Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Last night during my troubled sleep, all my sleep seems troubled these days, as I even think about the mortgage mess in my sleep - I kept thinking the phrase "sold to fear, sold to fear"  I thought I was dreaming about an article title for an article I might write...well, here it is.  I woke up thinking sold to fear meant that as our loans were sold over and over again, with each servicer taking a bite out of our lives, that as we were sold we needed to be afraid.  But that's not what it meant.

This morning, as I was talking to my elderly client's wife (I am a home health aid), we were talking about this unfolding mess and she asks me each time we talk "why are people so crooked?" and "why would someone do THAT?"  Today, my answer surprised me.  I remembered when the interest rates first started coming down and the doors to home ownership were flung wide open soon after - September 11th. 

That event drove straight down the road called fear.  We've let alot of decisions blindly follow.  And it's the only reason I can make any sense of for why this is happening.  People are stealing and hoarding.  Actions that stem from a fear of lack.  A thief is not REALLy a confident person.  If they had any faith in having their needs met, they would not need to steal.  Are we now, as a race of men, so fearful of not having enough that we will stop at nothing to secure it for ourselves?  It being enough and more than enough, just to be safe!  It hasn't been enough yet, apparently.

So where does that leave me?  My faith says one thing, my mind another.  But in the thread where I said I would promise to be a light in the world and beenawhile decided to put up the Christmas decorations, I could see a light quite clearly through all of the fear.  Suddenly I felt inspired to put up my own decorations, and to write this post.

I may have been sold the story of fear, but that is NOT what I believe in my heart of hearts.  No, no - I believe in the light.  I DO believe in the goodness of men.  I am not excusing their crimes and I will continue to seek justice.  If they were truly acting in fear, if we are all acting in fear, wouldn't the answer to that be light?  Could we not take each other by the hand and start telling ourselves a new story?  Start telling each other "we're ok and we're going to be ok."  We were sold to fear, we do not need to be chained in the slavery of fear.

I apologize if some reading this are still too freshly worn by the pain of this experience to want to hear what it is that I am saying.  I just wanted to share some light, that's what I'm ultimately working towards when I am not moonlighting as a MS Fraud whistleblower LOL, I'm also an aspiring minister and life coach.

With my fresh start in Chapter 7, which has prompted a budget restructuring for my husband and I, this time we want to do things right, I think I will make sure that this budget includes money for starting ministry classes.  I have occasionally led services at my church and one of my best messages I ever gave IMHO was about how crap in our lives, the manure we all find stuck to the bottom our shoes occasionally, also happens to be the best fertilizer that nature provides.  Out of the ugliest, smelliest, crappiest moments we face can come breathtakingly beautiful new growth. 

I just hope as we all continue to face this challenge and emotional, and financial, setback that you can know that I am here, offering a hand and telling you "we're ok, we're all going to be ok"  and folks, light up your houses!  Even if it's the last time for the home you are now in, don't let FEAR prevail and steal your joy any longer.

Know that your worth far exceeds that of any money that fear can buy, or in this case, steal.  As the song says "til he appeared, and the soul felt it's worth."   Merry Christmas everyone.

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Well spoken my dear!  What a terrfic outlook its as though you spoke not only from your heart but from the heart of many of us in this situation.
God Bless You!
Merry Christmas!

"Be the LIGHT you want to see in this world!

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I'm speechless and dont know what to say, you explained everything perfectly.  

You have described exactly how i've felt, and feel.
For two nights now I've been stagnent with fear. I havent been able to continue my work, because im an emotional mess.

I really like what you've written, and think that your post would be an excellent "INTRODUCTION"
maybe with a little addition (to explain what mortgage servicing fraud is for those who dont know yet) But of course that all depends on the message your wanting for your book.

It's a great start, and I'm sure it will be a  must read book!

The ministry is a wonderful idea, i hope you will follow your heart. You have done an excellent job with soul inspiration on the board for me.

Once I recover from this emotional distress, I will stand taller, & proud they can NOT ever take away my beliefs in whats right, and they can NOT ever take away, What Christmas is about........... this holy light!

Go forth & prosper April, if you've found the path........ TAKE IT!
May God Bless your family, and keep you safe and warm.

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