Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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This is a definite look at if anyone has had issues with Homeq, Wachovia, a Wells Fargo trustee involved in their cases. This is how unfortunately deep all of this is. It's a long but good read.

Now I need to know if anyone can help me dig out anything on this case in Ny Supreme Ct. its The Enforcer Inc vs Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation. No. 20044636. Anyones and everyones help is greatly appreciated!


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Perhaps this will help you get started.

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Ksk, please provide us with more information about the ENFORCER case.
The above post is referencing the: Super Future Equities v. Wells Fargo case.  The well-written 95-page brief can be found in the Legal Lounge under Wells Fargo.
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Well basically I'm searching for the outcome of The Enforcer Inc. vs. CMMC . While it's legal to buy notes and such she prays on people only defaulting on payments. Her intent is to purchase the notes to take the position of the bank for pennies. I did go to the website Dee suggested but can't get any info that I'd like about what happened with this case.

Recently with one of the mortgage holders she pulled a slick move and tried to put the ball back on Chase for one of the notes she bought. They of course kicked it back to her.

I know when things happened that this co-worker was really RUDE and probably deserved a good AG complaint against him. But in all rights not everything that's in attachment below is true. While I don't remember his full info I know somehow he's got pull. The company behind this transaction besides Chase still represents  probably chase ,citi and  other financial companies. Of course this company is still owned by ATTORNEYS. It's a CORPORATION ran by people who has no respect or value in collecting a debt legitimately. Just like all the other banks. All they say is COLLECT THE MONEY any of them NO COMPASSION TO ANYONE ITS HERE NOW COLLECT IT!!!

Now between servicer s and mortgage banks there's possibly 11 Banks involved. So anyone besides who u originated your debt with could own it. So WHOSE KEEPING THE PAYMENTS?
No ONE seems to KNOW!

These banks are placing the notes with trustees to foreclose. Their suppose to do due diligence. And should have verifiable info but they don't. Homeq places it with Land Archer. Same name keeps on popping up Jeff S signs Fraudelent paperwork. Then they sub it out to attorneys. Who don't do DD PRIOR TO trying to foreclose.

Yet their suppose to be capable (OF SOME INTELLIGENCE). Get paid more than any REAL working person. They want you to work and pay, and forget about anything else but them BILLS, BILLS, BILLS. What about HONESTY? FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY ON ALL SIDES?


WHY don't you REALLY HELP PEOPLE? The FEW $$ you want to send out won't help an IOTA with what people are going THRU. You'll be lucky if the kind of money your considering sending out again will pay for rent or mortgage for one month. Buy groceries, ins for auto, auto pymt and gas for people to attempt to have a job so they can be responsible.

People sometimes get stuck. In situations not forseeable. And then no one wants to help even though you always tried to be the best AMERICAN YOU CAN BE. There's not enough true HONEST, CARING,  FINANCIAL ADVISOR'S out here.

Why not really help people set up trust funds for themselves and let them get the help training necessary to operate in todays employment/ financial/job markets. No matter who gets foreclosed on this is not a discriminatory (race) issue, u can be any ethnicity  Dr., Lawyer, judge, mechanic, construction worker, nurse, teacher, mom with kids, dad who lost his job, a high school dropout who still educated themselves by working everyday.

IF the PEOPLE are hurting this bad EDUCATE THEM. Make them THE BEST THEY CAN BE! Mentor them. Work with them instead of against them. Banks/Gov could easily make it A GOOD WORKING RELATIONSHIP FOR ALL INVOLVED. To give JUST  a PIECE of what their HARD WORK IS WORTH everyday is unjust. It's an OUTRIGHT MONOPOLY on any WORKING PERSON. ANYONE! And definitely NOT by GOD'S RULES.

What happened to this COUNTRY? Everything we do is suppose to be Honest! Helpful to everyone. Not so stressful that all WE can think about is how to get thru another day? So EVERYONE can really ENJOY the life THEY'VE been GRANTED?  OH TO be HAPPY and FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE?

Where is the HELP? To MANY PEOPLE are stressed by difficulties that must be TERRORIZING their mental, intellectual capabilities and Families. Not totally within their OWN CONTROL. To many people not hearing them reach a hand for HELP!

.Seriously I don't know anyone who wouldn't lead a good life with more than most could ever imagine.

