Mortgage Servicing Fraud
occurs post loan origination when mortgage servicers use false statements and book-keeping entries, fabricated assignments, forged signatures and utter counterfeit intangible Notes to take a homeowner's property and equity.
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Is there anyone out there that has had any problems with Saxon Mortgage?  I am currently in litigation with the company due to their incorrect credit reporting and late fees I was charged and other fees that I have no idea why I was charged.  Please if there is anyone out there that has a story to tell about Saxon Mortgage Service aka:  Meritech Mortgage Services please let me know because perhaps we need to file a class action lawsuit against them!  Thanks!

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I too have a problem with Saxon Mortgage - I received a payoff and sent them a check, they said it was not enough, and sent it back to my attorney, with no notification.  After two months, I found out about this - they sent another pay-off - reported me to the credit bureaus, and put me in foreclosure - I paid them, and asked them to explain the fees, and escrows, they told me the matter was closed, and would give me no furthre information.  They have destroyed my credit as well as my husbands.  I have received tons of mail of people wanting to purchase my home, because of the foreclosure.  I refinanced the mortgage - and they would not accept the payment.  I am filing a complainnt with the State of Florida, and also I found out that Morgan Stanley has purchased Saxon.  I am writing a letter to the borad of directors of Morgan Stanley to try to get this straightened out.

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If you aren't a Morgan Stanley shareholder you most likely won't get any results there. What type of attorney is currently representing you? You may want to start looking for/talking to a consumer protection attorney in order to address the damage that has been done to you so far and any future damage that is coming.

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Thanks Mike that is true.  I currently have a lawsuit against them in Federal court and am going after them for violation of the Privacy Act and FCRA.

Kathleen I would be more than happy to share with you my story and also send you a copy of my current adversary.


They need to be stopped because I also received a letter from someone and had also met a guy who had a Mortgage where Saxon just decided to increase these two people's Mortgage payment.  I also am a Realtor and there was an agent representing the buyer on one of my listing and we started to talk and she too had a loan with Saxon Mortgage.  Then she mentioned that they also reported her over 30 days late when she wasn't.  They did that to me when I paid it the very day it was due.


We ave to fight for our rights and sometimes it seems frustrating because they are like Goliath and we are like David.  Never give up!  Keep the faith and most important is we have to know our rights because then, and only then are we able to prevail.


God Bless US All!



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I have a mortgage with Saxon and back in July I got sick and fell behind in my payments.  They set me up on a repayment plan to catch up but was unable to dut to the fact that the payment was over $2000 a month.  When we set up the payment plan I sent them a certified check for $5,500 then paid two months November and Decembers $2000, and now they are telling me that since I am late in January, I owe over $7,450 to get my loan reinstated!! I keep asking them where are these fees coming from besides the $81 month late fee but I get different answers depending the time of day and who I am speaking with.  I tried to use some investors to short sale my house but Saxon said they would rather foreclose.  This company is horrible.

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I am so sorry to hear what has happened to you with Saxon!  Do you have an attorney?  Have they foreclosed?  Please get back to me because I can perhaps let you speak with my attorney and find a way to help you!


God Bless You!             .....Alexis

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No I don't have an attorney...How is your case there a chance to fight them over these charges?

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Montee, any chance you've got it documented somewhere that Saxon said they'd rather foreclose on you? Witnesses who heard it, etc?


If you've got your proof that you've made your payments on time - proof being canceled checks and quite possibly certified return receipts for delivery confirmation, etc. then you can absolutely fight it. It WILL take a good consumer protection attorney in order to get it done properly and as efficiently as possible. You're most likely going to need an audit performed by - say it with me everyone - a CPA/CFE or Forensic Accountant in order to track how every penny was applied to your loan.


Finding the attorney can be difficult at best but it CAN be done. I'm proof of that after interviewing more than 150 law firms before finding the right one. Get every piece of paper having to do with your loan together and filed accordingly. Start working on a time line to chronologize literally everything that has happened from Day 1 with your loan if at all possible. Hit and do an advanced search for " consumer protection " firms/attorneys within your state. If you live close enough to a border check in neighboring states as well.



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Montee & Mike...


I am running to my attorney's office right now and can be reached on my cell:  408.480.8084.  Please give me a call and if I miss your call I will call you right back!


Take care and God Bless!


Warmest regards,



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I too have this company that calls themselves professional. I recently went through a divorce and the ex was to keep the house. Then I find out that during the refinance this company that sold my mortgage to Saxon never put my ex wifes name on the mortgage. So she called me in November of 2005 and told me she was walking away from the home. I return to the home late November to only find that she had not paid for the previous 2 months worth of notes. I made contact with Saxon and they told me the only way they would accept any money what so ever was in full payment of past due amounts. I did get caught up in Jan and then received a letter from them stating that my rate had just changed in Jan from 7.75% to 8.75% and from then on every 6 months it has gone up a point every time. I am now at 12.75% and my payment went from 680.00 a month to 1,500 a month. I called them and informed them that I only receive a check every 2 weeks for 734.00 and they told me, and I quote, " I guess you need to find a new job". Now with them telling me this, I found out that they really don't care and at this time I am 3 months in the rear and they still will only accept full payments of the past due amount. You would think they would take anything they could get or assist you in a refinance, but no. They would rather smoke your credit and forclose on your home. Please if anyone knows of any people in the Indiana area who buys homes, send them my way. I will be out of the prepayment penalty in May. So if they would like to just buy the home for pay off I would be more then happy to sell and get away from Saxon.

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yes i am allso a victim of saxxon morgage i lost my job in early november 2006 n informned saxxon n they sat me up on a payment arrangemnt and i fulfilled the arraangment once i got the money  i made a 3500 pmt nand only 2000 dollars was applied the gave me a story since it was late only partial pmts would be excepted huh what happened to charging me the 65 dollar late fee times 3  if in fact there is hope for us foreclosure victims call me or give your attorney my phone number 918-2728436 or my cell 918-946-0271 the saxxon attorneys have my loan and i have very little time thank you concerned consumers 

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