Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Unfortunately I am also under Saxon Mortgages grip from hell. They quite simply are a predatory lender with no intention on working out loan modifications with the borrower. It seems to me they are intentionally forcing people out of their homes to liquidate their assets to file a Bankruptcy, or re-organization. They know they are in trouble financially for all the sub prime loans they have purchased and wrote. They hire appraisers that are on their payroll to inflate home values, as in our case. Example: Our home was sold in 2003 for $121,000. We purchased the home a year later for $180,000. Our down payment was minimal so believe it or not one year later the home now appraised at $225,000 in 2004. Hmmmm, interesting huh? Also we are only being taxed at a $160,000 rate through the county. Again, hmmmm? But it gets better. I lost my business back in 2007 and fell behind on my mortgage quite quickly. After various attempts to get a modification they finally said, "Send us $5500.00 and we will process the modification". That sounded fishy to me, plus I didn't have the $5500.00, so I contacted an attorney. Plus when I was talking to the loss mitigation dept at Saxon they never mentioned anything about a down payment until I was already 90 days past due. My attorney contacted Saxon and they would not even talk to him. His advice to me was not to send them a dime, or they would just apply it nothing. Eventually after 120 days past due Saxon filed for foreclosure. My attorney told me just to sit tight and wait it out. I received a letter from the court and Saxon that my property would be sold at sheriffs sale in October of 2007. My attorney told me to wait until a few days before the sale and file for a chapter 13 bankruptcy to stop the sale. I did exactly that which stopped the sale. To my amazement Saxon presented an arrearage amount of $196,000 to the Babkruptcy court, claiming fees of everything under the sun. My loan amount at filing was $179,400 plus the late payments. It took 3 more months for my meeting of the creditors which my attorney got a continuance for. Now Saxon has not been paid in 7 months with my case still pending. During this time they were still sending letters trying to collect the debt...UNREAL. My case was finally set for Febuary of 2008 for confirmation. I was to send my payments directly to Saxon and pay everything else to the Trustee. Well long story short Saxon claims they never received the payments, and I was unable to pay the extra $1,000 a month to the Trustee so my Bankruptcy case was dismissed in April 2008. I received a letter from Saxon stating they were reverting back to foreclosure after my case was dismissed. I tried to work out a loan modification again and they said they would do a short sale and pay me once the house was sold, plus take the foreclosure off my credit report and relieve me of any debt. And again they requested money upfront to do so. After my attorney had dealt with Saxon again he told me DO NOT SEND THEM ANY MONEY! He said they had no intention on modifying my loan and that was apparent. My attorney told me they were just trying to recoup lost monies. So here I am 18 months later back in the foreclosure process again, and they still will not work with me. So as my attorney stated if they want to play hardball we can also. My attorney instructed me to again WAIT until I get notification on the home of Sheriffs sale, and file another Chapter 13. This time we will request that the payments be made directly to the Trustee so there is a paper trail. By the time Saxon gets the home on the Sheriffs sale list it will be going on 2 years, and I'm still here. I suggest everyone else do the same. If they refuse to work with borrowers and your going to eventually lose your home, then cost them money as well. Maybe they will wake up! Saxon is simply an organization of crooked low life lending, and the government and local authorities are letting them get away with it. Saxon should be targeted and sued for all they are worth, but class action suits do not seem to be helping. Lets all get together and pool our resources to fight this predatory lender. Anyone dealing with Saxon feel free to contact me. 

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