Griffin See: • Homeowners Facing Mortgage Foreclosures Denied Constitutional Right to Proper Notification - Appeal Argues That Maryland's System for Home Foreclosures Tramples Due Process - October 28, 2007 - By Public Citizen

The State of Maryland has made a mockery of our constitutional rights and I suggest each reader clip this AHRC headline story out and mail it to a senator from your home state requesting they demand a hearing of the Banking and Housing Committee in the United States Congress.

Federal Law is number one and if we allow any state to violate our Federal rights. The Bill of Rights is dead and as a World War Two widow and mother of two Vietnam Vets I highly resent the pain my family suffered as members of the military to defend our constitutional rights when every mail brings evidence that many of these rights are no longer honored by our president or our congress.

Shame on all citizens who remain silent while these property rights continue to be destroyed.

It's time for all of us to notify President Bush and the Justice Department that Justice is NOT Just us...and they have no authority to violate our constitutional rights unless they want to set the stage for a new civil war...which has been predicted.

I for one, as military widow pray this prediction is wrong but every-time we allow any Homeowner Association arrogant lawyer to take the law in their own hands and deny any homeowner any property right, we increase the risk...

You cannot honor the Bill of Rights if you allow any elected official, judge or not, to trample on them for any citizen,because their loss is our loss in the most precious citizenship right rights...which my ancestors honored so much when they put their life on the line to cross the ocean in 1607 from England when ships at sea were not safe to sail and the unknown land of the eagle was unexplored.

Please honor the sacrifices our ancestors paid by reminding your own senators and representatives that they are all under oath to honor ALL constitution rights. Tell them that if they do not wish to honor their oath, please resign and save us the work to recall them!

HOA disputes cannot be allowed to destroy the property rights of any American homeowner.

It is time to conduct a nationwide survey on this important issue and find out which officials uphold our rights and which ones are willing to sell us out, then publish the name of all violators who dishonor their oath to uphold the best constitution ever written.

Willowdean Wootten Vance
for the protection of ALL constitutional rights, not just Due process ...
Payson, Arizona

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I agree under Bushes watch the Constitution has been shredded.

No one is more guilty covering the trail of and aiding financial criminals than President Bush who made Roland Arnall the Ambassador of the Netherlands to escape prosecution.

The President also allowed the Kelo vs. New London ruling to go through with little protest from him and he made the absurd statement that he didn't support allowing property taking by businesses and private parties for profit so he would not allow the government to take Private property for profit.

The Supreme court is independent and it was liberal judges who ruled to grant private corporations and parties the right to take our property and businesses  but the executive branch has the responsibility to protect and enforce the Constitution.

If we have no property rights - we literally have no rights at all.

To be forced into summary judgment and arbitration is Unconstitutional as well the Key cornerstone of the Constitution is to set us free of Feudalism and debt slavery.

The bankers forced us into debt slavery though monarchies. It seems like history is repeating itself as we are willing to give up our rights and freedoms for the sake of the convenience of a powerful central government which "protects" us and provides our food, clothing, shelter, and jobs.

We have right to a trial by jury in property disputes and guarantee of free "bond, interest and mint fee free" intrinsic value coins regulated though Congress.
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