Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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As Quoted on web site and payment statement
If paying by check, you are authorizing Litton Loan Servicing LP to use information on the check to make a one-time electronic debit for each check presented from the account at the financial institution indicated on the check.  This electronic debit will be for the exact amount of the check.

This means they ACH the check in a drop box. And I believe your original check stay with them or is destroyed, right?

Maybe someone can help me understand this, Now the reason we all want to send checks to these mortgage servicing crooks is to have a paper trail and have it track and confirm and keep them honest. So I guess my question is how do we get a copy of that cashed check when the bank displays it as a ACH withdraw without a scan copy of the check, any way around this. I really want to keep good records with my payments to Litton, don't trust them...
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Wow, John, that's a good one.... I'd bounce that off of 1.) your state banking department 2.) the bank upon which your checks are drawn and 3.) an attorney.

That may or may not fly as, from what I understand, Litton doesn't originate anything. That being the case, you have no way to allow or disallow this action with them. You are simply forced into it.

If absolutely nothing else, I'd send every payment CRR and, if at all possible, I'd copy AND scan each check before it went in the envelope. That way you at least have a hard copy duplicate, a digital image and proof of when the payment was received by them. Ultimately, it's not your problem if you can show that they received your payment Feb 1 but didn't get around to processing it until Feb 16th.

You should also brush up on "Check 21" as well.
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John, I can tell you exactly what that means:
It happend to me, I had sent a number of certifed checks for months, then all of a sudden I found they (Litton Loan) attempted to remove another payment from MY OWN PERSONAL CHECKING ACCOUNT without my knowledge or approval!   The account was short, so the "Lying Theifs" hand the "BALLS" to send me a returned check fee!!! Then claim they "DID NOT DO IT!"
All that means is that they are trying to steal your equity in your home and your money!!
By the way, in my claim its called  "WIRE FRAUD".  Dont worry, no regulators will do anything about it, as here in Wisconsin, The all play golf togeather here!
Seen it, had it done, victim of it.
Call the state your in and complain of "Wire Fraud", or call the Feds, they seem to be the most responsive to this.

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