Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Shocked' Greenspan says he made 'mistake'
Former Federal Reserve chairman testifies before House panel that there is a flaw in the existing financial model.

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He's liar Allen Greenspan wrote extensively about how the Fed/IRS is a Ponzi scheme designed to strip productive citizens of wealth and transfer the assets to the poor creating a firewall between the middle and upper middle class and the elites.

He went on to explain how the depression was caused by transferring U.S. gold to England to artificially support socialism, the industrialists get rich off of funding poverty and punishing success because they control the resources and make a fortune off of the interest payments to fund the social programs.

The lenders biggest source of income is funding wars and social programs and of course social programs create wars by creating artificial class warfare that could never exist without government subsidies.

The U.S. though IRS funds is extensively involved in propping up socialist/communist/dictatorships
and funding poverty worldwide that would not exist on the scale it does without our "foreign aid" that keeps people around the world trapped in poverty and under the thumb of violent dictators though IMF and world bank loans which Wolfowitz the architect of the Iraq war was transferred to.

Here's a simple recipe the Banks use for creating maximum profits strip middle class of wealth though progressive tax rate give it to the poor so they have a far higher population than natural level and the middle class are prevented from reaching the top level and reproducing because they must support the needs of the poor. Once the poverty and hatred begins to simmer add more poverty through government funding using paper money. Cook up some propaganda in a separate dish until well done that makes the poor feel entitled, under-privileged and angry, add to mix. Start war based on class warfare, race or religion etc. and get rich off of financing the war and materials shortages such as ammunition, metals, oil, food etc.

For some extra zest and extreme profits add derivatives and speculation based profits to the mix and profit from market volitilitycreated by energy, food, medical,
housing, job and credit shortages created by social programs, bring to a full boil by adding war.

For the recipe to work well it's vital to convince groups with the same interests such as the business owner and the employees and especially the purchasers of their goods and services to develop a natural hatred of each other or the mix will homogenize and will not require the addition of debt and government funding creating no profits for the banks and multinational corporations.

Another key ingredient is to create sex based warfare this has many benefits for the lenders and multinational corporations it doubles the work force allowing big corporations to get labor for half the cost, and prevents the middle class from doing a good job raising children so that the middle class is prevented from gaining enough wealth to support the poor own their own so that government and bank made financing must be added.

The basic point of the recipe because it gets a little complicated is to have the government and multinational corporations create as big of a crises as possible so that the crises can only be solved though big bank loans, rather than though the natural process of mutual cooperation,voluntary sharing,  social and church groups.

It's very important to keep stirring the mix or it will cease to require profit making infusions of cash and government assistance, drugs, alcohol abuse and domestic violence are good added ingredients to kick things up a notch.

Some good code words for selling the recipe to the public are social justice, fighting poverty, equality etc., but we the crooked politicians, bankers and multinational corporations need to keep the recipe defined as eugenics though Satanism.
The main point is to create a poor, helpless confused, uneducated permanent underclass so the elites can rule the world, property rights and the rule of equal law creates harmony and wealth for the masses so they must be destroyed and replaced with mob rule better known as democracy, socialism, fascism, and communism.

Since Jesus attacked the money changers and they are the banks arch enemy we also must destroy Christianity it's all outlined in our master recipe Marxism which explains the key ingredients are progressive tax rate, state control of children though public schools, promotion of social vices, elimination of property rights, elimination of gold silver and savings based economy, destruction of the middle and upper middle class, replace religion with the state, class/gender warfare, replace social responsibility and community sharing with government supplied goods and services and agenda.

If the recipe starts to go bad just listen to the communist national anthem imagine by John Lennon and will help you focus on rounding up the sheeple though deception, it may actually make you feel like you are helping the lost dupes.

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Collins you need some professional help.
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I take it you haven't read much Greenspan, IF so which of his writings have you read?

He clearly and methodically describes the purpose of the FED/IRS is to fund socialism.

Allen Greenspan also clearly and methodically described how the Fed created the depression by transferring U.S. gold to England to support England's social programs at our expense. In 1913 Congress transferred control of the U.S. economy and and banking system from transparent, government coined, interest free, fixed value, inflation free, gold and silver to private banking interests termed the Federal Reserve the IRS was created to fund the civil war and expanded to fund the Federal Reserve government system on the eve of WWI.

Allen Greenspan clearly and methodically describes the FED/IRS as a Ponzi scheme designed to strip wealth in a stealthy and deceptive manner even though perceived by the uneducated public as beneficial and necessary. The public percieves expanded business and trade as a benefit even though it is debt and inflation based and subject to boom and bust cycles and like the benefits of goverment backed social services even though in reality the interest payments and governet struture actually strip the citzens wealth the general pubic is willing to trade long term prosperity and independece for short term security and benefits.
Think of how much more money citizens and busineeses would have if they kept and invested the huge sums of social secuirty money for themselves, yet the fear of having nothing overides the desire to keep and invest assets.

