Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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i know of a guy that has been going through this mortgage crap he makes videos on utube (roland arnal rapist and murderer of the american dream)he fights hard for all of us he also knows a guy that pretty much told his mortgage co to go pound sand and he dont owe them a red cent and that the loans are bogus there were no moneys transfered on them just paper to trade on .and hasnt payed on his mortgage in 5 years they dont even try with the guy nomore
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    The "Wall Street" Motto has been until recently, "With so many gullible
goyim around, it's like picking money off a tree!"
     Obviously, this guy is no "gullible goy". He sounds like a decendant of the
"Boys of Boston Bay"!
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I was doing some investigating...I'm curious is there a chance Citi has sold your note and such? I just found a document in a banko case I was looking at that shows Citi just sold some notes either in Jan/Feb to American Home Mortgage at 4600 Regent Blvd #200 Irving TX...75063

Just trying to remember who owns them probably anothe scummy banker

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Ours has been solid so many times, it is hard to keep track.....It was sold in the past month and it was with Citi so if anybody is keeping track and the last time they checked and it was with Citi , they might need to check again.

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This crap just doesn't stop...I'M digging for info...Anyway on one document they say that they sold it and servicing of the same will be transferred effective 1/1/09...
The next one just speaks of servicing being given to American Home Mortgage...Nothing about actually selling the debt to Amer Home Mortgage...This was done in court records...

So I went to our county website to see what it says about the property...It shows they originated a debt with Argent (yea) on 8/15/06...The assignment wasn't recorded from Argent to Citi until 1/23/09  but somehow effective as of 3/1/07...This is a document drafted by a Citi Atty I think...Strange its not the regular assignment document...Which means its probably a manufactured assignment on over a $300,000 debt...

I went to the records in Fed Court...They don't even have any signed documents in on the proof of claim...Oh I'm sorry except that says somehow that Citi is a servicer for the real creditor who is Secured Creditor Liquidation Properties..

Now we all know that  they've made a mess...My god how is a homeowner to figure out crapola?

Originated with Argent then somehow to this other company with no where to find info on them..then to citi and who ever else they've involved...this looks really screwy...Anyone ever heard of this Secured Creditor Liquidation Properties Inc?

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in my case they know i can pay .but i cant restructure if i have no mortgage co to work with & the servicer is a dirtbag all they had to do is take the 240.000.00 that was offered to them instead they said no ?then 2 weeks after offered 180.000.00  after they got rid of my guy jeff blais @ the mortgage group 401-490-2704 hes a good guy he got it done no bs and was mad when i told him he might be abble to help some of you guys out
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