 Give us OUR OVERDUE BONUS CHECKS!!!! Seriously, if every FAMILY or Person that needs to  was made to be paid $ 50-100,000k to 200k per yr instead of $5.15 to $20 per hr do u think we'd be in this POSITION? If this was available do u think the BANKS would be FALLING OVER? Campaigning to be President? Don't campaign! Give the FUNDS you receive to HELP SOMEONE! Their obviously in NEED!  Restore American citizens! REMEMBER we're to SERVE WITH EQUALITY AND JUSTICE! WHY make it to where  PEOPLE work for a Company that'll never give a dam about them!To where they have to work several jobs and still not work enough to be able to support a family? This is insane ANYMORE!

This is WORSE  than playing BOUNCING BALLS OFF WALLS! Quit hiding! Your falling LIKE DOMINOES!


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Smiley face wrote:

"Seriously, if every FAMILY or Person that needs to 

was made to be paid $ 50-100,000k to 200k per yr

instead of $5.15 to $20 per hr do u think we'd be in




Dear Smiley face I feel your pain and your frustration. Additionally virtually 

everyone in here is aware that fraud is being committed by these ruthless

mortgage fraud servicers who prey not only on the educated and highly 

competent homeowners in America, but also the more vulnerable members

of our society.


The good news is that this will change in America in 2008 because of good

people like yourself who have exercised their First Amendment Right to

publicly complain. There is also more good news in that our elected

Legislators are listening to us.. This vicious cancer (Mortgage serving fraud)

on American trade and commerce was not widely known until recently. 

Unfortunately immediate change with real teeth in it and an understanding of

just how far these crimes on American citizens have gone will not occur



Legislators are at last listening and changing priorities; introducing new laws.

Even the Presidential candidates have been forced to take crash courses on

mortgage problems and crimes that 95% of us didn't know about until

recently. Try to be more patient with the system but please continue to seek

justice and speak out.


But please don't make any more public references to nutty unrealistic things

like raising our annual incomes to "$100,000 to $200,000."  (This type of a

financial environment adjustment would mean that the cost of housing would

dramatically rise accordingly.)   $11 an hour carpenters would suddenly be

making over $100,000 a year!!  Get the picture? Say hello to suddenly paying
 breathtakingly higher prices for the American dream.


To put it more bluntly you hurt the cause with incoherent statements like you

made above. I know you mean well but stick to the mortgage fraud complaints.


                     An economist you are not Ms. Smiley face.


Ed Cage  /  972-596-4363  /

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Smiley face wrote:

"Seriously, if every FAMILY or Person that needs to 

was made to be paid $ 50-100,000k to 200k per yr

instead of $5.15 to $20 per hr do u think we'd be in

My answer is yes. If everyone made 200k a year how many of us would have mortgages at least 4 times that amount? WE ALL WOULD!!!
Million dollar homes are NOT exempt from foreclosure. SAME DEAL....JUST MORE FREAKIN' ZEROS AND COMMAS!
If you really think you got a bum deal in the income department why not do what others have done that DO make 200k a year....they go to school for a bazillion years, spend a quadazillion in tuition to become doctors and lawyers!
This misguided sense of entitlement is what's wrong with a lot of Americans today.
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peace for you
Smiley face,

It's quite ironic that you would use a smiley face to post, when your post echos much discontent.

I do not agree with your position about increasing every-ones salary to 50- 100-200k per year.

It is exceptionally unrealistic to think of such, as;
the gasoline prices would be $43.00 per gallon.
Your Electricity bill would be $7000.00 per month.
Every bill you pay now, would increase tenfold, including groceries.

I'm sorry to say, but it doesn't matter that your husband lost his job (and now gainfully employed once again).
America, is not about "everyone" being financially equal, and living in their own "perfect little world"
Traumatic things happen, and it is NOTHING,,... ANYONE can control, though we wish we could.

Could you imagine paying $62.00 for a burger at Mickey D's, just because they pay all 15 of their employees $100-200k a year?

Is it the Governments responsibility to PUT YOU, through school? No it is not.
If we were all the same, and all made the same we'd be living a Robotic life.

That post was way Off Topic, and has NOTHING to do with MSF.
It is evident, through your post that you are suffering greatly. May you find peace, and acquire another job in the same field (bill collecting) without having to "re-locate" (as you have mentioned several times before, when discussing your bankruptcy, (or "banko" case as you call it) and the troubles you have had.)

God Bless you and may you find the peace you need quickly.
It is so very important for us to remain "level-headed" when dealing with, and fighting this fraud. More importantly, our families need us to remain calm, and focused on making the home (where-ever it is) as smooth and stress free as possible.

Much prayer is sent from me to you in Missouri.

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nelson rosa
Dee wrote:
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