The Bank of England paper money system was created to fund full scale ware-fare which resulted in the exodus of debt slaves to the United States. The majority of European U.S. residents came here as indentured servants to pay of the debts and poverty created by the Bank of England. The Bank of England style Fed/IRS system we have that was created on the eve of WWI in order to stealthily transfer large amounts of U.S assets to arm Europe for a war we did not officially support.

Allen Greenspan was knighted the Knight commander of the British empire for his service to the Queen while serving as the U.S. Fed Chairman.

Samuel and Prescott Bush were arms merchants who worked for English bankers that transferred U.S. assets to Germany to prepare for WWI and WWII.
In 1942 Prescott Bush was convicted of trading with the enemy for transferring war materials such as steel though the Netherlands to Hitler through English, German and Netherlands banking connections through Fritz Theisen and E. Roland Harriman he was chairman of Union bank and also the leader of the eugenics ( kill all the poor) movement in the U.S. and became a Senator on the platform or sterilizing and aborting the poor.

George Bush JR. was put in power in part though 12 million in politically laundered donations though multiple sources using Roland Arnall criminally derived assets.

Roland E. Arnall was found guilty by 49 states A.G.'s of 750,000 cases of fraud and George Bush got him out of the country to the Netherlands evade prosecution, seizure of assets and criminal actions. Roland Arnall actually set up the Deutschebank bankers trust merger using the Holocaust museum and Rabbi Heir to set up the old Nazi money laundering trail using the grandson of convicted Nazi banker Prescott Bush.

I've worked as hard as anyone to get this money laundering crook out of the White house before he and his partners such as Paulson, Roland Arnall, and the Clinton's looted the entire economy and transferred our assets overseas just as his great grandfather and grandfather did.

It would make sense for people to figure our where the trillions of dollars of assets our stolen homes funded since the last two times our country got looted by the FED
it wound up arming our enemies.

This information is all public record it would make sense to look it up rather than discrediting someone just because you don't like what they say or perhaps you are one of the criminals yourself and profiting from our property seizure. Ive gone as far as going to the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. to collect information and worked with Senator Obama to prevent Bush from aiding and abetting these money laundering criminals stealing millions of homes coast to coast.

The bottom line of Greenspan's and all Austrian economists in general is that fractional reserve money and the progressive tax rate is used to strip the wealth of citizens and create dependence on big government. The Bush-Clinton admin has massively expanded the role of government sponsored mortgages and the massive boost in home ownership though government funding and backing has been a hallmark of the Bush admin.

There are two schools of thought here about ms fraud one is deregulation caused the economic meltdown rooted in ms fraud and the other is that a monopoly was deregulated by getting rig of Glass-Stegal the Reigal act of 1994 and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley act of 1999. I'm a conservative Republican so certainly I would prefer low taxes and free market. The IRS and the FED so you would not have speculative risk based lending without the IRS. There is also a misconception about taxes and revenue historically they are inversely related that is the lower the taxes the higher the revenue and the lower the debt this effect is only multiplied by fractional reserve lending and of course since CDO's leverage the 8-1 fractional reserve money an additional 30-60 times the lenders can create monstrous profits by stealing our homes and throwing them in foreclosure. Think about it stealing a hundred thousand dollar home can create many millions in profits for lenders and investors and it's all backed by the IRS.

Certainly Wall street, the lenders and insurance companies could not have looted the country if Glass Stegal had not been repealed under the Clinton's but Fannie and Freddie had a huge role as well Freddie created the false title claims though MERS and Fannie and Freddie funded and facilitated the loans on a scale impossible without massive government complicity and funding. Certainly ms fraud would not exist without fractional reserve money and derivatives based on mortgage backed securities.

No leader in the history of the U.S. has pushed us further into socialism, debt slavery and central government control than Bush-Greenspan-Bernanke although Clinton-Greenspan-Gramm laid out the legal framework for the current economic meltdown. The end result is the Bush-Bernanke-Paulson have established a socialist economic monetary system controlled by central government which is the polar opposite of Constitutional principles of inflation free, interest free, hard money currency, property rights and limited government.

I'm not trying to go off on a wild tangent I just know Allen Greenspan's economic theories, he is one of the worlds most respected economists and he wrote extensively on how the Federal reserve and the IRS were created transfer assets to the poor to stifle economic growth and create dependence on a central government.
Although the IRS was created during the civil war it's taxing power creates teh backing for The Federal reserves fractioanl reserve system. So those seeking expansion of government power need to bear in mind this feeds the banking monopoly as well and makes it easier not harder for the banks to llot the economy and skirt the law.

In fact if you read the bialout the Wall street crooks themselves have been deputized to form a posse to hunt themselves down and recover the loot they stole themselves. Why do I say that, well Bush and Congress assigned the authority to Paulson and Bernanke along with Hud and other regulatory agencies.  Bernanke is the chairman of the Fed and Paulson transferred or expanded authority over the sub-prime toxic waste back to the Wall Street crooks that created it in the first place. The bailout served two primary functions to grant immunity to the lending criminals and to fund foreign exposure to the bad debt created by ms fraud, and other lending crime along with high risk lending and investing practices.
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Rubbing salt into an open wound...

Ten percent of $700 Billion rescue package may go to bonuses
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