Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Has anyone located SEC filings for Quicken Loans 4th qtr, 2006?

There was a discussion on Livinglies that suggested all of Quicken Loans were filed as Countrywide. I can not locate my loan, and Countrywide filings do not mention Quicken Loans.  

MERS says, the "investor" is Deutsche Bank. They only appeared on the MERS site in 2010, but the loan was issued in 2006. And didn't Deutsche recently state in their billion dollar suit, that they did not hold/ possess any mortgages?  

When OCWEN took over for Litton, the MERS site updated to show OCWEN as servicer, but now it no longer says who the investor is.

Here is the breakdown from origination: Quicken/ MERS, Avelo, Litton, OCWEN. Somewhere between Avelo/ Litton the loan started getting problematic. Avelo kept the original loan number from Quicken, but when Litton took over they changed the loan number and over time we began noticing problems with escrow charges. That led to scrutinizing the mortgage more closely and we realized that the loan balance, interest amount, loan ceiling, and payment adjustment dates were not corresponding to the original documents. 

I don't know why Litton's information is not accurate. We informed them, and they would not take any action. We also informed OCWEN of this dispute prior to our loan transfer, and they too could care less. Litton never gave us proof of their right to service our debt, or proof of ownership. But I know that matters little in court. There are still no assignments in our county record after the filing of the mortgage in 2007. 

[heres another issue that probably has little value. The home sellers back in 2005 had received a robo-signed satisfaction of mortgage after they closed the sale. (title cloud?). Then, after refinancing with Quicken in 2006, the original lender WF, also filed and delivered a robo-signed satisfation of mortgage. (title cloud?). So that is two (2) robo-signed "satisfaction of mortgage" in less than 2 years that are used to convey clear title from one entity to another? Yet, they are both fabricated? Why would a mortgage broker fabricate the "satisfaction of mortgages" if they legally owned, and sold the property?]
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