Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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County Grand Jury rejected my complaint yesterday, citing "No jurisdiction over Superior Court".  Then today, Police received a complaint about my two chihuahuas being in the car (I'm there for an hour and a half) and I had to show them that the dogs have air, food and water as required by law.

Complaint came from "Someone in the courthouse".
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4 Justice Now
What a complete weasel!

Anyone who has seen Stephen with his dogs knows they are very well loved and cared for.

This scumbag has got to go.


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Yes, what the coward is doing now, new this week, is having his friends go to different places around the courthouse and calling Animal Control to complain that my dogs are left unattended in a hot car.  It's 70 degrees here and the van has 7 windows.  They are in the car for an hour and thoroughly enjoy it. 

So far, though, the encounter with the cops and animal control have turned friendly when I tell them why I'm protesting in front of the courthouse and they walk off thanking me for the information and telling me not to worry about the dogs.
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I received a visit by the FBI and US Marshalls office. They didn't like me calling and talking to the judges clerk. I just spoke the truth and as usual continued to ask for help.

No one sure wants to tell me what I want to know so why should I give up? I obviously have hit a nail on the head somewhere. Maybe just maybe I'll get someone to tell me how federal law changes from state to state. I understand state law changes state to state. I don't understand how federal law does.

Maybe they'll get to the bottom how it can be that banks and attorneys just don't know what the hell their doing. Someone made the post about the Moffits.
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But the case that has me the most excited is the one with Niles/Angela Taylor. I got word from the US Trustees office that they know all the calls I'm making as their getting referred to the trustee I spoke to today. I'm just lost with what to do anymore with no paddle and no help. I don't see how its right and think someone besides me should be held responsible. It would be different if I didn't give a way to get reasonable and favorable help for both sides. I know no one should has to endure what a homeowner does today.

I guess I'm done asking for help. Maybe someone else won't give up for me at this point now.
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Oh Stephen, it sounds like you are making progress    You know who is behind those calls and so does everyone else (including animal control) and why.  Maybe you need to put in a small TV so you can show everyone that the "babies" get to watch "Animal Planet" LOL! 

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Such a tawdry stunt is a clear indicator that he is out of tricks.  Every stunt he's pulled to try to get rid of me has backfired on him, so now it's time for me to turn up the gain.  I sent the pics of me protesting on the courthouse steps to the State Bar Ass'n yesterday.

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