Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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OUTRAGEOUS!!! -  Picture and Video of Ohio "Set-Out" (Eviction)

Picture of Sheriff happily brushing past Christmas Lights (hanging in his face) during "Set-Out" to curb

FANNIE MAE adds another "empty house" to their tax-payer owned portfolio!
Lerner Sampson Rothfuss (LSR) adds another notch to their Predator Drone Foreclosure kill count


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I clicked on the "link" you provided and failed to find the pictures you are referring to. 

I was interested in what was so "outrageous" about the Sheriff "smiling" while he was doing his job. 

The time to fight was PRIOR to the Sheriff being REQUIRED to move a homeowners possessions out of a residence because of a COURT ORDER.

In most cases, police officers try their best to distance their personal feelings about the job they do.  Many DISAGREE with doing ANY kind of eviction because no one wants to throw out people with no place to go.  While they have some discretion in certain things, their job is to follow and enforce the LAW.  Because they are talking about their kids, Christmas, a joke,ect.. and smiling, doesn't give you the right to BASH them for doing their job or assume that it in some way is related to the heart-wrenching job they have.  What would happen if they didn't do their job?????????????

Please post the AUDIO with the pictures so we can all hear what they are talking about with your pictures. 

While I think your site is great because it does help people understand they should fight foreclosure, you are really becoming a "spin doctor" to a lot of news and maybe should spend as much time focusing on real ways to "get the word out" and help homeowners then to just make assumptions and bash the people that protect and serve our community. 

Why not pick up a gun and put your life in harms way to protect others for very little money?  Or better yet, just think about what your saying before you blog it all over the Internet. 

We'll all be waiting for the audio.


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I am with Bill on this.  The Sheriff is an official with a responsibility to act to enforce court orders, whether the Sheriff likes the order or not.

One would hope that law enforcement personnel, including Sheriffs and deputies would treat any foreclosure victim with compassion and respect.

Enforcing this kind of order seems to me to be more akin to a job working for an undertaker or funeral home.  There is a certain solemnity to a funeral.  One isn't usually looking for a funeral home where all of the employees are all smiles and upbeat.  Instead, what is usually called for is an expression of seriousness, concern and compassion.

Finding the right expressions can be challenging.  Those in the funeral business are probably better at it because they do this continuously.  Sheriffs have a broader range of responsibilities that call for a wider range of emotional responses and expressions.


To this, I would also add that when faced with a judicial order of foreclosure and sale or a judicial order of ejectment, waiting for the Sheriff to appear is almost always a very bad idea.  Usually, after an ejectment order a defendant is given a certain amount of time to vacate.  Vacating voluntarily within that time allows the borrower to make his or her own arrangements to move and secure personal property.

Waiting for the Sheriff to enforce the order means that Sheriff's personnel or some contractor under the Sheriff's supervision is going to remove the occpants and the property, sometimes simply putting it on the curb.  This is an invitation to the loss of personal property and should always be avoided when possible.

Of things to complain about in respect of an ejectment, it seems to me that the Sheriff smiling is fairly low on the list.  While it would be better if the Sheriff showed the compassion of an undertaker, in most places this probably isn't a qualification important to the local voters who put that sheriff in elected office.  A candidate for Sheriff who never smiles, probably cannot get elected.
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